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Are you thinking of starting your own watch collection, but are not sure which brands and models are most important? This guide will help you to choose the right path for purchasing your watch.

5 questions for aspiring watch collectors

The first time purchasing a luxury watch is always a big step. Often it is one of the first large investments and the first time that one deals with investments that accrue value. Here are some important questions to help you find the right watch. Additionally, we'd like to point out five popular models that are particularly well suited for starting a watch collection.

Are you interested in collecting watches?

The answer to this question is quite important, because if you collect watches with passion, you will probably buy them emotionally instead of rationally. This is perfectly OK, but if you are interested in a watch collection as an investment, you will likely take a different approach to choosing your first luxury watch. Of course, the purchase of your first watch will not be decisive for the style of your entire watch collection, but it is never wrong to think about a general style beforehand and perhaps even to specialize in collecting such models. For example, you have the choice between many different styles such as diver's watches, pilot's watches or exclusively vintage models. Furthermore, it is also important to think about the potential resale value of each watch. This gives you the opportunity to resell certain watch models occasionally in order to be able to invest in new models afterwards.

Rolex Datejust 116200 stainless steel watch next to Panerai Radiomir Black Seal 8 Days PAM00609 watch on black leather strap

From which watch brand is your desired model?

Many collectors focus not only on a particular style, but also on a specific brand of watches, as this allows them to deal with the manufacturer's image, history and individual models in a much more decisive way. In addition to the well-known luxury watch manufacturers, there are also smaller watchmakers that shouldn't be ignored. The brand alone can already be decisive for your watch's value retention or even your entire collection and should therefore never be considered secondary.

To which occasions would you like to wear your watch?

An essential point is to ask the question to which occasions you will want to wear your watch. You will presumably want to wear and show off your first luxury watch as often as possible. This means that you may want to start with a durable model made of steel, as stainless steel is more forgiving than white gold, for example. You should also consider what your wardrobe looks like and whether a watch fits your personal style of attire. If you change between a suit and jeans every day, you should accordingly choose a watch that complements both types of outfits.

What kind of watch are you looking for: new or used?

There are two types of luxury watches: new and used. The decision is entirely up to you. When you buy a pre-owned watch, with the exception of some very popular models, you have a slight price advantage over a new purchase. Moreover, with dealers like Watchmaster, who offer certified second-hand watches, you do not have to worry about refurbishment, authenticity and warranty. Unfortunately, when looking for certain models, the only option is often the used market, for example if a model has been discontinued by the manufacturer and can therefore no longer be purchased new. The advantage of new watches is again that you are the first person to wear the watch, so you can enjoy the complete buying experience: you will get your dream watch in an undamaged watch box and with all the necessary papers, which is not always the case with used models. Furthermore, you will enjoy the increase in value for certain watches as soon as they leave the store. However, these models are usually only available on waiting lists that last for years.

Rolex Submariner in green Rolex watch box with original papers

Do you trust the seller or retailer?

This question is really the most important one when buying a luxury watch, especially if it is a used watch model. It is exactly this type of large investment where you need be able to trust a dealer and conduct a secure transaction. Particularly in online commerce, security and integrity are important aspects when buying a luxury watch. Watchmaster has committed itself to making the process of purchasing a luxury watch safe and as transparent as possible. At Watchmaster, all watches are not only examined by experienced watchmakers, but also come with a 24-month warranty and are shipped fully insured after ordering. Consequently, there is no risk for the buyer.

5 ideal watches for starting a watch collection

Rolex Submariner

As an absolute all-rounder, the Rolex Submariner (Ref. 116610LN) has helped to shape the image of luxury watches worldwide and undoubtedly qualifies as an important standard in any watch collection. As the perfect everyday companion, it looks great with both a suit as well as with jeans and a T-shirt. The Submariner series offers enough variety that there is a model to meet every taste. While the 116610LN with its black dial has a rather classic look, the Submariner (Ref. 116610LV) in green, also known as the "Hulk", has also enjoyed the limelight.

Rolex Submariner 126610LV watch with green bezel and black dial

TAG Heuer Carrera

TAG Heuer has long been an established watchmaker and one of the leading figures in the art of watchmaking. As a manufacturer with a rich tradition, the company can look back on a distinguished history and has consistently remained at the forefront in the field of high-end sports watches. The sporty character of the timepieces allows the TAG Heuer Carrera, for example, to be perfectly combined with casual outfits. The simple fact is that with a TAG Heuer, you can never go wrong.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is unquestionably one of the most legendary timepieces of all time. Its unmistakable design has been one of the keystones of the Swiss watchmaking industry since the 1960s and stands for the combination of technical brilliance and unparalleled elegance.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Chronograph 311. watch on dark grey cushion

Cartier Tank Solo

This elegant classic from the French jewellery and luxury watch manufacturer Cartier blends perfectly into the overall look of perfect evening dress. The Cartier Tank Solo undoubtedly belongs to the top tier of dress watches and complements any suit or tuxedo superbly, but can deftly complete any casual outfit as well.

Cartier Tank Solo W5200028 3515/ 3800 watch in steel with white dial and cabochon crown
CARTIER TANK SOLO W5200028 3515/ 3800

Breitling Navitimer

Join the league of elites and begin your collection with an absolute classic like the legendary Breitling Navitimer. Its iconic design is unique and recognized around the world. Although the Navitimer is not necessarily inexpensive, it remains within a reasonable price category. Regardless, you will not regret acquiring such a high-quality watch!

If you haven't found any of the models appealing so far, or if you are still unsure if collecting watches is something for you at all, then we'd encourage you to take a look at our selection of entry-level watches. You might just find the right watch to start collecting there.