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Everyone who has ever taken part in a competition and actually won something will know what a great feeling that is. But how does it feel to win a luxury watch worth several thousand euros? We can tell you because the winner of this year's 'Win a Rolex' contest was visiting us in Berlin to receive her prize from Watchmaster.

Watchmaster's Rolex Explorer II contest

The winner is visiting Watchmaster in Berlin

If you have never won anything before, the sudden and unexpected winning of a Rolex watch can be quite irritating. This is what happened to Isabel Schiffer. When the Watchmaster team informed her that she was the one to win a Rolex, at first, Mrs Schiffer and her husband could hardly believe it. Although she had subscribed to the Watchmaster newsletter and enjoys reading the magazine articles regularly, she did not do this primarily because of the contest. Mrs Schiffer originally came across Watchmaster through the sale of her Cartier Santos. Positively surprised by the quick and smooth handling of her watch sale, she also subscribed to Watchmaster on Instagram shortly after – only to find her Cartier Santos popping up between the photos on Watchmaster's Instagram profile. "That's not what it looked like back then", she and her husband remembered laughing as they told us the story.

Rolex Explorer II 16750 Polar with a white dial on the winner's wrist

After Mrs Schiffer received her new Rolex watch, the length of the bracelet was adjusted to fit her wrist and she was beaming with joy, it was time to ask the lucky winner some questions.

An interview with the winner

First of all, congratulations on your new watch! Do you like it?

"Yes, very much! I wanted to buy a new, slightly larger Rolex watch anyway, so it came in handy. Sporty, elegant, and not too small. A really great watch, thank you!"

With pleasure! May I ask what you do for a living and where you come from?

"We live near Düsseldorf. My husband is a self-employed master plasterer and I work in a perfumery wholesale."

Please tell us, what was it like when you got the call about your win?

"To be honest, it was completely unexpected. I didn't even know that I had entered the competition. Anyway, my husband and I don't eat lunch together, so we meet briefly at home for a coffee in the afternoon and then the phone rings. Mrs Swoboda was very friendly on the phone, and then said I had won a Rolex. But at first, I did not believe her, you know? It could have been a scam. When I told my husband, he also didn't believe me. (laughter) In fact, he was still sceptical when we were standing in front of the building yesterday evening."

Rolex winner Isabel Schiffer with her husband in Watchmaster's Berlin headquarters

Is this your first luxury watch? If not, which one was it? If so, how does it feel?

"No, it wasn't. My first luxury watch was a ladies' version of the Cartier Santos, which I wanted to have for my 30th birthday. At that time, I found it so stunningly beautiful that I insisted on getting exactly this watch, and no other. I received it for my birthday and loved wearing it for years. Some time ago I sold it through you, by the way."

No kidding! And how was your experience with Watchmaster back then?

"I was and still am thrilled! I have to admit that when I sold my Cartier back then, I initially had some concerns. But my expectations were exceeded in every respect. It was all transparent, I always knew what was happening to my watch, that it would go into commission for a year, that an interested buyer would then have another week to return the watch, and so on. Absolutely amazing! And guess what, I'm following you on Instagram because I think your photos are just fantastic, and then, suddenly, there was my Cartier! My husband and I couldn't believe what you had made of my old watch! Beautiful photos, honestly! The newsletter is also great! It's entertaining and informative, I am really impressed."

Many thanks! So, how did you find Watchmaster in the first place?

"That was when I wanted to sell the Cartier. I really wanted to have it at that time, and at the age of 30 you can still wear such small watches, but now I prefer larger models. Anyway, the Cartier was too small for me at some point, so I wanted to sell it. But the jewellers in Cologne offered me extremely low prices. So I searched the internet, browsed through several websites, and to be honest, I just liked your site the most. Also the entire procedure. I no longer had any of the watch’s accessories. No box, no receipts, nothing! But I had no trouble filling out the form and then received an offer. Perfect!"

We are delighted to hear that! Finally, one last question: Do you have a favourite watch? Or in other words, if you could choose right now, what would be your absolute dream watch?

"I actually wanted to buy a new watch. anyway. In fact, I was thinking of buying a Rolex Datejust, made of stainless steel and with a grey or a mother-of-pearl dial. In my opinion, this combination always works – timeless, sporty, or elegant. It goes well with jeans and more elegant looks, just like the combination of stainless steel and a black dial for men. It's a really wonderful watch and, one day, I'll get it for sure. Or of course, but this one is incredibly expensive, the one with the three circ- Daytona! Yes, that one would be very nice, too."

Absolutely, Mrs Schiffer! Thank you very much for your time. We wish you all the best and joy with your new Rolex!

About the prize: The Rolex Explorer II

The Rolex Explorer II won by Mrs Schiffer is not only her first prize ever, but without any doubt a very special one as well. Mrs Schiffer's new Rolex Explorer II „Polar“ (Ref. 16750) is a robust and functional, yet elegant model. An absolutely timeless classic that can be of great use not only to adventurers. With a date display at 3 o'clock, 24 hour markers on the bezel and an additional GMT hand, the Explorer II is also the ideal travel companion.

Rolex Explorer II 16750 Polar with a white dial in original Rolex box with certificates

Although Ms Schiffer expressed the wish to acquire a stainless steel Rolex Datejust with a mother-of-pearl or classic grey dial in the future, she declined our offer to trade in the "big" Explorer II for a more delicate Lady-Datejust right away. For now, she prefers slightly larger watches. However, we will gladly assist in finding the perfect Datejust or Daytona for her in the future.

Do you want to win a luxury watch as well?

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