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To be honest, we all thought that we would probably never hear from Baselworld again. But now the organisers of what was once the largest watch and jewellery fair presented their previously announced idea for a new exhibition under a new name. The Baselworld, as we once knew and loved it, will no longer exist as it once did. Under the name HourUniverse, however, the MCH Group is now presenting a new, promising concept for the watch, jewellery and gemstone industries.

Goodbye Baselworld, hello HourUniverse!

After the severe Corona-related breakdown, friends of the Baselworld had to say farewell, for better or worse. Following the cancellation of the fair in 2020 and the withdrawal of many watch manufacturers, the final end of what was once the world's largest jewellery and watch fair was announced. The annual pilgrimage site in the name-giving Swiss canton of Basel was thought to be orphaned in the future, but now the management of Baselworld is surprising us with an announcement.

Last week, the former organisers of the Baselworld revealed that next year, for the first time, the new exhibition called HourUniverse will take place. Based on the motto "It's We Time", we can now look forward to a completely new platform aiming "to unite and support a whole community that wants to regroup, make a new start and is receptive to change."

HourUniverse starts April 2021

After two months of discussions with experts from the industry, the managers of the MCH Group also defined their goal to establish a community of companies and consumers willing to engage all year round. This is to be achieved both through a digital platform that is currently being set up, as Watches & Wonders has already done, and through live events and virtual presentations. Furthermore, actual physical events will take place annually in Basel. Along with Watches & Wonders, the HourUniverse fair will also start in April 2021. What was originally planned for Baselworld 2020 will now be continued for the new fair in order to enable future visitors to attend both events in Switzerland one after the other. The MCH Group will be welcoming its first guests in Hall 1 of Basel's Exhibition Center from April 8 to 12, 2021.

A preliminary statement on the organiser's website commented on the current HourUniverse concept:

"The new platform [...] is a B2B2C meeting point that places the customers of the brands and exhibitors at the heart of its focus, reversing the order of the past. The entire platform is conceived and designed around them. This applies to all players of the distribution chain, traditional and online retailers, including those of the CPO (Certified Pre-Owned)."

"Open, modern, experimental, inclusive, user-friendly, interconnected" – this is how the operators of HourUniverse see the new fair. The MCH Group has put all its expertise and the feedback and input from customers and other stakeholders into the development of a brand new platform concept and now wants to offer a 365 platform, just like Watches & Wonders. However, according to MCH Management, a more detailed concept for the new exhibition will be presented at the end of August 2020.