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Breitling Callistino

Discover the Breitling Callistino, a relatively affordable entry-level model in Breitling's quartz series.  More

Breitling Callistino
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Buy and finance Breitling Callistino watches

Have you discovered a pre-owned watch you like from the Breitling Callistino women's collection? Then don’t hesitate any longer and add the Callistino of your choice to the basket, proceed to the checkout and pay to complete your order. At Watchmaster, you can choose to pay on finance through one of our partner companies or pay the full amount outright by credit card, PayPal and immediate bank transfer. However, financing gives you the opportunity to plan your investment in the long term. If you still have questions, just give us a call. We will be happy to provide further assistance!

Visual and technical details of the Breitling Callistino

Aptly sized for a ladies' watch, the Breitling Callistino cases range from 26 to 29 mm with a thickness of 10.6 mm, making it a subtle dress watch. The B72 calibre beats effortlessly inside, which is based on the ETA Thermoline 956.152 and has a battery life of three to four years before it needs to be replaced. With a water resistance of up to 100 metres, the Breitling Callistino is definitely rainproof, but you shouldn’t dive down into the depths of the sea with it on your wrist. In particular, vintage models like the Callisto and Callistino are affected by decreases in water resistance over time and should not be pushed to their limits in this respect. The unidirectional rotating bezel and sapphire crystal come as standard features. The models are available either with a stainless-steel Breitling Pilot bracelet or in leather.

Breitling Callistino models and prices

  • The Breitling Callistino (Ref. B52345) ladies’ showcases a 26 mm case, gold bezel rider tabs and a steel and gold bracelet in the same style as the Chronomat series. With a water resistance of up to 100 metres deep, this pre-owned model will cost you €2,660.

  • The Callistino (Ref. D72345) is even more distinctive with diamonds set in the yellow gold bezel and diamond indices on the dial. With a case diameter of just 23 mm, however, this particular style of the model is relatively delicate and costs around €3,950 pre-owned. There is another version of the model available with a yellow-gold bezel without diamonds, which actually uses the same model reference, but comes with a 29 mm case and no diamonds at all. If you are interested in this version, you should budget €2,200.

  • A Callistino Ref. B72345 can be purchased for €2,090 and features a charming blue mother-of-pearl dial. The bracelet is in lovely contrasting two-tone, with the inner bridge sections made of gold. The design of the dial also differs slightly from the rest of the series: the usual numerals or bars are swapped out in favour of elegant gold squares, which give the watch a subtle minimalistic feel.

  • The Breitling Callistino (Ref. D52045) is an excellent example of the aesthetics of the series. The bezel is made of yellow gold while the rider tabs are made of stainless steel. The elegant black dial accentuates the Arabic numerals and the seconds hand is decorated with the Breitling emblem. We have a pre-owned Breitling Callistino available here at a relatively low price of €1,590.

  • With its Arabic numeral dial and dome-shaped crown, the Callistino (Ref. B52045.1) is definitely the hallmark model of the series. The white dial and brown leather strap of the watch tone down the design and give it a casual look that means it can also be worn in a business casual setting. You can either buy the Breitling Callistino outright for €1,560 or pay on finance from €30 per month.

The journey to quartz watches

The Breitling Callistino is one of Breitling's early quartz series, which has now somewhat unfairly fallen into the unknown. At the beginning of the quartz crisis, the company still tried to focus on high-quality automatic movements at first. However, a slump in sales meant that production had to be stopped. As if there wasn’t enough to worry about already, Willy Breitling, the popular entrepreneur who took over the brand in 1932 at the age of 19 and established it as a brand that was revered worldwide, died in May 1979. Shortly before his death, he sold the name rights and trademark to the entrepreneur and watch enthusiast Ernest Schneider.

Schneider slowly and carefully took Breitling in a new direction by producing quartz movements while still respecting Breitling's talent for complex mechanical movements. This laid the foundations for the 30 or so Breitling quartz calibres (B50 to B80) that the watchmakers have developed to this day. The first major milestone was laid down in 1995 by the Breitling Emergency, which came with a transmitter fitted in the movement that could send an emergency signal. In the same year, Breitling reissued the Colt series and equipped it with quartz movements and mechanical movements. This was so successful that the series was eventually only produced with quartz movements from 2011 onwards.

The development of the Breitling Callistino

In 2001, Breitling set new standards when it introduced a movement called “SuperQuartz”, which functions up to ten times more precisely than normal quartz movements. With this new innovation, Breitling was the only company whose quartz movements met COSC standards and were certified as proof of this. These movements were so complex that it was not until 2014 that Breitling launched the Cockpit B50, the first mass-produced model with a SuperQuartz movement. With such success with other models and collections, you could be forgiven for forgetting about series like the Callistino, which Breitling initially developed to gradually improve their skill set. The series was designed as a ladies' watch variant of the Breitling Callisto and was produced until 2005. The Callisto and Callistino were both part of the Windrider series, which stands out thanks to its dome-shaped crown and distinctive bezel with the four rider tabs.

Other Breitling models with quartz movements

  • With the Colt Quartz Breitling began using quartz movements as standard parts for the first time. Although the Colt series has always been known as a military watch, there are also models that have a real vintage charm of their own. The military roots of the Colt Quartz Ref. A7438811.BD45.173A are clear to see and characterises the current look of the Breitling Colt series. With its “panda” dial and the eccentric positioning of the date aperture just above 5 o’clock, the Colt Quartz (Ref. A53035) on the other hand, is uncharacteristic of Colt models.

  • The Breitling Emergency (Ref. V76325G1.BC46) was one of the first models to showcase the technical capabilities of quartz movements. Installing a micro emergency transmitter in a mechanical movement would simply not have been possible. This astounding addition transmits via the international emergency frequency of 121.5 MHz and can help locate people in an emergency situation. With a 51 mm case, the Emergency is a very sturdy model, but the titanium case and rubber strap weigh just 140 grams.

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