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Breitling Super Avenger

Breitling is closely linked to aviation and the naval world. The Super Avenger is the approach uniting the best of both worlds, resulting in an elegant and almost indestructible collection.  More

Breitling Super Avenger
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History of Breitling Super Avenger

Breitling's story begins in 1884, when the young watchmaker Léon Breitling opened his own workshop. His former portfolio persited of various timepieces and other smart gauges. He quickly specialized in precision chronographs that aroused great enthusiasm in science, industry and sports and even the military. After only 5 years, he applied for a patent for a particularly slim chronograph model, which was uncomplicated to manufacture and maintain compared to its competitors.
The success of this timepiece was followed by a move to a larger factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds. In 1893 he filed for another patent for a watch with a revolutionary 8-day power reserve. A special concern Breitling was always the combination of extreme accuracy with just as much robustness. So the launch of a 1896 chronograph, which is accurate to the fifth of a second, was a very special milestone for the company. In the following decade Breitling sold over 100,000 chronographs and stopwatches.
Willy Breitling, the grandson of the founder, had a special passion for aviation, which is why in 1938 he designed a chronograph wristwatches and on-board chronographs, which had the eight-day power reserve as earlier models and were equipped with an extremely lightweight case. The entire series got the impressive name "Huit Aviation Department".
These watches soon attracted the attention of the Royal Air Force, which gave Breitling large orders to equip their planes and pilots. In 1942 Breitling then published the successful model "Chronomat" with the slide rule, which supported the US Army Air Force henceforth.
A further development of the popular pilot's watches in 1952 was the Navitimer series, with the complex calculations such as average speed or fuel consumption were possible

Since 1958, however, Breitling's attachment to nautics has also spread. This year saw the release of the legendary SuperOcean, the brand's first professional diver's watch, and another testament to the company's exclusivity and quality. If the first model could withstand water depths of up to 100m, later models such as the Breitling Colt SuperOcean even managed to reach stunning 1500m.
A short time later the Avenger's collection launched to merge the best of both worlds. The models had a matte, mostly black dial and bright, legible indices. The zero index in triangular form and the striking, handy crown reminded of the classic pilot watches. However, what immediately struck every watch connoisseur was the diver-watch-typical bezel, which was rotatable to one side. Here it began to be understood that Breitling has spared no effort to bring sky and water together. The models could withstand a water pressure of up to 30 bar.

In 2004, the revised Super Avenger collection was released at Baselworld. The new models were 48mm in diameter and so 5mm larger than their predecessors. With a height of 18mm such a chronograph on the arm was no longer overlooked. So the impression of robustness and massiveness was supported. As hard and indestructible as the watches were from the outside, the inner movement is highly filigree, extremely precise and met the latest technical standards.

These celebrities already wear Breitling Super Avenger

Such a legendary model, which apparently has everything you could possibly want in a chronograph, was´t missed by the world of celebrities. So you could admire Breitling Super Avenger on the actor Ryan Dunn, who is known for his daring and risky appearances on the show "Jackass". No matter how extreme a situation was, the Super Avenger withstands any adventure. The American rapper Ludacris was also seen with a model of the Super Avenger, as well as the swimmer and Olympian Ryan Lochte.

Breitling Super Avenger collections at a glance including prices

Breitling Super Avenger used - Breitling Super Avenger for cheap

Breitling Super Avenger A13370
Men’s Watch
Price: approx. 3.100 €
Material: Steel case and bracelet
Features: Automatic movement, chronometer, date display, small second, chronograph function, tachymeter

Breitling Super Avenger Military Limited M2233010.BC91.100W.M20BASA.1
Men’s watch
Price: ca. 5,600 €
Material: Steel case, fabric strap
Features: Automatic movement, chronometer, date, small second, chronograph function, tachymeter, limited edition

Breitling Super Avenger Blackbird V1731010.BD12.100W.M20BASA.1
Men ́s Watch
Price: approx. 3,400 €
Material: PVT / Titanium case and bezel
Features: automatic movement, chronometer, date, central second, luminescent hands

Breitling Super Avenger Seawolf E17370 Men's Display, center
Men ́s Watch
Price: approx. 2,400 €
Material: Titanium case, bezel and bracelet
Features: Automatic movement, chronometer, date, luminescent hands

Breitling Super Avenger Skyland A13380
Men ́s Watch
Price: approx. 3.500 €
Material: Steel Case, bezel and bracelet
Features: Automatic movement, date

More interesting Breitling Series

  • The Breitling Navitimer series reflects the classic pilot's watch. The design was such a success after the release that the watch design was not changed much over the years. A watch with a strong recognition value and a long history.

  • How does a legendary brand manage to design a legendary product? With the cooperation of another equally popular brand. The Breitling Bentley Flying B Chronograph is the perfect example of how such interaction can set new standards. The watch is elegant and timeless and equipped with filigree technology.

  • When a watch is designed for the military, above all it has to master two things without problems: it has to have the highest precision and be absolutely robust and impact-resistant. The Breitling Colt manages to do that without question. What's more, the watch is not just functional, the steel timepiece also makes a lot of difference to both the suit and the jeans.

  • Breitlings SuperOcean is the mother of all brand divers watches. It is functional and classic. The to one side rotating bezel prevents unintentional adjustment of the remaining time of a dive. The large, glowing indices guarantee a perfect readability even at great depths.

  • Another veteran is the Breitling Chronomat collection. Originally used by the US Army Air Force, it is no longer exclusively in military use today. It is a flagship of the brand and one of Breitling's most popular series of all time.

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