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14 Days Easy Returns
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Rolex Submariner
Rolex Submariner 116619LB - Rolex Smurf


Buy a pre-owned Rolex Submariner 116619LB

Invest in a story of success with the Rolex Smurf

The Rolex Smurf Submariner 116619LB’s distinctive blue color scheme was unveiled for the first time at Baselworld 2009. The production using white gold and the cerachrome bezel represented new developments in the Rolex universe at that time.

The Rolex Submariner 116619LB can be placed in the quite successful history of the famous Rolex diving watch as a departure for innovations. Even though it is characteristic for the company to be rather conservative with its models’ designs, the watchmaker is not afraid of innovation. The bezel in cerachrome and a ceramic form developed in-house made it clear that Rolex was not content to remain complacent with its previous successes.

The idea of making a Submariner model in white gold is based on a concept from the Rolex developers in the 1960s. Even then, they considered offering references in precious metals instead of the classic model in stainless steel. However, after producing a few prototypes in white gold, Rolex shifted its focus to series production in yellow gold, in line with the trend towards gold wristwatches.

During the last two decades of the millennium, however, it became apparent that the demand for stainless steel models was growing strongly. With the Submariner 116619LB in white gold, Rolex captured the desire for special luxury watches with an understated look.

Reasons to buy a Rolex 116619LB Smurf

There are many reasons to buy a Rolex Smurf. Here are the most important ones:

  • Positive performance #1: because the Smurf is one of the most popular Rolex watches among collectors, you can almost always get a second-hand Submariner model with the Ref. 116619LB for the same price as a model from the dealer.

  • Positive performance #2: in addition to the positive price trend for used Submariner models, the precious metal in 116619LB also speaks for an investment with this reference.

  • In spite of being made of white gold, the Smurf is a Rolex reference that attracts attention through its understatement. In contrast to the yellow gold version, the 116619LB can easily be worn as a sports watch.

  • With the purchase of a Rolex Submariner 116619LB Smurf from our online shop, you will receive a refurbished and fully functional luxury watch with a two-year warranty – and you will avoid the long waits at a retailer.

The Sub 116619LB: A collector’s item at its best

When choosing an outfit, it is important to think about color combinations. Rolex makes it easy to show your colors with the Submariner 116619LB. The maritime blue of the cerachrome bezel and dial blends beautifully with the bright silver shine of the white gold case and bracelet. Another aesthetic feature is the combination of treated components in the Oyster bracelet. The middle links are highly polished, while the outer links are satin-finished. The staggered arrangement of the individual parts ensures a high degree of comfort. The robust Glidelock clasp underlines Rolex’ claim that every component of a watch model is of the highest quality. It ensures a secure fit on the wrist at all times and allows the bracelet to be easily adjusted to fit any wrist circumference.

The Rolex 116619LB also features a 40 mm diameter satin-finish case. In keeping with its origins as a diving watch, the bezel with 60-minute graduation can be turned unidirectionally and is water-resistant up to 300 meters thanks to its Triplock crown. The caliber 3135 inside the Submariner carries on the message of durability of the outer components. It is highly resistant to shocks and can easily cope with temperature fluctuations. The rotor, which can be wound in both directions, takes advantage of its wearer’s every movement and boasts a power reserve of 48 hours. The movement ticks at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and is perfectly protected against wear and tear by 31 synthetic ruby jewels. If you decide to invest in a pre-owned Submariner 116619LB, you are purchasing a luxury watch that will impress you with its noble appearance as well as its reliable operation.

How much does a used Rolex Smurf cost?

And how does the watch compare to other Rolex models?

Anyone thinking about buying a Submariner will be faced with the question of which model to buy. Rolex offers its prospective buyers a number of references that are similar in appearance, but with major differences in detail – which is also highly important to a passionate collector.

Hulk vs. Smurf

For example, let’s consider the Submariner 116610LV. Fans affectionately call it the "Hulk", because of its striking green color scheme that makes it strikingly present on the wrist. Its material composition supports the massive impression of the reference. The 116610LV is a watch for every occasion as well as a fashion statement.

Bluesy vs. Smurf

The so-called bi-color models from Rolex are also particularly popular. These watches feature individual parts of the case or bracelet highlighted, for example with yellow gold, to enhance their visual appeal and value. Some models of the 116613LB even come with a diamond-studded dial.

A comparison of the Smurf, Bluesy and Hulk

Whether you decide to buy a used Submariner 116619LB or prefer one of the other references will vary depending on your personal taste. We have put together an overview of the individual models, so that you can find all important information at a glance.

Reference 116619LB 116613LB 116610LV
Nickname Smurf Bluesy Hulk
Price 28,020 € 12,640 € 14,720 €
Year 2018 2011 2014
Features Blue cerachrome bezel,
blue dia
Line indices with diamonds Green cerachrome beze,
green dial
Material White gold Steinless steel, yellow gold Stainless steel

Financing options for your watch

Together with our financing partner Creditplus, we are able to provide financing options that suit all your needs.

Your advantages at a glance:

  1. No deposit required
  2. APR between 0% and 5.99% (Annual Percentage Rate of charge)
  3. Flexible runtimes between 6 and 72 months

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Mint Like new with no or very few signs of use. Movement and case are in excellent condition.
Very good No or slight signs of use and scratches. Might have been refurbished and polished. Glass, hands, dial, case, and movement are in great condition.
Good Signs of use or scratches, possibly small dents. The watch might have been refurbished and polished. The movement is fully functional.
Fair Visible signs of use or scratches. The watch might have been refurbished. The movement is functional.
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