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Breitling Colt Lady

Breitlings Colt series was originally developed for military purposes and therefore has an excellent robustness. With the growing demand, women's watches were added to the collection. The Colt Lady is the perfect watch for the adventure-loving woman of today.  More

Breitling Colt Lady
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Finance your Colt Lady timepiece

You want to buy a pre-owned Breitling Colt Lady? At Watchmaster, there are several ways to get your new favorite piece home. You can pay with your credit card and PayPal or also finance your Colt Lady watch. You can easily arrange individual monthly installments with our customer service and plan for a longer term. Pre-owned Colt Lady watches can be a good option to buy a cheap luxury watch. Every watch is tested before sale, refurbished if needed and then certified.

The story of the Colt Lady

Breitling's story is marked by many individual highlights. They all share the company's philosophy of producing watches of the highest quality and the latest innovation. For example, the chronograph with two, instead of just one push button, was made at Breitling. Previously, chronographs were always operated with the help of the crown. The second pusher to reset the chronograph was a revolution that can be found today on almost every watch with chronograph function. Its close association with aviation was settled in 1936, when Breitling became an official supplier to the Royal Air Force. But the luxury brand wanted even more. In 1961 the Navitimer Cosmonaute was launched, which accompanied the pilot Scott Carpente in space for 352 days. Four years earlier, Breitling already proves that its not only affinity to aviation, but also nautics. With the SuperOcean appears the first diver's watch of the brand and it’s instantly a huge success. While the first models were able to dive up to 100m deep, today's models such as the Colt SuperOcean can dive deep to an incredible 1500m.

Breitling is known for its rugged toolwatches, originally designed for military or professional purposes, but which, thanks to their exceptional quality and elegant design, became more and more popular outside the military. So also the Breitling Colt and as ladies variant the Colt Lady. It was introduced in 1980 as "Colt Military" and has the four riders for Breitling typical on the bezel.
The design language clearly signals the robust and solid construction of the watch. Nevertheless, Breitling Colt Lady watches are very popular with women who appreciate straightforward and confident designs. Overall, the Colt Lady is a slightly smaller version of the original, to fit even delicate wrists. There are also some feminine variants with diamonds cast and very elegant dials in mother of pearl. Breitling's Colt Lady is just as perfect for office life as it is for festive and elegant occasions. The feminine models withstand a water pressure of up to 20 bar, the watch is the perfect companion for every dive.
The in-house caliber 77 ticks inside the Colt Lady watches, which stands for extreme reliability and precision. The sturdy 33mm case and bracelet is made of polished stainless steel, while the bezel is satin-brushed for a special touch.

Breitling Colt Lady prices and interesting models

Price: approx. 2,100 € (pre-owned)
Material: Steel
Features: Women's watch, Breitling Caliber 77, navy blue dial, water resistant up to 200 meters

BREITLING COLT LADY A7738811.G793.410X.A14BA.1
Price: about 1,400 € (pre-owned)
Material: Steel case, leather strap
Features: Women's watch, Breitling caliber 77, silver dial, water resistant up to 200 meters, date display

BREITLING COLT LADY A7738811.G793.409X.A14D.1
Price: About 1,500 € (pre-owned)
Material: Steel case and bezel, leather strap
Features: Women's watch, Breitlings caliber 77, dial in Stratus silver, water resistant up to 200 meters

Price: About 2,500 € (pre-owned)
Material: Steel case, steel bracelet
Features: Women's watch, Breitlings caliber 77, dial in mother of pearl, water resistant to 200 meters, date display

Price: Approx. 2,100 € (pre-owned)
Material: Steel case, steel bracelet
Features: Women's watch, Breitling caliber 77, silver dial, water resistant up to 200 meters, date display

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