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Breitling J Class

The watches in the Breitling J-Class series impress with their maritime look and are the ideal companions for anyone with a passion for sailing.  More

Breitling J Class
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Buy and finance vintage Breitling J-Class watches

Have you chosen a second-hand model from the Breitling J-Class series? Then go ahead and easily order and pay for your dream watch online. You can either pay the full amount outright by credit card, PayPal or instant bank transfer or you can choose to finance your watch through one of our partner companies. This option lets you plan your investment in the long term. Immediately after completing the order process, your Breitling J-Class will already be working its way to you.

Visual and technical features of the Breitling J-Class

Many customers who visit our online shop look for a pre-owned luxury watch with an automatic movement. Nevertheless, the technical and visual qualities of the Breitling J-Class should also make you think about acquiring a high-quality quartz watch. You can buy J-Class models in stainless steel or in a two-tone style. The bezel is unidirectional and its split into five-minute windows allows time intervals to be set precisely. The quartz movement allows a flat construction, so that the models with a diameter of 42 mm and 30 mm still fit well on narrower wrists.

You get a real sense of the vintage aspect of the J-Class from the small details. For example, the onion-shaped crowns of the models are based on watch designs from the early 20th century. The maritime character of the J-Class watches on the other hand, is enhanced by the blue accents on the bezel or dial of the Lady J, which are tastefully contrasted either by gold detailing or white dials. As real sailing watches, the J-Class models are water-resistant up to 100 metres. Even though it was only produced for a short period, the J-Class series holds a special place in the world of Breitling watches. It convinces with its attention to detail and will even make people less familiar with the brand up to now think about possibly making a purchase.

How much do Breitling J-Class watches cost?

In our online shop we have the following second-hand J-Class models available for you. If you would prefer to finance the watch you have chosen, your purchase is interest free for up to twelve months.

  • The distinctive J-Class (ref. D52065) is a ladies' model from the series. With a bracelet and bezel made of stainless steel and yellow gold, the blue dial with golden bar indices adds a lovely touch of colour. You can buy this vintage J-Class from 1995 for €1,450.

  • The Breitling J-Class (ref. A53067) is one of the chronograph models in the series. The white dial features three totalisers and a date display between 3 and 4 o'clock. The price of this pre-owned J-Class is €1,750.

  • With a rouleaux design bracelet, black enamel inlays on the yellow gold bezel and a case diameter of 30 mm, the J-Class (ref. D52063) is an outstandingly classy unisex watch with a quartz movement and date aperture at 3 o'clock.

  • Covered in blue all over, the J-Class Ref. D53067 is a distinctive 40 mm chronograph with a quartz movement. With blue enamel inlays on the yellow gold bezel, a metallic blue dial and a dark blue leather strap, a touch of gold is needed to break up the monochrome, which is provided by the yellow gold bezel, the stainless steel case and gold hands and indices.

The J-Class: a secret passion

Breitling is often associated with aviation. In particular, the series produced chronographs are hugely successful, all of which are COSC certified. But what many people don’t know: the brand is just as comfortable in the maritime fields. Today the company is a partner of the World Surf League and has sponsored various regattas over the course of the last century. It was this passion that also resulted in the J-Class series.

Where does the name J-Class come from?

The name of the Breitling J-Class refers to a boat class of breath-taking sailing yachts. In the 1930s, they were used in several regattas for the America's Cup, the oldest sailing regatta still held today. The sailing yachts, of which only ten were produced, had an extraordinary length of 41 metres. Breitling J-Class watches are equally scarce today as well.

The J-Class series was introduced with the Ref. 80250 in 1988. The model impressed with its size and a combination of steel and yellow gold. One year later, the J-Class (Ref. 80290)followed. It had a chronograph function, but the automatic movement was replaced by the B53 quartz movement. On a technical level, this step was understandable. Quartz movements are known for their excellent precision and Breitling in particular set new standards with the “SuperQuartz” watches. However, this decision caused many customers to feel unsure about the watch. In the 1990s, the J-Class Lady (Ref. 80260) with its own quartz movement and the J-Class Chronograph were adapted to fit into the new model reference system. But it wasn’t long until production of the J-Class and the J-Class Chrono was stopped between 1993 and 1994. Only the J-Class Lady, after being renamed Lady J, was produced until the beginning of 2000.

Other exciting series from Breitling

If you are considering investing in a Breitling timepiece, you should also take a look at the brand's other series. All watches are carefully inspected and prepared by our master watchmakers. This guarantees that you receive a perfectly functioning luxury watch.

  • The prestigious partnership between Breitling and Bentley has existed since 2003. The watches are distinguished by their detailed dial designs and are also the largest models released by Breitling. In addition to designing clocks for Bentley dashboards, the Breitling also produces interesting wristwatches such as the models in the Breitling series Bentley 6.75 and Bentley GT.

  • The Cockpit Lady is an elegant ladies' watch that, despite its feminine features, has retained the typical Breitling DNA. The dial boasts diamonds as indices, while a stainless-steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensure robustness.

  • The Chronomat Evolution is the flagship style among Breitling's series. It impresses with its wide range of materials and design variants. Whether you already own Breitling watches or are just starting to collect them – a Breitling Chronomat Evolution is a fantastic choice.

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