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When Swiss movements are combined with Italian style, the result to be expected is a unique timepiece. Anonimo has presented numerous ageless models that carry coveted, high-precision calibres inside. Here, elegance is combined with functionality.  More

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Anonimo is an extremely high-quality Italian luxury watch brand, a pre-owned Anonimo watch provides you with the opportunity to wear Florentine finesse inexpensively on your arm. You can easily make a purchase using your credit card or online via Paypal. For anyone who prefers to plan in the long term, a monthly instalment payment might be a more convenient solution. To finance a certified Anonimo watch, simply choose which time period and monthly instalment suit you best. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you – just contact our customer service or visit our website.

Anonimo collections at a glance

  • The Anonimo Militare collection was designed for Italian military divers. These watches are made to the highest technical standards, yet are still easy-to-use. Additionally, the Militare Collection is visually impressive on all levels. The winding crown is positioned at 12 o'clock and is therefore reminiscent of earlier military pocket watches. The hour hand is triangular in shape, giving the watch an unmistakable appearance.

  • The Anonimo Nautilo collection is also a line of diving watches. The models from this collection are water-resistant up to 20 ATM and able to withstand virtually any dive. The screw-down crown is located at four o'clock, the dial is 44 mm large and easily legible under any conditions. There are several models in the collection with different, eye-catching colour accents.

  • The Anonimo Epurato collection is an elegant and classic series of dress watches. These watches are a reflection of Italian history, driven by Swiss movements. A perfect symbiosis that perfectly embodies the company’s identity – timeless, graceful, and able to impress at every occasion. The square case with the round dial ensures a stark and yet understated look.

  • If you are looking for exciting designs and untypical styles, sooner or later you will probably come across the Firenze in the world of the high art of horology. Whether a classic three-handed model, a practical and robust divers' watch or a high-precision GMT watch, with a timepiece from the Firenze series, you are always well equipped.

The best reasons to buy a watch from Anonimo

  • Anonimo offers timeless and elegant Italian design
  • High-quality, precise movements are at work inside every watch by Anonimo
  • Pre-owned Anonimo watches are ideal as entry-level watches due to their affordable price
  • The high-quality materials used in production ensure extremely robust cases
  • Large, very legible dials provide a great timekeeping experience in any situation

How much does a watch from Anonimo cost?

Anonimo Militare AM-1120.04.001.A01
Price: Pre-owned, starting from €2,100 (2016)
Material: Bronze case, leather watch strap
Main features: Men’s watch, automatic movement, Sellita SW300 calibre, 42-hour power reserve, chronograph, small second, fluorescent hands, numbers and indices

Anonimo Opera Meccana 6002
Price: Pre-owned, starting from €4,200 (2010)
Material: Steel case, leather watch strap
Main features: Men’s watch, automatic movement, chronograph function, date display, helium valve

Anonimo Epurato AM-4000.04.441.W88
Price: New, starting from €2,300
Material: Bronze case, leather watch strap
Main features: Men’s watch, automatic movement, date display, fluorescent hands

Anonimo Nautilo Sailing AM.1002.01.001.A11
Price: Pre-owned, starting from €1,300
Material: Steel / PVD case, rubber watch strap
Main features: Automatic movement, Sellita SW200-1, fluorescent indices, fluorescent hands

Anonimo Militare Alpine Chronograph AM-1110.04.003.A01
Price: Pre-owned, starting from €3,000
Material: Bronze case, leather watch strap
Main features: Men’s watch, automatic movement, chronograph function, small second, limited-edition series

The history of Anonimo

Anonimo was founded in Florence, Italy in 1997 by the Italian watchmaker Federico Massacesi. The company is still based in its original studio, but now has its headquarters in Switzerland. In founding Anonimo, Massacesi wanted to not only revitalize the Florentine watch industry, but also revolutionize it. He acquired Ambucchi's small workshop in the city, which had been famous since 1939 for its charming watch cases. Delicate craftsmanship and careful attention to detail characterize these unique timepieces. Colonel Dr. Dino Zei, former CEO of Panerai and former officer of the Italian Navy, supported the entrepreneur. Together, they had extensive knowledge of luxury watches, their creation and the necessary technology. This enabled the Anonimo brand to grow quickly.

Innovation and absolute precision became the trademarks of the company. Partly as a result of fine craftsmanship, partly assisted by high-quality machines, almost 45 models were created over the years and several with their own patents. Both the technical construction and the visual design made the models very popular with Italian customers. Anonimo works closely with the Swiss movement manufacturers ETA and Sellita. This guarantees that the watches feature both Italian finesse and Swiss precision. Since 2013, a new board of directors has been present at Anonimo. Their aim has been to ensure that the connection to Italy and the elegance of Florence are at the forefront of every collection.

Anonimo's philosophy

The philosophy of Anonimo has not changed over the years. The brand's main focus is on extremely high-quality Italian design coupled with Swiss precision. A strong, passionate team stands behind the company and strives for perfection in the development of every new luxury watch. The company's mission is to spread the Anonimo's exclusive reputation internationally.

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