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There are many ways to show affection to a special person in your life and celebrate your bond with one another. But one day a year stands above the rest – Valentine's Day. On this day, lovers like to take advantage of the occasion to express their affection. So why not give a beautiful timepiece as a Valentine's Day gift this year?

The origins of Valentine’s Day

How February 14th became the day of love

Every year people write and debate about what the traditions of Valentine's Day are. The fact is that Saint Valentine was a martyr of the Roman Catholic Church. He lived and worked in the 3rd century as bishop in the Italian Umbria. It is said that he gave flowers from his garden to lovers and married couples, which brought him into trouble with the Roman authorities and allegedly led to his execution on February 14th, 269 AD. The tradition of lovers declaring their love for each other on February 14th, and symbolically expressing this through a small gift, has its roots in the minstrel songs of the Middle Ages and in what were known as "valentines" in 18th century England.

Presents for Valentine's Day

These days, flowers, chocolate or cards with inscriptions of love are traditional gifts for Valentine's Day. But how about an extra special gesture to your partner this year?

A wristwatch is a special Valentine's Day gift that will leave a lasting impression on your loved one. We have browsed our wide range of certified luxury watches to create a special collection of watches that are perfect for this celebration of love. Let yourself be inspired by our selection of luxury watches for Valentine's Day. You can also find our suggestions for watches from last year here.

Gift of time: Luxury watches for Valentine’s Day

Pure elegance: Nomos Glashütte Zürich

Complete elegance and casual understatement: what we admire in people, we like in watches as well. Nomos Glashütte has succeeded in achieving this combination with the Zürich series, making the models in this series a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. The Zürich looks great on the wrists of men and women alike. Time and again, the eye is drawn to the perfectly balanced dial, which is available in cream white, chocolate brown and matte black. The Zürich proves that it does not take very much to embody the highest level of beauty in a watch – only the right details. So why not opt for a Nomos Glashütte Zürich (Ref. 802) this year as a Valentine's Day gift?

Present a regal gift: The Rolex Pearlmaster and Datejust

Pearls have always been associated with a certain mystique and they’re also synonymous with purity and elegance. So it is not surprising that pearls are often used as gifts to symbolize love. Rolex has created one of the most precious collections in the world of luxury watches with the Pearlmaster, whose models feature precious mother-of-pearl dials. In addition to mother-of-pearl, the most precious materials such as rose, white and yellow gold as well as diamonds have been used, making Pearlmaster watches true treasures – a gift as unique as true love. Thanks to express delivery, the Rolex Pearlmaster (Ref. 80318) will reach you in only a few days, just in time for the day that celebrates love.

True love is timeless. The same goes for the Rolex Datejust. Since their debut in 1945, these Rolex models have enchanted wearers with their classic, sophisticated flair. The Jubilee bracelet and the fluted bezel are signature features. A design highlight at that time was the date display at 3 o'clock. However, a certain amount of variation is necessary so that established elements do not gather dust. Rolex still gives its Datejust series a stylish design and offers many different material and color combinations. For example, you can opt for a lavish version, such as the Reference 116238 with its yellow gold case and champagne-colored dial, or a classic stainless steel version with a black dial as in the Datejust Reference 126200.

An investment for eternity: Patek Philippe Calatrava

There are few brands that are so synonymous with elegance and exclusivity as Patek Philippe. The Calatrava deserves a special place among all of the brand’s extraordinary models. Its combination of art deco and Bauhaus elements, the simplicity of its appearance and the aspiration to accompany its wearers for a lifetime make this series a symbol of what we hope to find in a commitment with a loved one. This Patek Philippe Calatrava (Ref. 2592) is a vintage model from 1960 and currently the most affordable Calatrava in our shop, but it shines just as brightly as the other models in the series. With a case diameter of 32.5 mm, this reference is suitable for both men and women.

Champagne dial of a Patek Philippe Calatrava 2592 watch with black leather strap and rosesPATEK PHILIPPE CALATRAVA 2592 

The symbolism of the Cartier Santos

We can learn from the friendship of Louis Cartier and Alberto Santos-Dumont just how important the qualities of friendship are for a relationship. The inspiration with which the two spurred on each other's work resulted in the Cartier Santos, the first men's watch to be worn on the wrist. This watch is a symbolic gift because you are not only giving your partner an exceptional luxury watch, but also demonstrating how much you value your relationship. Cartier offers the Santos in both a ladies’ model with diamonds and a men’s model with a yellow gold bezel.

Through the good times and the bad: Robust Rado watches

Rado watches are not only extremely durable, but also possess a unique elegance and appearance. The Rado Integral was the first watch from Rado made of high-tech ceramics. Its elegant design and the tasteful combination of ceramic and gold-plated components still give it a modern look today. On the Integral Diamonds models, the black dial is highlighted by four diamonds – and what better symbol of love than these eternal gems? Purchase a secondhand Rado Integral Diamonds (Ref. R20206712) today and receive it with a 24-month warranty just in time for February 14th.

Rado Integral Diamonds R20206712 watch with yellow and red roses on black backgroundRADO INTEGRAL DIAMONDS R20206712

If you are a fan of round watches, we recommend these models: the Rado True (Ref. R27056162) with a black case, bracelet and dial for men, and the sleek Rado Diamaster (Ref. R14043717) with a 33 mm wide case also in black for women.

Celebrating the elegance of a lady: Happy Diamonds

In the past, set diamonds were the only form of diamonds that could be found on watches. This changed in 1976 when Chopard launched the Happy Diamonds series. By placing the diamonds between two layers of sapphire crystal, Chopard allowed them to move "freely" on the dial as their wearer moved. The precious gems glide around like a meteor shower. Although the investment in a Happy Diamonds reference is slightly higher because of the precious diamonds, it is clear that you are making a bold statement of your admiration. The most inexpensive Happy Diamonds in our shop is Reference 4100, but you can also select the somewhat more expensive yet more exclusive and modern Reference 274893-5012 to bring a smile to your sweetheart. No matter which model you choose in the end, one thing is certain: a Happy Diamonds is always an excellent choice.

Chopard Happy Diamonds 4100 watch between yellow and red rosesCHOPARD HAPPY DIAMONDS 4100

A young brand with traditional values: Maurice Lacroix

Even though the brand Maurice Lacroix is still very young, the distinctive design of its timepieces and a move towards in-house calibers has shown that the classic values of the watchmaking world still hold true today. The Masterpiece series has the greatest appeal in this respect and, thanks to its wide range of affordable references, is an ideal Valentine's Day gift for those on a modest budget. We would particularly like to highlight the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece (Ref. MP6378-PS101-920). It features a large date at 12 o'clock and a small second at 6 o'clock. The golden lancet hands lead the eye clearly over the sleek dial, while the bezel is adorned with an inlay of yellow gold and gleams to match the highly polished stainless steel of the case. At less than € 1,200, this reference from the Masterpiece series is a real steal.

Vintage treasures as a symbol of time shared

Granted, this idea does not work for every Valentine's Day. But if you have a special occasion to celebrate, such as a milestone anniversary of your marriage or partnership, you could celebrate it with a watch model from the year you met. Of course, finding the right watch is not always easy, since the right year of production of the watch must also match the preference of the person receiving the gift. Alternatively, it might also be appropriate to give your partner a special vintage watch from their year of birth. Our collection of watches by birth year offers a good overview.

If you would like to choose something other than flowers and chocolate for Valentine's Day this year, why not surprise your loved one with a fine timepiece? There are many more Valentine's Day watches waiting to be found in the Watchmaster online shop.