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Sooner or later everyone who collects luxury watches will probably reach the point where they want to sell one of their timepieces. So what exactly should you consider when selling your watch and how do you get the best price for your used watch? We would like to help you to sell your pre-owned watch successfully by answering some common questions about selling watches.

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Most common questions about selling a watch

Which watch models are worth selling?

Watches are valuable items. But how much they are actually worth depends on various factors. Not only precious metals or fine wines, but also luxury watches are considered a worthwhile investment. The demand for Rolex watches has risen significantly in recent years. Depending on future trends, used or vintage models made of certain materials or with special design features can fetch high prices.

How much time will the selling of watches require?

If you sell your watch yourself, you must be prepared for the fact that this can be a time-consuming process. Gathering information, describing the condition of the watch and correspondence with interested parties about the watch on offer – all this takes time. Everybody knows that often something else comes up, which can considerably delay the sale of the watch or receiving the money from it.

What guarantees can be made?

One issue that many people do not address when selling watches is the question of guarantee. Even though for private sales it is often stated that no guarantee can be made, this is still a frequent topic of discussion. For the potential buyer, this is always associated with a degree of risk, because until the moment the watch is unpacked, you cannot know exactly what the condition of its wear is.

What should I do with a watch without papers and the original box?

It is common to inherit a watch that you cannot do anything with yourself and therefore would like to resell it. But if the papers and original box are missing, it is difficult to get the reference and specifications of the watch. In most cases, a used timepiece will also require a reconditioning of the watch. A poor condition of a watch and the missing accessories can reduce the chance of getting a reasonable price for the watch.

How can I reach the most potential buyers?

If you want to sell a watch, no matter whether it is a vintage or luxury model, you must naturally find a buyer. Your circle of friends is often the most obvious possibility and watch forums are also a popular solution. However, the number of potential buyers on these platforms is very limited.

What is the importance of the sentimental attachment to the watch?

Used luxury watches are especially associated with sentimental value as well as their material value. As beautiful as the history of a timepiece is, it does not determine how much your watch is worth. Criteria that play a role in determining the value are often contrary to the personal relationship to the watch. Many people who want to sell a second-hand watch on their own don't consider this and make the watch more valuable than it actually is. This in turn causes disappointment when negotiating the price and can hinder a successful sale of a luxury watch.

How important is my privacy?

When you put a luxury watch up for sale privately, you will always disclose personal data. In a luxury watch, high prices are occasionally tied to a relatively small object. What leads to the sale of the watch can often be trivial, but in some cases, you may prefer not to be personally associated with the sale.

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Selling watches online at Watchmaster

Naturally, the private purchase or sale of a pre-owned watch is not always an unwise decision, but using a certified online retailer such as Watchmaster offers advantages and more importantly security.

Whatever the reason, Watchmaster makes it as easy as possible for you to sell your watch. Get a free and non-binding offer on your watch today.

The advantages at Watchmaster

  • Best prices: Thanks to our reach, in-house preparation and certification, we can offer sales revenue that exceeds the general standard of resale.

  • Expertise: With more than 12,000 watches sold worldwide, we have experience in buying and selling luxury watches from all major manufacturers. Your watch will be serviced by our in-house certified master watchmakers, who have years of experience and expertise.

  • Reach: We sell watches worldwide and can offer you an international network of potential buyers to handle your sale as quickly as possible at the best price.

  • Security: During the entire shipping and sales process, your watch is fully insured and safely stored with us.

  • Quality: In our in-house, certified watchmaker's workshop, every watch is authenticated, carefully prepared and restored to its best condition, so upon purchase, it looks like new again.

  • Guarantee: After a reconditioning, we give you a two-year guarantee for your watch – a clear advantage over a private sale.

  • Transparency: Throughout the entire sales process, our employees are always available to inform you about what is happening with your watch.

  • Fast payment: You will receive your money immediately after the sales process is processed.

How to sell your watch with Watchmaster

In addition to immediate and commission sales, Watchmaster also offers you the option of credit for your old watch, also known as a "trade-in". If you decide to sell your watch via Watchmaster, we will organize the collection and transport of the watch as well as verify this for you. In the case of an immediate sale, you will receive the prearranged price as soon as possible after the sales process has been completed.

Infographic showing the process of selling a watch via Watchmaster

1. Free assessment of your watch

Fill in our online form and provide us with as much information about your watch as possible. The more we know, the more accurate our offer to you will be. The full name and reference number of the watch, the number of accessories (original box and papers) if available and the condition of the watch are important. Are there any scratches? Is there a need for repair? Are there any special features, such as engravings? We also request that you send us pictures of your watch to help us evaluate it. After our assessment, you will receive a non-binding offer that you can accept or decline.

2. Transport and processing by Watchmaster

No matter whether you have decided on an immediate sale or a commission sale: we will arrange the free, fully insured shipment of your watch. As soon as it arrives, it will be inspected, cleaned and repaired in our in-house watchmaker's workshop. Then we will take photos of your watch for our online shop, put the watch online and handle the sale for you.

If you already have your eye on another model, there is the possibility to trade in your used watch for a different one from our collection. We can offer you particularly good terms for your desired watch model in the case of a trade-in. The value of your old watch will be offset against the price of your new watch. The investment in a luxury watch can also be a worthwhile financial investment. Watches from well-known brands enjoy a constant increase in value thanks to the use of premium materials, even if they are second-hand.

3. Fast payment of the sale price

Receive the price agreed upon for your watch as soon as possible. After the sale is completed, we will transfer your money to your account immediately. In the case of a commission sale, the payment of the amount is delayed by 14 days, as the buyer may exercise their right to return and withdraw from the purchase during this period.

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With us, your watch is in the best hands

We can offer you particularly good prices for your watch, because we have your watch inspected and reconditioned directly in-house. Our team consists of trained, certified master watchmakers who are experts in their field. If your watch needs a repair, spare parts will be ordered directly from the manufacturer, if necessary. This allows us to guarantee that your watch will be faithfully repaired and ensures that only verified authentic watches are resold.

Our team of experts in our headquarters in Berlin is responsible for sales and associated marketing. During the sales process the watch is insured and deposited in the safe.

Your satisfaction is important to us: The Watchmaster service team is always available to answer your questions before and during the sales process.

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