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A new term is circulating through the world of watch lovers. „Certified Pre-Owned“ has established itself long ago as an alternative on the market for luxury watches and offers collectors and buyers in particular more freedom and flexibility in their search for their new treasure.

What do we understand by „certified pre-owned“?

„Certified pre-owned“ refers to watches which have been owned by one or more persons and have been examined by an experienced watchmaker in order to confirm and to certify their authenticity.

 An Omega Speedmaster watch with black fabric strap lying on a magazine

In order to understand why this expression is so trendy right now, it is important to understand the watch market itself. As you may know, watch collectors do not purchase new watches all the time. They rather manage their collections. This includes selling old watches to enable them to finance new models. The problem though: The brands do not take these watches back, which is why many collectors had to address non-certified dealers on the grey market.

Special case: Vintage watches

Another more specific case are vintage models: as soon as a watch is removed from a brand’s official selection, it is only available on the second-hand market. While Watchmaster guarantees you full transparency when purchasing and selling watches, we have all watches serviced and certified by our in-house watchmakers. On the grey market, however, you often buy and sell on suspicion and you might face additional maintenance costs, especially for vintage models.

In general, you should also make sure that the vintage watches are still in their original condition. When a watch is maintained, „defects“ or obsolete parts are often replaced by the dealer or watchmaker, which you want to make sure not to happen to a vintage watch. Scratches, patina or old dials give these watches their charm and are paid accordingly on the market.

 Bell and Ross BR03-90 watch in steel and rose gold with leather strap

The market for second-hand luxury watches has slowly but steadily grown over the years and is already worth several trillions. This price also attracted the brands. Larger luxury companies like Audemars Piguet and Breitling are now trying to open up the market for certified used watches for themselves, in order to starve the grey market in the long term.

What is important when buying a certified pre-owned luxury watch?

You want to purchase a luxury watch online, but you are not sure what to look out for? No problem! We have summarized for you the most important points in the following:

  • The condition

Each watch that is „Certified Pre-Owned“ will also be showing its own history, which is part of the personal charm. Nonetheless, the watch should be professionally reconditioned. In other words, the original edge has to be perceived during polishing and the clockwork has to be completely overhauled. Any defects should be clearly communicated with the customer and be taken into consideration for the pricing. If you buy from a certified dealer, you are usually on the safe side, as dealers are also looking for watches in the best conditions.

  • Box and Papers

It is best to buy a certified used luxury watch with the original box and papers (guarantee, certificate of authenticity, COSC-certificate, etc.). This is another very good step to prove the authenticity of the model. In this matter it can happen that e.g. vintage watches, lack the original box, which itself is often already worth hundreds of Euros. Just as with the condition of the watch, dealers should inform their customers that these parts are missing without asking.

  • The Price

Certified, used luxury watches are often much cheaper than new models, but you should always compare the models in greater detail to make sure you’re really getting a bargain.

The new and used prices of our top sellers in price comparison

In order to simplify the overview for you, we have compiled a price overview of the most important models, so you can orientate yourself roughly on it.

A Rolex Sky-Dweller 326135 watch with brown dial

As an example you can see that the new prices of a Rolex are usually considerably higher than the RRP due to the high demand. It is also interesting to see that the TAG Heuer Monaco stays very stable in its value, while the used Omega Planet Ocean is available at a much cheaper price.

Model Reference RRP New Pre-owned
Rolex Submariner 116610LN 7,750 € approx. 10,000 € approx. 9,100 €
Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN 7,750 € approx. 10,450 € approx. 9,400 €
Omega Moonwatch Chronograph 311. 5,400 € approx. 4,700 € approx. 4,100 €
Omega Planet Ocean 600 m 6,100 € approx. 5,800 € approx. 4,400 €
Breitling Colt Chronograph A7338811.BD43.173A 3,490 € approx.2,600 € approx. 2,300 €
Tag Heuer Monaco CAW211.FC6183 4,900 € approx. 3,600 € approx. 3,600 €

The secondary market has established itself since a longer time, which is why „certified pre-owned“ will soon develop from just a trend to the new standard. This is only an advantage for you. This enables you to find bargains quicker at a price that you can finally buy with a feeling of security.