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Purchasing a luxury watch is a major investment that should be carefully planned and well thought out. Have you had your eye on a particular model for a long time, but would rather pay in smaller instalments than in one lump sum? Then, financing is the right option for you. We'll explain the purchasing process and show you which financing options are available at Watchmaster.

The advantages of purchasing a watch using a financing plan

With a personalized financing plan for your dream watch, you can tailor the payment of the total amount to your needs and pay it in convenient monthly instalments. Even if you haven't yet saved the full purchase price on your account, financing is an attractive way to fulfil your desire for a high-quality luxury watch in advance. Another benefit of financing may be an increase in the value of your watch. If you decide with foresight on the right model, the purchase of a high-quality luxury watch could be a worthwhile investment for the future and easily compensate for any costs that may arise during financing. Pre-owned watches are a stable investment. Collector's items, which also include a number of Rolex models, can even increase in value consistently if they are well cared for. This increase in value may even exceed interest payments under certain circumstances. And at the same time, you will be able to afford your dream watch by financing it and benefit from its appreciation in value for a longer period of time.

Financing options at Watchmaster

First of all, it is important for you to be in a stable and manageable financial position before committing to a binding financing plan. Once you have decided to finance your watch, you can choose from a variety of financing partners at Watchmaster offering flexible and personalized payment plans. You can choose from the following financing options at Watchmaster:

  • personal financing from Targobank
  • a "purchase in instalments with easyCredit" from TeamBank AG Nürnberg
  • a financing plan from CreditPlus Bank AG

In the case of a purchase in instalments, the purchase amount is divided into individual monthly payments which vary according to the term of the contract. If your credit check is approved, the payment will be processed via easyCredit and repaid monthly against the purchase price.

If you choose a financing plan, for example, from Targobank, the bank will assume the payment of the watch's full purchase price and you will pay it back to Targobank in monthly instalments at a reasonable interest rate.

You can also opt for partial financing of the purchase price. With this option, you will pay a portion of the purchase price and finance the outstanding balance. For example, if you wanted to buy a watch for €6,000, but only want to pay €3,000 of that amount initially, then you could pay off the remaining €3,000 in several small instalments.

Rolex Daytona 116500LN, GMT-Master II 126710BLNR and Submariner 116610LV watches next to each other on light grey marble

Conditions for purchasing on an instalment or financing plan

In order to be able to arrange financing, you must be of legal age and have declared your primary residence in Germany. You will also need a valid form of identification that contains your registered address, such as a valid identity card or a passport with additional proof of residency. You must also maintain a German bank account with sufficient funds.

How to arrange financing with Targobank

Our partner, Targobank, offers you flexible financing terms between 6 and 60 months without any advance payment. The prerequisite for the successful approval for financing is a positive credit assessment by Targobank.

Step 1: Complete your purchase

Add the watch of your choice to the shopping cart, complete the purchase and select "Financing" as the payment method. You will receive a financing contract, which you must fill out completely and sign.

Step 2: Identification by Post-Ident coupon

Print out the Post-Ident coupon and bring it and the required documents together with an envelope and a valid proof of identity containing your address (identity card or passport and current proof of residence) to the Deutsche Post. Have your Post-Ident coupon verified there by showing your personal identification. Your signed contract and the required documents will then be sent to Targobank.

Please note: For financing €3,000 or more, please enclose a copy of your identity card and a copy of proof of your current income with your loan contract. For financing amounts of €5,000 or more, please submit a copy of your passport and a copy of your last three statements proving your income.

Step 3: Final review and approval by Targobank

After reviewing your data, you will receive written confirmation from Targobank as well as your credit agreement and the corresponding payment plan.

Step 4: Delivery of your watch

Once Targobank has approved your application and we have received the payment from Targobank, we will ship your newly purchased watch within the specified delivery period as quickly as possible.

Learn more about this financing option here.

How to arrange payment in instalments with easyCredit

Our partner easyCredit offers you a flexible term of 6 to 36 monthly instalments (available in 3-month term increments), a maximum total loan amount of €200 to €5,000 and no processing fees. Unscheduled repayments and full repayment of the amount financed are also possible free of charge.

Step 1: Complete your purchase

Have you found your dream watch? Then, add it to your shopping cart and select "Pay in instalments with easyCredit" as your payment option during the checkout process.

Step 2: Fill out the agreement

While completing the form, specify the desired amount of the instalments and the duration time. Please ensure that the information you have provided is complete and correct.

Step 3: Approval of your application for a purchase in instalments

After sending a completed application, easyCredit will decide on your application within a short time. If you receive a positive response, you will receive mail from easyCredit and can expect your dream watch to be delivered shortly.

Step 4: Delivery of your watch

After Watchmaster has received the full purchase amount from the easyCredit Bank, your watch will be delivered to your home with insured UPS shipping.

Learn more about a payment in instalments with easyCredit here.

How to arrange financing with CreditPlus

CreditPlus Bank AG offers you a credit line from €150 to €50,000, 0% financing for a term of up to 12 months, as well as the possibility to make a complete, early repayment of the loan according to their terms.

Step 1: Complete your purchase

Add the desired watch to your shopping cart and complete the purchase. Select "Financing with CreditPlus" from the payment options.

Step 2: Define the terms of the agreement

In the subsequent agreement, you specify the monthly instalments and the duration of your loan with CreditPlus. Please ensure that your personal details are complete and correct.

Step 3: Review of your application

Now, CreditPlus will check your creditworthiness. If your application is accepted, you will receive the appropriate documents and Watchmaster will receive the full purchase amount from your lender.

Step 4: Delivery of your watch

Once we have received the payment by CreditPlus, we will send your new watch to your home as soon as possible – as well as free of charge and fully insured.

Learn more about financing with CreditPlus Bank AG here.

Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR watch with black and blue bezel and Jubilee bracelet on light grey marble between brown wallet and a red-brown tie

For customers in Great Britain

If you live in the UK instead of Germany, you can arrange financing through V12 Retail Finance. V12 Retail Finance is headquartered in Cardiff, has specialized in online financing over the last 10 years and has its own long-term financing arrangements. VV12 Retail Finance offers financing for up to £15,000 for a period of up to 48 months at 9.9% APR with a minimum deposit of 10%. V12 also offers 0% financing for a loan duration of 6 to 12 months. For more information about this option for financing your watch, please click here.

All options for financing and instalment plans at a glance

Credit company Targobank easyCredit CreditPlus V12 Retail Finance
Credit type Financing Payment in instalments Financing Financing
Amount available Up to €12,500 €200 to €5,000 €150 to €50,000 £290 to £29,000 (purchase price), £250 to £15,000 (loan)
Payment term 6 to 60 months 6 to 36 months 6 to 72 months 6 to 48 months
Number of watches 1 watch per order 1 watch per order 1 watch per order 1 watch per order
Interest rate 5.9% fixed 8.99% 0% to 4.99%
0% to 9.9%
Min. deposit Not required Not required Not required 10% to 50%
Country Germany Germany Germany Great Britain
Min. monthly payment €10 €20 Not listed Not listed
Special payments Permitted Permitted Permitted Permitted