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Since the company Ball developed a control system for accuracy in railway clocks, these were considered the timepiece of ultimate accuracy. Today's requirements for certification of chronometers are based on the standards introduced by this brand.  More

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If you already favour a ball watch, you have the opportunity to buy it at a low price. You can either pay with your credit card or online via PayPal. Financing models of Ball is also a variant if you prefer to plan for the long term. Simply contact our customer service and arrange individually tailored monthly rates.

On the ball: The current collections of Ball watches

  • The Ball Engineer II series is sporty and elegant. It convinces by extreme shock resistance and robustness. Nevertheless, it does not seem too massive due to the simple design and can thus be worn perfectly in everyday life.

  • Ball's Engineer Master II has a very unusual design. As usual for diving watches, the watch has a unidirectional rotating bezel. The special here is, however, that the bezel is integrated into the dial and so becomes a real eye-catcher. The gas-filled microtubes ensure optimum readability even at the greatest depths.

  • In homage to its origins, Ball developed the Trainmaster series. It stands for the core values ​​of the company: Tradition, precision and absolute reliability. The watch has a classic design reminiscent of antique train station clocks.

  • The conspicuous tonneau shape of the case gives the Ball Conductor an incomparable recognition value. The watch is just right for anyone who wants to know how his watch is working. Through the sapphire crystal, which is installed on front and back, the automatic movement can be admired excellent.

  • Especially for adventurers and explorers, the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon series was developed. The models of the series are characterized by robustness and optimal readability in all lighting conditions. Whether sporty diver´s watches such as the Hunley PM2096B-S1J-BK or second-time models like the AeroGMT II DG2018C-S3C-BK, this series is hard to beat in terms of versatility.

The best reasons to buy a used ball watch for cheap

  • High-quality materials offer perfect wearing comfort
  • Optimal accuracy and perfect readability
  • Used Ball watches are a cheap alternative to new models
  • Durability due to robust construction and use of shock-resistant materials
  • Elegant designs that can be perfectly combined in everyday life as well as evening wear

Interesting models of Ball and their prices

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DC2036C-S-WH
Price: About €2,900
Material: Titanium
Features: men's watch, automatic movement, 45mm case size, GMT-function - second time zone, chronograph function

Ball Trainmaster Cannonball CM1052D-L1J-WH
Price: About €2,000
Material: Stainless steel
Special features: men's watch, automatic movement, white dial, exposed movement on the back

Ball Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime DG2022A-S3A-BK
Price: About €1.900
Material: Stainless steel
Special features: men's watch, automatic movement, day and date display, GMT-Function - second time zone

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DM3000A-SCJ-BK
Price: About €2,600
Material: Titanium
Special features: men's watch, automatic movement, 120 ATM water resistance, date display

Ball Engineer Master II Aviator NM1080C-S5J-GY
Price: About €1,000
Material: Stainless steel
Special features: men's watch, automatic movement, day and date display, 10ATM water resistance

How Ball revolutionized the art of watchmaking

The most important attribute of a watch is its precision, which is exactly what the watches of jewellery and watch retailer Webb C. Ball were famous for.
With the invention of the railway, accurate timekeeping became more and more important. Previously, many smaller towns had lived on their own time, but with the rail traffic in 1883 the central time was introduced. At first, this only applied to the train itself, but it was also quickly used in everyday life. Ball was the first watchmaker to use the signals from the United States Naval Observatory to give its watches precise accuracy. In fact, a major disaster had to happen before people became aware of the small business in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1891, two railroads a freight train and a passenger train approached each other and were to cross at a small station in Kipton. The passenger train should wait until the fast-mail train has passed and then drive on. It was important to keep an eye on the time to the minute. The engineer did not notice that his watch had stopped for 4 minutes in the meantime, a mistake that decided between life and death. When the train was one stop away from Kipton, it was expected to have 7 minutes before the freight train passed. In fact, it was only three minutes. The passenger train did not make it in time and the two trains drove head-on into each other. A misfortune that cost a lot of human lives.

To prevent a repetition of this tragic story, Webb C. Ball was hired to develop an unprecedented timekeeping control system to periodically check the clocks throughout the track. The inspection took place every 14 days and was subject to strict standards of reliability and precision. No time differences of more than 30 seconds were tolerated, the housings had to meet certain specifications like the use of non-magnetic material. The movements had to fulfil a certain power reserve duration and have a legible dial. This made railroad clocks and railway times the most reliable source of time. This success quickly brought the small business Ball´s great reputation. The term "BALL's Standard" was soon known outside of America as a synonym for the highest quality in accuracy. Today's COSC certification criteria for chronometers are based on these standards.

Over the years, the brand has refined its demands on the technology of its watches more and more, but also always placed great emphasis on contemporary design. Since Ball was not only a watchmaker but also a jeweller, the aesthetics of his timepieces was also very important for him. Raw movements or complete pocket watches of other brands were bought and revised. Today the company manufactures its watches completely on its own. The movement has an excellent reputation in both precision and power reserve. Thanks to its own technology, the dials are easy to read even in complete darkness. Here, microtubes are filled with pure tritium gas, which lights up in the dark. Depending on the collection, the watches are waterproof up to a water pressure of at least 3 bar to 300 bar.

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