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A look at the new 41 mm Submariner "Starbucks" 126610LV!
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Rolex Submariner
A look at the new 41 mm Submariner "Starbucks" 126610LV!

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A look at the new Submariner Date 126610LV "Starbucks"

The new models unveiled by Rolex on September 1, 2020 surprised watch enthusiasts around the world. With an update to the Submariner, Rolex set its sights on one of its most popular series. Instead of just a new coat of paint, it received a complete face-lift. The new Rolex Submariner Starbucks 126610LV welcomes us at first glance with the familiar design of the Submariner Date, but has a surprise in store with its combination of a black dial and green bezel. This bezel is pleasantly dark, almost olive green in the manufacturer's photographs, giving the new Starbucks 126610LV a bold, almost military look. But when you hold the 126610LV in your hands and compare it to the 116610LV, you'll notice that the green Cerachrom bezel is exactly the same shade. The new edition of the Submariner immediately manages to enchant and excite its wearers.

5 reasons to buy a Rolex 126610LV

  • New, sought-after model by Rolex
  • Established Submariner design with fresh new features
  • Extremely durable everyday watch
  • Solid investment
  • A guaranteed rarity

Rolex Submariner 126610LV watch with black dial and green bezel

Visual and technical highlights of the Starbucks 126610LV

The Rolex Submariner Date 126610LV replaces the popular 116610LV "Hulk" and banishes it to the cemetery of discontinued references. However, the new visual features of the 126610LV are not limited to the colour scheme of the dial and the unidirectional diver's bezel. In fact, the Submariner series has grown from 40 mm to a 41 mm case diameter. Thanks to its slimmer flanks and contour of the strap lugs, the 126610LV picks up very well on the refitted, somewhat wider Oyster bracelet with its newly proportioned safety clasp and accordingly ensures excellent comfort. Visually, Rolex remains on a familiar path with the 126610LV and retains the same shade of green for the bezel as the 116610LV. The colour scheme of the black dial and green bezel is an already familiar sight from the Submariner (Ref. 16610LV) "Kermit", which was produced from 2003 to 2010.

The new Submariner Reference 126610LV not only offers visual appeal, but technical innovations as well. After all, it's what is inside that counts, right? The 126610LV is a perfect example of this. In addition to a new look, it features the automatic calibre 3235 with a date display, which replaces the former calibre 3135. A further highlight of the 126610LV is the power reserve, which has been increased from 48 to 70 hours. In total, it is an exceptional automatic movement with chronometer certification and a maximum deviation of ±2 seconds per day.

The Submariner Starbucks 126610LV vs. 116610LV

As the successor of the popular 116610LV, the Starbucks 126610LV is forced to follow in very big footsteps. The following comparison of both reference numbers shows that it can meet those high expectations.

Reference 126610LV 116610LV 16610LV
Diameter 41 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Height 12 mm 12 mm 13 mm
Colour Green ceramic bezel, black Maxi dial Green ceramic bezel, green Maxi dial Green aluminium bezel, black dial
Material 904L Oystersteel 904L Oystersteel 904L Oystersteel
Calibre 3235, Perpetual 3135, Perpetual 3135, Perpetual
Power reserve ca. 70 hours ca. 48 hours ca. 48 hours
Bracelet Oyster, Glidelock clasp Oyster, Glidelock clasp Oyster, Glidelock clasp
Water resistance 300 meters 300 meters 300 meters
Rate deviation ±2 seconds per day ±2 seconds per day ±2 seconds per day
List price upon release €8,700 (2020) €6,220 (2010) 5,000 USD (2003)
Average market price* €20,647 (as of 10/5/20) €17,114 (as of 10/5/20) €14,179 (as of 10/5/20)
Production period since 2020 2010 to 2020 2003 to 2010
*According to market statistics from Chrono24

Rolex Submariner references 126610LV, 16610LV und 116610LV next to each other
ROLEX SUBMARINER 126610LV | 16610LV | 116610LV

A comparison of the Submariner 126610LV and 124060

Since the Submariner series has been completely redesigned, not only has the reference 116610LV been updated to the 126610LV, but all the other models in the collection have been reworked as well. One of the rather underrated Submariner models, the "No Date" version (formerly under the reference 114060), has been completely redesigned and released under the reference number 124060.

The 124060 differs from the Ref. 126610LV in two obvious features. One is the missing date complication, which is not surprising for a "no date" model, and the second is the black ceramic bezel. The Perpetual Caliber 3230 powers the "No Date" Submariner 124060, which boasts a 70-hour power reserve. In terms of price, the 124060 reference sets itself apart from the other models in the collection. With a list price of €7,350, this reference is the most affordable Submariner in Rolex' range.

Duel of the diving watches: The Submariner 126610LV vs. Superocean Heritage '57

Since not only Rolex, but also other industry giants are coming up with new diving watches this year, let's compare the Rolex 126610LV with a watch from its competitor Breitling. The Superocean Heritage '57 (Ref. A10370121B1A1) comes with a stainless steel Milanese bracelet and a 42mm stainless steel case, as is typical of the collection. Compared to the 126610LV, the case of the Superocean Heritage '57 is one millimetre larger, but only waterproof up to 100 meters. Furthermore, the power reserve of the Superocean Heritage '57 comes in at approx. 42 hours, which is rather average for its competition. One plus point for the Breitling model is its reasonable list price of €4,450. The 126610LV calls for nearly double that price.

The 126610LV: Is it just another "Kermit"?

As we mentioned earlier, the design of the Rolex 126610LV is anything but new. In 2003, Rolex introduced the 16610LV, the first "green" Submariner on the market. But why do we use quotation marks? The model at that time still used a steel bezel in metallic green, which created a striking contrast to the black dial. It was only when the Submariner 16610LV, affectionately known as the "Kermit", was replaced in 2010 by the "Hulk" with a ceramic Cerachrom bezel that Rolex decided to colour the dial green alongside the bezel.

For many, it came as a surprise that after another 10 years, Rolex decided to return to the time-honoured Submariner design. But as many already know, Rolex does not always behave as one would expect. Incidentally, the release of the Rolex 126610LV has resulted in one other benefit: according to market statistics from Chrono24, the now discontinued 116610LV showed a 12% increase in value in the period from September 1, 2020 to September 29, 2020. This proves that the "Hulk" is a sensible investment in luxury watches.

What will be the new nickname of the Rolex 126610LV?

Thanks to their loyal fan base, Rolex watches usually acquire characteristic nicknames quite quickly. It is likely that the new 126610LV will soon be given its own nickname. Less than a month after the model's launch, people are already talking about names such as the "new Kermit", the "Cermit" (a neologism of "Ceramic" and "Kermit") and the "Starbucks". But names like Loki, Shrek, Grinch, Yoda or Super Kermit are also being mentioned.

The "Starbucks" association actually seems very fitting, as the green of the 126610LV's bezel is much darker than on the steel bezel of the 16610LV, and the face of the Submariner 126610LV is indeed strongly reminiscent of the logo of the well-known coffee shop brand. It remains to be seen whether "Starbucks" will prevail as a nickname or whether we will soon be talking about the "Yoda" or "Super Kermit" instead.

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