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Let's take it with a pinch of salt!

Who doesn't know it: with a Rolex on your wrist, one or the other prejudice quickly swings towards you. Swanky, ostentatious, boastful: as one of the most striking status symbols of all time, it goes without saying that prejudices are attached to the Rolex. But why get so worked up about it? Let's just take it with a pinch of salt and not let them scare us away from our hobby. And let's be honest: it's a bit true, isn't it?

The Rolex Wearer

The Rolex wearer is, per se, a completely normal guy, albeit perhaps a bit more successful. Solid job, nice car and a brand new single-family house in the middle of a new housing estate. He doesn't like to experiment much, instead he values ​​established brands such as Ralph Lauren, Mercedes-Benz, Ray-Ban, Porsche or, of course, Rolex. Unless he collects, he actually only owns a maximum of two different watches, but definitely a Rolex sports model made of steel. In his spare time he plays golf or tennis, prefers wine to beer and when his children ask if they can borrow a car, he answers: "Pull the other one it’s got bells on".

Rolex Pearlmaster 81315

Either way, the ”Rolex” wearer has a taste for finer things.

The IWC Wearer

In his Volvo XC90, he also likes to drive 105 miles per hour from time to time "if the road and traffic allow it", has more Barbour jackets than John Lewis and really is very knowledgeable about something. The IWC wearer is not afraid to talk about their feelings, plays the piano, and is confident in his own skin. His house is not bought but built and takes annual holidays to the Highlands or the Alps. If he were an animal, it would be a Labrador. You want to scratch him behind the ears and tell him what a "good boy" he is. With children at grammar school and a wine collection in the cellar, the IWC wearer is the prime example of a successful, slightly bourgeois but happy middle-class man.

IWC Portugieser Chronograph Rattrapante IW371202

The Breitling Wearerr

The Breitling wearer is one of the last "real" men. At least that's how he sees himself. Thick arms, a broad chest and a bulging belly. If wearing a shirt, then with open collars and rolled-up sleeves. Although he likes the casual look, he also secretly knows that the thick watch simply does not fit under the cuff. Professionally, he is either in construction or runs a used car dealership with names like "Deluxe Premium Motors". He himself drives a BMW 7 series or similar "luxury cars" and, despite the expensive timepiece on his wrist, prefers to eat at the chip shop across the street.

Breitling Superocean Heritage II B20 Automatic 42 3AB2010161C1A1

The Omega Wearer

The Omega wearer is perhaps a little more adventurous than the Rolex wearer, but not nearly as outgoing as the Breitling wearer. While the Breitling wearer likes to be talked to about his watch, Mr. Omega prefers to stay in the background. The first thing he learned about his watch is that Bond also wears Omega. This made a lasting impression on him, which is why, alongside Omega's affiliation with the moon landing, it was the deciding factor in his decision to buy. While most Omega wearers leave it at the watch, a small percentage of them suddenly find themselves on "'' or similar sites and dream of an Aston Martin. But basically, the Omega wearer is a nice guy with professional ambitions and good taste. Although, let me be absolutely clear here, he is NOT James Bond.

Omega Seamaster 300 M 2531.80.00
OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 M 2531.80.00

The Hublot Wearer

Admit it! You're into speedboats, sports cars and booming techno beats in Ibiza. The Hublot wearer knows how to enjoy life. His Whatsapp status says either "Live fast, die young" or "Work hard, play hard". The adjective "discreet" is not in the Hublot wearer's vocabulary, but that's perfectly okay. He pays the bills for the whole bar in order to impress the waitress and therefore also puts champagne bottles on other people's tables without being asked. Some may find this Lamborghini incarnate a bit too loud or intrusive, but they are fun and at least they boost the economy in Ibiza and Mykonos with their party spirit.

Hublot Classic 1520.1

The TAG Heuer Wearer

If the IWC wearer is a Labrador, then the TAG Heuer wearer is an Australian Shepherd. You can't help but like happy adrenaline junkies like him, even if their adventurous spirit can occasionally overshoot the mark. He has a kind of love-hate relationship with the Rolex wearer next door because of their shared motorsport past. He likes cars with abbreviations like GT, AMG, Turbo, M, S, GTI, R and anything else that sounds fast. In terms of style, the TAG Heuer wearer relies on tried and tested concepts such as white trainers with blue jeans and any T-shirt or hoodie. He spends his free time with friends in front of the biggest TV in the neighbourhood (his own) or with the kids - somewhere in the mud.

Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211P.FC6356

The Cartier Wearer

To his friends, he "explains" (justifies) his fine timepiece with the story of Alberto Santos Dumont or some tanks that are supposed to have played a part in his watch's design. But actually, he simply admires the beauty of this watch. The Cartier wearer is a refined spirit and admirer of beautiful things. He not only expresses this philosophy through his wristwatch, but also prefers the beautiful to the functional when it comes to clothing or his choice of car. His perfect day includes at least one espresso and cigarette on the Champs-Élysées or St Mark's Square in Venice - even if he doesn't smoke at all. By the way, unlike his friends, he doesn't think macarons are the French president and also gets high blood pressure when someone drinks red wine with ice cubes.

Cartier Baignoire 866044

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Wearer

Zwar hat er mal gehört, dass ein Jaguar eher unzuverlässig sein soll, jedoch hat er mit seinem bisher irgendwie immer Glück gehabt. Die Kunst des Am-Auto-Lehnens hat er perfektioniert und in seinem Sportsakko, dem leicht geöffneten Hemd, mit der Retro- Sonnenbrille und der Zigarette im Mundwinkel, sieht er aus wie eine Schwarz-Weiß Fotografie. Mit seiner Armbanduhr greift er den Charme seines Wagens und der britischen Oberschicht auf, vermischt sie mit purer Lebenslust und wird so zu einem der letzten echten Playboys unserer Zeit. Der Jaeger-LeCoultre-Träger wird durch sein Auftreten und das schelmische Lächeln zur Personifikation von “Jazz” und scheint gerade nur so durch das Leben und all seine Widrigkeiten zu swingen.

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso-Grande GMT Q3022420 240.2.18

The Patek Philippe Wearer

Yes, each of the preceding brands can be relatively expensive, but in terms of money, its spare change compared to the Patek Philippe. The Patek wearer could theoretically swim in money, but prefers to do so in one of his pools or on his private beach. His suits are, of course, tailor-made and, from a certain age, usually fit even better than his own skin. Whether stamps, cars, coins, watches, art or wine: he has a passion for collecting. All this is revealed by looking at his wristwatch, because apart from the immense value of the timepiece (which, to be honest, seems rather secondary to him), he is particularly moved by the tradition and values of the manufacturer.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A

The exception here are the wearers of the Nautilus and Aquanaut models ... those two tend to fight with the Hublot wearers on the "champagne front".

The Audemars Piguet Wearer

"Iced out", "drip" or "frosted" are not foreign words to him, but terms in his everyday vocabulary. The Audemars Piguet wearer really only knows two models. The Royal Oak and the Royal Oak Offshore. Both perfect his "style" of upturned caps, limited trainers and ripped jeans. With his entourage in tow and his selfie stick at the ready, the wearer of an "AP" (he has to pronounce it in English due to an inner compulsion) always knows how to hold his timepiece up to the lens. And why not? The sporty look of his "AP" rounds off the life and appearance of its wearer excellently and could be replaced, if at all, by a "Patek" (again, this compulsion to pronounce everything in English) Nautilus.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 26320ST.OO.1220ST.02