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Younger than most luxury watch brands, B.R.M knows that watches have to score with more than an impressive history. Each watch becomes an one of a kind piece, manufactured in impressive, painstaking manual labor.  More

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If you want to buy a B.R.M watch for a low price, investing in a pre-owned B.R.M model may be an interesting option. The new prices differ widely from those of a second-hand B.R.M. All watches are checked at Watchmaster before sale, upgraded and provided with a certificate of authenticity.
You have many options with us to make a purchase. Make your purchase by credit card, PayPal or individual adapted to your needs as an instalment purchase. When you finance a B.R.M watch, you can plan long term and still wear your new favourite piece on your wrist almost today.

Current collections at a glance

  • B.R.M's DDF12-44 collection is a sporty, colourful collection with an exciting dial. It has a chronograph function and a date display at four o'clock. The colours of the three hands can be found in the matching leather strap which ensures a perfect appearance. The case is coated with sturdy PVD and titanium to guarantee absolute shock resistance.

  • The brother is the chronograph DDF12-44-SQ. It can be seen in the reference number that this model is developed on the basis of the one stated above. Although it is not larger with its 44 mm diameter but looks more striking. That is caused by the exposed dial. So you can see the wonderful and precise chronograph movement 7753.

  • The B.R.M DDF6-44 collection looks a bit simpler. Although the models have the same colourful hands and bracelets, yet the dial looks significantly tidier by dispensing with date window and totalizers. The series is waterproof up to a depth of 100 metres and also made of titanium and PVD.

Best reasons to buy a B.R.M watch

  • Chronographs with a fancy, extravagant design
  • Particularly superior material and colour combinations
  • Excellent accuracy and precision
  • No mass production, each watch is individually assembled by finest handcraft
  • Unusual complications and features

A pre-owned B.R.M watch as an investment

Obtaining an investment recommendation is easier if a company already has a long-standing, at best stable, history. However, there are other indicators that may suggest a good investment. Quality is key here. Because those who want to invest in something long term should opt for a durable product. B.R.M watches bring this assumption beyond any doubt and fulfil the most important criterion for developing profitable investments. If you buy a used B.R.M now, you also have the opportunity to buy a model, which is significantly cheaper than the original price.

Interesting B.R.M models and their prices

B.R.M SD 41 Gulf Racing SD-41-GULF
Men's Watch
Price: about 3,000 €
Material: PVD / Steel case
Features: Chronograph, automatic movement, date display

B.R.M TNI Rays BRM-50
Men's Watch
Price: approx. 4,600 €
Material: PVD / Titanium case
Features: Automatic movement, minimalist and partly skeletonized dial

B.R.M Skipper 6 SK6
Men's Watch
Price: approx. 2,300 €
Material: Steel case
Features: Automatic movement, blue dial, waterproof up to 10 bar

B.R.M Renault Sport Cal. 7753
Men's Watch
Price: about 2.600 €
Material: Steel case
Features: Automatic movement, grey dial, date display

B.R.M Automatic Chronograph V12-44
Men's Watch
Price: about 3,100 €
Material: Steel case
Features: Chronograph function, automatic movement, date display

Quality over quantity

B.R.M is both an acronym for Bernard Richards Manufacture and British Racing Motors. The first is, as can easily be assumed, the name of the company founder. The second shows the close connection to motorsport. The watches of the brand are all pieces of mechanical art, which are carefully crafted into elaborate compositions. Uniform for all series no machines are used that punch out parts - each collection gets its own blueprints. So a striking individualization of each series becomes possible. Although the company does not yet have a long history, the founder attaches great importance to the highest quality. With his motto "Attention to technical details and perfection in every phase", he and his employees repeatedly create the most complicated models that are in no way inferior to the big luxury brands.

The watches show at first glance the love for the fine mechanisms. They are eye-catching with many small, high-precision details and in variety of rich colors. Because the timepieces consist of so many small parts, the watchmakers can combine a variety of materials to make each watch even more interesting. The most commonly used materials include titanium and stainless steel, both extremely tough and durable metals. Richards attaches great importance to the fact that, just like racing cars, his watches also endure extreme situations. Each watch is assembled by hand. Already the clasp of the bracelet consists of no less than 12 parts, most other watch manufacturers use no more than three. More than 20 steps are necessary to complete the dial, even the screws are specially designed and require almost 12 times more time to produce and process than comparable luxury watch brands. Another important aspect of the manufacturing process is that the materials are never bent into the correct shape and are exclusively formed by the removal of certain materials.

The priority of the company, unlike many others, is not the productivity of its employees or efficient mass production, but perfection and well-designed models. Even with more than 25 years of experience, B.R.M does not produce more than 2,000 pieces every year. Having worked in the industry for several years, in 2003 the brand launched its first 100 % in-house made watch. The automatic chronograph GP-44 is unique in production and material combination, the perfect foundation for further successful collections. The aim of the company's father is to build up a reputation through quality, not quantity, and to achieve that goal on the fast lane.

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