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Many watch manufacturers began their careers in the military, but few remained as attached to it as Auricoste. Here, precision and prestige join hands and their sporty design is bound to find its way to your wrist.  More

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With Auricoste, you bring military precision to your wrist

If an ordinary chronometer doesn’t excite you, then take a moment to examine the military precision of an Auricoste watch. At comparatively low prices, the Watchmaster online shop offers you a wide selection of the latest collections, vintage models or certified pre-owned Auricoste watches. All of our timepieces are individually inspected and authenticated by our own master watchmakers, so you can always feel secure in purchasing your secondhand luxury watch.

If you have already decided on your favourite watch from Auricoste and want to have it delivered to your home quickly, you can simply purchase it by credit card or finance your Auricoste watch in convenient instalments. Find more information about payment plans on our website and feel free to contact our qualified team for a personal consultation.

The Classic and Prestige collections at a glance

Apart from their military watches, which are not sold publicly but can be found on the used luxury watch market, Auricoste also sells slightly modified versions for watch enthusiasts. In the Classic Collection, you will find the Type 20 Flyback and the Type 52 Flyback, which Auricoste has produced on request for the French military and equipped with the popular flyback function. This allows the chronometer to be reset to zero at the touch of a button. In the area of diving watches, Auricoste offers the Spirotechnique. Introduced in the 1980s, this model has been further developed in recent years and features a water resistance of up to 300 meters as well as a more protective crown. Auricoste's Prestige Collection includes various special editions of the Type 20, such as the Amiral Chronograph, which is limited to 26 pieces.

The best reasons to buy a watch from Auricoste

  • Remarkable history and expertise as a military supplier
  • Pioneers of chronographs with a flyback function
  • Numerous limited special editions could prove a good investment
  • Different colour and material variations available from Auricoste
  • Stylish appearance with classically elegant designs

The most popular Auricoste models and price overview

Auricoste Type 20 Flyback
Price: New, € 3,750
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: Flyback function, automatic movement by Dubois-Depraz, 52-hour power reserve

Auricoste Type 52 Flyback A52NT
Price: Pre-owned, € 2,210 €
Material: Steel
Main features: Flyback function, automatic movement by Dubois-Depraz, third totalizer with hour function

Auricoste Spirotechnique
Price: New, € 1,750
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: Black Super-LumiNova dial, water resistant up to 300m, ETA 2824-2 automatic movement

Auricoste Type 20 Tropical Flyback
Price: New, € 3,950
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: Series limited to 100 pieces, brown dial, 42-hour power reserve

Auricoste Type 20 Amiral Flyback
Price: New, € 3,950
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: Limited to 26 pieces, classic white-blue marine design concept, bracelet made of alligator

Pioneers of the flyback function: The history of Auricoste

Like many luxury watch brands, Auricoste began its work in the service of the country. In contrast to many other brands, the company still works almost exclusively for the French Navy and Air Force. Auricoste was founded in 1854 by Émile Thomas and initially specialized in marine chronometers for the French Navy. However, the brand was first given its name by Joseph Auricoste, who followed Thomas' activities in 1889 and deepened his links with the military. As an experienced master watchmaker, he quickly established Auricoste on the European market and succeeded in winning awards for his timepieces at the World Exhibition in Paris, among others.

After World War II, Joseph's son Pierre Auricoste continued running the company and began collaborating with Patek Philippe. Together they installed the first electromechanical chronographs on French naval ships, for example for the Foch and Clemenceau aircraft carriers, the Avisos, the Frigate 2000 and in submarines as well. In the 1950s, the relationship between the French army and Auricoste reached its peak. The company quickly built up an international reputation for its precision timepieces and began to receive numerous requests from foreign military institutions.

Nevertheless, as soon as the call of duty came, Auricoste remained loyal to France. This was the case in the 1950s when the Ministry of War decided that all chronographs needed to be equipped with a flyback function. Ever since pilot's watches have existed, watch manufacturers have been trying to make the operation more practical for pilots. Flyback means that the calibre jumps back to zero immediately with a single press of a pusher. Previously, the timepiece had to be stopped by one click and then restarted by another. As technology in aircraft continued to advance while pilots still wore thick and bulky gloves, the much more convenient flyback function quickly became the new standard.

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