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Breitling Montbrillant

With the Navitimer Montbrillant, Breitling has succeeded in combining their long-standing history with the latest technology while also adding a timeless addition to its successful series.  More

Breitling Montbrillant
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New, vintage and pre-owned Breitling Montbrillant watches

Have you chosen a pre-owned model from the Breitling Montbrillant collection? Excellent choice! Since the items offered by Watchmaster are individual items, your order could be with you in no time at all. So, it’s time to add that Montbrillant model you have chosen to the basket and confirm your purchase by completing the payment process. You can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal and instant bank transfer, should you wish to pay in full straight away. If you want to choose a custom instalment plan and pay the purchase price in manageable amounts, simply select financing as a payment option. Shortly after completion and successful verification of your order, your new favourite watch will be on its way to you through fully insured shipping.

Features of the Breitling Montbrillant collection

In terms of appearance, Breitling Montbrillant watches look very similar to their big brother, the Navitimer. The star-shaped bezel is particularly distinctive, providing optimum grip even when wearing flying gloves. The models also boast the famous slide rule that runs around the dial. But what really distinguishes the Navitimer Montbrillant watches is the logo. Instead of the winged B's, this model features the logo from the 1940s and 50s on the dial. Elegantly curved “Breitling” lettering can be found on the dial, usually at 12 o'clock, in this collection. The individual models all have chronograph functionality. Some are also equipped with extra functions such as an integrated moon phase or date display.

But it’s the inside of the watch that’s also impressive. Precise in-house calibres offer total reliability. Depending on the exact model, a different calibre may be used. For example, in the Montbrillant Légende or the Montbrillant Olympus you will find the Breitling 19 movement, while in the Montbrillant Datora it is the Breitling 21 movement and similarly, in the Montbrillant 1903, it is the Breitling 23 movement that is installed. All of these movements have been awarded the COSC chronometer certificate.

Breitling Montbrillant models and prices

  • With the Montbrillant (Ref. H30030.1) on your wrist, you make a real statement. An older piece from 1999, this men's watch costs approximately €10,000 in good condition with the original papers. This goodly sum is mainly due to the material of the watch with both the bracelet and the case being crafted from solid gold. Additional features of this Breitling model are an automatic movement, chronograph functions, a small seconds counter and a tachymeter function.

  • Released back in 1999, the Breitling Montbrillant (Ref. A43030) costs €2,500 in good condition. With an automatic movement, a small seconds counter, moon phase and date display, this steel case chronograph and lovely leather strap effortlessly outshines plenty of other wristwatches.

  • The Breitling Montbrillant (Ref. A41370) also features automatic chronograph functions with a small seconds counter and date display, but this model also has a stainless steel bracelet as well as a steel case. For just under €4,000 you will of course get a stunning timepiece, but also the matching box and the corresponding papers.

  • If you are considering a 2001 Montbrillant (Ref. A41030), you should budget for approximately €2,600 for a pre-owned model with its box. For this price you could be the proud owner of a robust, stainless steel, certified chronometer with an automatic movement, a small seconds counter and a date display.

  • If you don’t just want to wear any old wristwatch, but would prefer a timepiece with legendary status, then the best choice for you is the Breitling Montbrillant Légende (Ref. A23340). With a high-precision chronograph, a small seconds counter and a date display, this wristwatch has much more to offer than the long-standing name suggests. For €3,000 you can make this watch yours and get the box and papers.

The origins of the Breitling Montbrillant

For over 75 years, Breitling has been developing high-quality pilot's watches. As early as 1942, the first successful model was released with the Chronomat. 10 years later, at a time when on-board computers were not as advanced as they are nowadays, Breitling launched the first Navitimer.

In 1997, a reissue was released as a tribute to times gone by. The Breitling Montbrillant combines the familiar design of the Navitimer with vintage features, but still manages to incorporate the latest technology into the watch. The name is taken from “Rue Mont Brillant”, the street where the watchmaker Léon Breitling opened his first watch shop in 1892. Thus, when you buy a pre-owned Breitling Montbrillant, you are not only investing in a luxury watch, but also in all of the extraordinary history of Breitling.

Other interesting Breitling series

  • The Breitling Colt is a collection of highly durable watches that were originally developed for the military. Their sturdy appearance radiates power and high quality, making these models a perfect partner for a suit. In addition, there is the somewhat smaller and delicate variant for ladies called Colt Lady.

  • As well as the Navitimer, Breitling also has other aviation-inspired collections on offer, including the Breitling Aerospace. Powered by precision quartz movements, these watches build on the past success of previous models and continue to impress with their reliability and exceptional design. Breitling's patented SuperQuartz movement performs up to 10 times more precisely than conventional quartz movements and was actually awarded the chronometer certificate by COSC in 2001.

  • The Breitling Avenger Seawolf is a combination of both a pilot's and diver's watch. In other words, it has the best of both worlds. The captivating crown and the grooved texture of the bezel make it look like an aviation watch at first glance. However, the bezel is in fact unidirectional – a feature typical of diving watches. The watch is also water-resistant up to 30 ATM. A veritable all-rounder!

  • Dive down to the depths with the Breitling SuperOcean II. This diver's watch is sturdily built so that depths of up to 50 ATM don’t cause any problems for this timepiece. It also has the four distinctive rider tabs on the bezel for improved grip underwater, which are a visually distinctive feature on many Breitling models.

  • When two brands of the highest order join forces, the result can only be the creation of a masterpiece. The collaboration between Breitling and Bentley brought forth forward-thinking watches that capture the spirit of motorsport. In motorsport everything revolves around precision, reliability and of course high-quality workmanship. These values are also evident in the watches released under this unique partnership.

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