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An overview about selected Omgea boxes

Pay attention to the watch boxes while buying!


Watchmaster verifies all Omegas which are sold by our master watchmakers, but how can you help yourself to determine the authenticity of your beloved piece if you do not have an expert at hand? An easy way is to know the various boxes Omega developed for the different models and how they changed over time. Some collectors for example, only buy the watch if the appropriate paper and boxes are at hand, as these also allow the authenticity of the watch to be verified. Over the years, a number of cases have passed through our hands and we have decided to share our knowledge with you and have launched a small series that presents besides the Omega boxes also the ones from Rolex, Breitling and TAG Heuer.


A red Omega box


Similar to Rolex, Omega has a clear linear development in their box design, which is also closely linked to the different models. Some series such as the Moonwatch come in a separate case (don’t worry, we’ll elaborate on that in a moment), while limited editions come in a specially designed box. Seamaster James Bond „Spectre“ Ltd. (reference number: for example is in a case that is built like a safe and can only be opened with a three-digit combination (or by force).  


A red Omega box


Another note on our own behalf: the design, size and layout of the boxes differ slightly depending on the country in which they are manufactured. Boxes for Europe are slightly different from the boxes for the USA, while these on the other hand differ from the boxes for New Zealand. Design is always subjective to a certain point, so perspectives may not always overlap. For this reason, don’t be surprised if you describe the inside of your Omega case as ruby rather than scarlet. However, if you have any questions or would like to find out about purchase and financing options, please visit our website or call our expert customer service department.


A wood case

To the moon and back: The Moonbox


In comparison to the other Omega boxes, the Moonbox, which comes with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph, should be given special attention. In times when brands are becoming increasingly economical with packaging, it is still outstanding. After removing the thin protective cardboard case, you face a massive case with an emblem (consisting of the seahorse as the official symbol of the Speedmaster, the series name, and the Omega logo) in the centre. The case is divided in the middle and can be opened by two elegant black loops at the lower end.


Under the case there is a black, massive trunk, which is covered with nylon. The silver emblem is again in the middle. Logo, brand name and serial name are milled in silver underneath the emblem; the prestigious title „Legendary Moonwatch“ is kept in red. On the back of the box is the (very massive) instruction manual and a card case covered with imitation leather, which contains the International Warranty and pictogram. Under the trunk there is a small pocket with a brochure celebrating the history of Moonwatch and a short manual explaining how to change the wristbands.  


The box of the Omega Speemaster


The trunk can be opened by unhinging the silver locks. On the lower right side, the emblem is inserted for the last time as a paperweight made of precious metal. Two compartments are incorporated in the bottom and can be opened with a loop. On the left side there is a watchmaker’s glass with a recorded tachymeter, which is based on the Moonwatch. In the upper pocket there are two Nato-straps and four spring bars as well as a screwdriver to change them. The watch itself is located in the lower centre and is protected by a cushion on the upper side of the trunk.


Pre-owned Omega boxes can also be valuable


Anyone who enjoys vintage models from Omega will certainly be familiar with the slim Bakelite boxes based on Art Déco, which could be used as travel cases, cases or window displays, depending on their design. These were made by a Finnish company called Jousi from Turku and are difficult to find today. They sell on the most popular auction platforms for up to 500€.


Till the brand decided to use the typical scarlet boxes, Omega changed its design over the years. The cases remained, similar to Breitling and Rolex, very simple and slim until the late 70s. A box for the Omega Seamaster Chronograph (reference number: 176.007), which dates back to 1975, is a wonderful example of this kind of design. The logo is placed centrally in the middle of the lid and accompanied by a gold sticker promoting the boutique where the watch was sold. On the inside of the lid you will find the logo and the brand name again. The bottom of the smaller case is red and covered with thin fabric. The lower edge is silver, and depending on the model and series, the boxes were also produced with a golden edge. The underside of the case is white. At the right edge „Swiss Made“ is printed.


Omega 007 box


A leap in time to 1990 and an Omega Constellation (reference number: 396.1076) which is still sold in a hand-sized box covered in grey textile with rounded corners. You can see through the lower side of the lid that this is indeed one of the standard scarlet boxes with imitation leather covers, which has been modulated for the Constellation series. On the front of the lid there is the gold-coloured logo, lettering and serial name, which are all again found on the inside of the lid. On the bottom part of the box is printed in grey „Box made in Switzerland“. When the box is opened, the familiar guarantees and instructions for use are placed on the watch. The watch itself is placed on a cushion in the middle.


Later, Omega would introduce the now standard white box, which, for example, has become the standard packaging of the Seamaster. The 2007 Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m (reference number: 2512.50.00) comes in a white discreet box with the logo and brand name on the lid. When removed, the front of the bottom unfolds and reveals a box covered in red imitation leather. A back compartment contains instructions for use and a card case with guarantee, chronometer certificate and pictograms. On the front there is a stainless-steel emblem that places the logo and brand name over a globe. The lower side you can read „swiss made since 1848“. Once the box is opened, you will find the logo and lettering again on the inside of the lid. The lower side of the box can also be completely removed thanks to a loop on the upper right side. This detail varies depending on the model and series. 


But as mentioned before, Omega was always eager to change the design of the box in order to adapt it to its series. That is why the Omega De Ville Ladymatic (reference number: 425. comes in a completely ivory-white box engraved with narrow vertical lines. The lid is slim, but the bottom is held very high, making the case look like a jewellery box. The upper side is decorated with a bow and the logo and lettering is exceptionally kept in red.


The Ultraman box is not quite as powerful as the Moonbox, but still intimidating. The design of the watch box is a tribute to the series with the same name by Eiji Tsuburaya, which gives the model its name. Its hexagonal shape is a quote from the uniform table, which is considered the Ultraman’s central meeting place. In a slipcase on the side you will find the usual certificates and manuals. A hexagonal booklet informs you about the history of the series and the watch itself and its relationship to the Moonwatch. The box itself can be opened with a gentle push of a button. The interior is carefully stitched with leather. Take the watch out and pull the small loop on the right side to get an alternative leather bracelet and a UV lamp. With this lamp, you can make the Ultraman face visible, which is shown on the 09:00 position of the watch, and make it shine in orange.


How much does a Moonbox cost?


The Moonbox as an example shows that Omega is able to produce high quality presentation boxes (the Moonbox sells online for a good $700) that don’t lose value in today’s market. A particularly rare version of the Moonbox is the Crater Box, which the surface of the moon adorns. On the outside of the lid you will find the Omega logo, while „Speedmaster“ is printed on the bottom. The box is available in two varieties. The first generation has a black bottom, while the second generation, produced for models 145.022-69 to 145.022-74, has a white bottom. Pre-owned you can expect prices from about 1.000€ for this box.


The Omega Box for the Omega Speedmaster


In recent years, Omega has also decided to rely more on wooden boxes, as they last longer than artificial leather boxes.  Most fans responded positively to this. Therefore, Seamaster and Aqua Terra series in particular have been sold in wooden boxes since 2015. You can buy various models of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 m (Ref. from us already starting at 4.150 €. Are you rather interested in an Omega Seamaster 300? Pre-owned we offer you the standard version (ref. for a comparable low price of 5.130 €. If you want a little more luxury, you can find it in the Seamaster (ref. with bezel and bracelet held in rose gold and stainless steel for € 7,440.

A fancy red and grey Omega box