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With some timepieces, watch enthusiasts bind themselves into a lifelong relationship. There are many reasons why you want to sell a luxury watch. You might consider an upgrade of your collection, or your taste has changed and evolved over the years. Whatever your personal reason should be – we make resales as easy as possible. Receive an offer from us today!

What we are offering:

Best Prices: Thanks to our reach, in-house revision and certification, we can offer you sales revenues that are above the general resale standard.

Expertise: With more than 12,000 watches sold worldwide, we bring an experience with us in purchasing and selling luxury watches from all well-known manufacturers. Your watch is serviced by our in-house, certified watchmakers, who have years of experience and expertise.

Reach: We are selling worldwide, which provides you an international network of potential buyers to make your sale as fast as possible and with the best price.

Safety: During the entire transport and sales process your watch is insured and kept safe with us.

Quality: In our own, certified workshop, the watch is authenticated and brought into its best form. When selling your watch, it looks new again.

Warranty: After refurbishing we will give you a guarantee for your watch – a clear advantage over a private sale.

Transparency: Employees are available at all times during the entire sales process, informing you of what is happening.

Fast Payout: You will receive your money immediately after completing the sales process.
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This is how it works:

After you have received an offer from us, you can choose between the two options: immediate sale and commission sale. If you decide to sell your watch through us, we organise the pickup of the watch from your home or office address. With the immediate sale you´ll receive your payment immediately after the watch arrived in our office and it went through the inbound check.

In the case of a commission sale, there are a few more steps before payment: Our experienced team take product photos and place your watch on our online platform. The payment will then take place after the watch has been sold via our website. The process takes a bit longer, but you can also get higher sale prices.

Get a free valuation of your watch

Fill in our online form and provide as much information about your watch as possible. The more we know, the more accurate our offer can be. The full name and reference number of the watch, including accessories (if available) and the condition of the watch is very important criteria. Are there any scratches, is there a need for repair, are there special features such as engravings? We also ask you to send us pictures of your watch to help us evaluate it. After that you will receive a non-binding offer that you can accept or decline.

Simply leave Handling and Delivery to us!

If you decide for the instant sale option, we will arrange a free and fully insured pickup and transport of your watch to us. It will be inbounded by us. After that, our certified watchmakers take care of your watch by verifying, repairing (if necessary) and polishing it to a shine.
If you have opted for the commission sale, we pick up your watch free of charge and fully insured from your work or home address. As soon as your watch arrives, it’ll be inspected, cleaned and repaired (if needed) in our own certified workshop. Then we take professional photos of your watch for our online shop, we put the watch online and handle the sale for you.


Get your money now as soon as possible. After completion of the sale, we will transfer the funds to your account as soon as possible. In the case of a commission sale, the transfer of the payment of the money takes place 14 days after the sale, as the buyer can use his right of return within this period.

Trade-in your watch

If you already have another watch in mind or want to upgrade your watch, it’s possible to trade-in your used watch. We can share with you particularly good offers for your desired model. The value of your old watch will be charged against the sales price of your desired watch. Even as a financial investment, the investment in a luxury watch can be worthwhile. Watches from well-known brands enjoy a steady increase in value due to the use of excellent materials.

3 Bullets of how the sale of your luxury watch works with Watchmaster

With us your watch is in good hands

We can offer you very competitive price as we check and refurbish used watches directly in our inhouse service centre. Our team consists of trained, certified watchmakers who are experts in the field of luxury watches. If your watch needs a revision or spare parts we have direct access to source everything thats necessary to bring your watch back to a shine. This ensures that we can guarantee that your watch is authentically repaired and we can make sure to sell authentic watches only.


To facilitate the sale of your watch, we have in house marketing experts who will ensure your watch is matched with the right buyer. During the whole sales process your watch is kept in a highly protected vault and is insured.

Your satisfaction is our highest goal: Our service team will answer all your questions before and after the sale. Our 97% satisfied customers statistic speaks for itself. 

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