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Women screaming, children crying, men throwing themselves blindly into the melee. Mounted policemen trying to drive the crowds apart. All in vain. But all this not because of the Last Judgement, but because of unbeatable deals and discounts: This is Black Friday!

What is Black Friday?

In the USA, the country where Black Friday originated, thousands of people are drawn into the frenzy of pre-Christmas shopping every year on the day after Thanksgiving. Many stores open early that day and offer their customers unbeatable discounts, even on pet food, promotional gifts and sales offers not found on any other day of the year. Many people queue up hours in advance and wait full of anticipation and excitement for the shop doors to open. Thus November 27, 2020, the fourth Friday in November this year, officially marks the start of Christmas shopping season and marks Black Friday as the most profitable day of the year for many companies.

As time has passed and as the online market continues to grow, numerous online merchants have adopted the philosophy of this day and attract new customers every year with unique Black Friday offers. In addition to the often more than generous offers, this gives the chance to escape the madness in the shops around the world and still not miss out on great deals.

In 2006, the trend spread to Germany for the first time. Since then, it has become more and more popular and essential. In fact, many companies offer special promotions that are available not only on Fridays but throughout the whole weekend, including Cyber Monday.

Which Black Friday offers are there at Watchmaster?

Often there are no discounts or promotions for luxury goods, but not at Watchmaster. We have made it our corporate philosophy to offer you certified, pre-owned luxury watches at the lowest prices, not just once every twelve months, but all year round. Nevertheless, we will provide exclusive offers right in time for Black Friday.

This means that the already attractive offers on our website will be reduced yet again for Black Friday. So you have the chance to buy the luxury watch of your choice at an absolutely unbeatable price.

Whether Rolex, Breitling or Omega: Watchmaster gives you the opportunity to purchase second-hand luxury watches at an even lower price on these three days. However, time is of the essence. While online shopping doesn't put you in danger of falling into an insane stampede, most of our watches are only available once. So better be fast!

Which payment methods does Watchmaster offer?

At Watchmaster, you have numerous options for purchasing your preferred luxury watch: by direct bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. However, if you want to plan long-term, you can also finance your watch with convenient monthly instalments. Of course, our service team is always ready to help you through the jungle of the Black Sale and answer any questions you may have.

Purchase a luxury watch online on Black Friday

Online shopping is enjoying enormous popularity. You can easily compare different products, read reviews and find the best prices from your sofa. Many people already use online retailers more often than shopping centres in the city. However, most people still miss the personal service and advice. One would like to inspect a product before the purchase closely under the microscope. Particularly with luxury products such as watches, many prospective customers prefer the offline option, in order to be able to wear the watch on their arm for a trial period in advance and to personally check it in detail. Some extraordinary offers can be missed, though.

We at Watchmaster are aware of this problem and want to provide you with a comfortable all-round service. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make an appointment to personally view and try on a watch at our headquarters in Berlin before purchasing it. This way you can avoid the conditions in the shopping centres and take advantage of the exceptional savings at Black Friday without having to forego personal service. Sit back and relax and let us do the work for you. This will not only save you money, but above all time and accordingly more freedom to devote yourself to the beautiful things in the Advent season.