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Help your luxury watch to shine with new brilliance

If you have owned your watch for a long time and wear it regularly, sooner or later you will notice scratches on the case and bracelet. But don't worry, refurbishing your luxury watch it will quickly shine in new splendor and inspire you just like on the first day.

Refurbishment vs. inspection

Refurbishment is a very broad field, but always includes the polishing of scratches as well as the filling of dents and nicks. Sometimes a used watch with signs of wear is re-sealed in the course of a restoration process to protect it against water or the old shine of the watch is restored by ultrasonic cleaning. Ideally, simply ask your trusted watch dealer which measures are recommended for your model. Basically, it can be said that when reconditioning a watch, more importance is attached to the appearance of the watch, while during the repair or inspection of a watch not only the polish, but also the movement and dial are checked and any defective parts are replaced.
Polishing a Rolex Submariner 116613LB watch bracelet

The refurbishment of watches at Watchmaster

Watches from Watchmaster are additionally certified and are guaranteed for two years. The restoration process includes the polishing of the case, cleaning, maintenance, a water resistance test and a final quality control to be approved by the Watchmaster certificate. But these services vary from supplier to supplier.

When is refurbishment necessary and what does it cost?

As a rule, you should give your watch for inspection every five to seven years. For the refurbishment itself, it depends on your own preference. If you can live with micro-scratches and a matte watch until they can be repaired, you can also do without reconditioning and make sure you take good care of your watch instead. However, if the sight of the scratches hurts your soul, you should invest in a professional restoration before the overhaul. Flat-rate prices cannot be quoted. The costs of a refurbishment vary from watchmaker to watchmaker and even the brands themselves have a huge price range, which depends on the models, their range of functions and the movements.

Polished bracelet of a Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 watchROLEX SEA-DWELLER 126603


Who offers refurbishment of pre-owned watches?

In principle, all concessionaires of the current brands are able to recondition your watch. Of course, this also applies to all professional master watchmakers. Let them advise you accordingly and give you a cost estimate. They will also give you a guarantee. Don't let yourself be tempted by cheap alternatives such as unofficial polishes or skillful colleagues who suggest that you polish your watch yourself with a dremel. We strongly advise against such methods if your watch is dear to you. When a polish has gone wrong, you can expect to have the bezel or case completely replaced at your own expense. If you want to enjoy your watch for a long time, you should therefore also invest in maintenance accordingly. A thorough cleaning can prevent many traces of wear.

What should you consider when buying and selling pre-owned watches?

If you want to sell your used watch you should definitely have it reconditioned. Watchmaster and other reputable dealers always offer this in their service. But please be especially careful with vintage watches! While parts in watch movements can usually be replaced by original parts from the time during an overhaul, dials and case parts such as bezels should not be replaced in order not to reduce the value of the watch.

If you want to buy a used luxury watch at a low price, you should always inspect the watch, as it is difficult to assess the actual condition of the watch on the basis of photos alone. A hasty purchase without having seen the watch beforehand can sometimes lead to unpleasant surprises. At Watchmaster, you have the opportunity to make an appointment and personally examine your new dream watch before you buy it.