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To be classified as vintage, the watch had to have been made before 1990. The special thing about vintage watches, apart from their individual history, is their classic design as well as their unique patina developed over the years.


Buying vintage watches is known as a king’s discipline for a reason. Vintage watches do exude a nostalgic glow, however it’s important to look past the shine and pay attention to the small details. With a good eye and some expert knowledge, it is possible to grab a real bargain in the vintage watch market. So today we present you with three stellar tips to aid you in your vintage watch purchase.


The fundamental rule for when buying vintage is to be informed. This is the basis for every vintage watch purchase as so you get an original, and hopefully a bargain. Through a solid basic knowledge of individual models you’ll easily be able to distinguish real from fake. By recognising original parts you’ll avoid purchasing a watch with too many generic replaced parts. By accessing different sources it’s possible to find detailed guides about specific models; all available on the internet. If this is not the case for your model, you should conduct a thorough research and acquire your knowledge through other means such as asking other horologists.


It is important to be thorough when authenticating a vintage watch. This includes assessing whether parts have been replaced and if the watch has been serviced regularly; as the more original parts a watch has, the more value it will have… much like when buying vintage cars. Generally speaking, your first choice should always be well preserved watches. However in this case, you should realise that even with regular servicing and polishing, every watch is subject to levels of erosion.


In the end, it is always important to look for a watchmaker who can be trusted. Look to see if he has a solid customer base network, and research his credentials. The more reputable a seller is, the less likely that you’ll be misled into buying a fake or faulty watch.

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