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Breitling Chronoliner

There aren’t many watchmakers as closely connected to aviation as Breitling. Another member of Breitling’s family of pilot’s watches is the COSC-certified Chronoliner series, which impresses with technical innovation and prestigious designs.  More

Breitling Chronoliner
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Visual and technical characteristics of the Chronoliner

In terms of appearance, the Breitling Chronoliner watches are reminiscent of the classics of watchmaking history with their silver and white totalisers, making them look like the classic pilot's watches of the 1950s and 1960s. Large, easy to read ceramic numerals adorn the bezel and are still very visible even in poor lighting conditions. The dial is equipped with subtle indices that are both quick and easy to read. In addition to an hours, minutes and seconds hand, there is also a long, arrow-shaped hand with a red tip that can be set to a second time zone. The scratch-resistant ceramic bezel has a 24-hour display that supports the GMT function. The bezel is also rotatable meaning a third time zone can even be displayed depending on your needs. The star-shaped bezel edge also provides a good grip.

The styles in this collection are representative of the innovative spirit that company still has today. The Breitling Calibre 24 is a real stalwart and highly durable. It is a COSC certified chronometer meaning it is more accurate than your average watch. What also distinguishes the new series from its predecessors is the enormous size of the case. At 48 mm, the watches are larger than most other comparable models of recent decades.

Overview of Breitling Chronoliner models and prices

  • The Chronoliner (Ref. Y2431016.C970.152A) costs approximately €4,700 for a pre-owned model. However, for this pretty penny you get a steel and ceramic case, a date display, a chronograph, GMT function and a precise automatic movement. The finely woven Milanese bracelet gives the watch a truly elegant character.

  • The Chronoliner (Ref. Y2431012.BE10.443A) is in no way inferior to the model mentioned above with the main difference being its black dial rather than blue with a black bezel. The watch is also a bit chunkier, but still comes with a rather finely crafted steel bracelet with seven individual parts per link. This style is also priced similarly to the previously mentioned Chronoliner model.

  • The Chronoliner Y2431012.BE10.152A is a bit of a fancier model though due to the sporty Milanese bracelet. This men's watch is the epitome of a Chronoliner and as such showcases the following: star-shaped bezel, chronograph and a rather large case with a diameter of 46 mm. However, there is a price to pay for quality, which is why this pre-owned Chronoliner model is available for a price of €4,200 to €5,500.

  • The Chronoliner (Ref. M2431013.BF02.256S.M20DSA.2) has a very sporty look with its steel case and rubber strap. You can buy a pre-owned model of this watch for about €5,600 and get yourself a reliable companion for your active lifestyle.

  • For those who consider functionality to be just as important as design, Breitling have come up with this men’s Chronoliner (Ref. RB046116/C972-W5337) in full rose gold. For approximately €18,500, you can purchase this highly functional watch with an elegant exterior. The blue dial and bezel also add some tasteful and trendy detailing.

The emergence of a new collection: the Chronoliner

In 1884, the Swiss watchmaker Léon Breitling founded the company under his own name and specialised in the production of reliable chronographs soon after. Initially, it was mainly the Royal Air Force who used Breitling's durable chronographs, but from the 1960s onwards, models for civil aviation were becoming increasingly popular. Consequently, the brand acquired a reputation as an official supplier to the global aviation industry.

Over the years though, it is not just the technology in airplanes that has evolved gradually, but the Breitling models have changed with the times as well. But even today, Breitling watches still match a pilot's uniform just as well as they did back then. In 2015, the company eventually unveiled a new series with a prestigious design and highly innovative technology at Baselworld: the Breitling Chronoliner. Thus, a new chronograph was born into the Breitling family of pilot's watches. The grooved bezel provides optimum grip and the large dial ensures excellent readability at all times. The GMT function will be particularly attractive for frequent travellers as this makes it possible to read a second time zone at a glance.

Other interesting series

  • Breitling’s Navitimer perhaps the brand's flagship model per se. Originally designed for pilots and flight personnel, the model has long since been popular among aviation fans. The design is just as relevant and fashionable today as it was back then and carries an extremely high recognition value.

  • In 1985 another brand classic was released with the Breitling Aerospace. It is regarded as a modern, stylish chronograph and is convincing both technically and with its unique design. It was originally meant to be a daughter collection of the Navitimer but gained such popularity so quickly that it is now a series in its own right.

  • The Breitling Chronomat reflects everything that has made the Breitling brand so famous. Extreme precision and robustness are the main features of this collection. Pre-owned models in particularly good condition are very popular with collectors.

  • A series split into both men's and women's watches: the Breitling Colt or the Colt Lady. These watches catch the eye instantly thanks to the stainless-steel case which radiates resilience and self-confidence. The four rider tabs at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock are distinctive features that are so typical of Breitling.

  • The Breitling Emergency is a modern and potentially lifesaving collection. The watches in the series send signals on the 121.5 MHz emergency frequency commonly used by airplanes and are intended to help pilots and passengers of a crashed airplane to get help and be rescued quickly.

  • Breitling's watches don’t just let you reach high altitudes though, they can also help you explore the depths of the oceans. The SuperOcean Chronograph is a diver's watch that also performs well in professional use. It can easily withstand a water pressure of 50 ATM and can be worn in day-to-day life thanks to its sporty and elegant design.

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