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Cartier Baignoire

The Cartier Baignoire collection is an absolute classic of ladies’ luxury watches, which has included convincing models with extravagant designs for decades and has also established itself as a firm favourite among stars.  More

Cartier Baignoire
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With the Cartier Baignoire you get a timeless classic

If you have chosen a pre-owned model from the Cartier Baignoire collection, you shouldn’t wait around for too long. The unique timepieces in the Watchmaster Shop are in high demand and might be gone before you know it. So you better be quick! You can pay by credit card, PayPal or instant bank transfer or alternatively select the financing option. By paying on finance, you can easily manage your investment in a Cartier Baignoire over time and pay in manageable instalments for your favourite watch while you are already wearing it on your wrist.

Cartier Baignoire watches: timeless design and high-quality workmanship

As is customary at Cartier, elegant and extravagant design is refined with high-quality materials. The Baignoire's case is available in 18-carat red gold, rhodium-plated white gold and yellow gold and its case is decorated with diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds, depending on the model. The Baignoire is driven by a mechanical movement with manual winding by the calibre 430 MC. Certain models are also available with quartz movements. To ensure you find the right size for you, Cartier offers the following widths: very small models of 19 mm, small models of 22 to 24 mm and larger models of 34 mm.

Cartier Baignoire models and prices

  • The reasonably rare Cartier Baignoire 66046 showcases a slim 23 mm case and bracelet in yellow gold and diamonds with a clear, uncluttered dial and quartz movement. Pre-owned, this model could be yours for a bargain price of €24,990.

  • For those who prefer a classic leather bracelet, the Baignoire collection still has lots to offer. The Baignoire 78094 model has a 22 mm wide case in yellow gold with a silver-plated dial, which is very easy to read even in strong sunlight. This pre-owned model with manual winding is available for €4,500, while the quartz version of the Baignoire 1954 is currently available for approximately €3,500.

  • Do you want to add a refined touch to your Cartier Baignoire with diamonds? The Baignoire 2369 model has a slim 19 mm case with a white gold quartz movement and a bezel decorated with diamonds. Brand new, you can buy this model for approximately €16,000. Pre-owned, it is currently available from €6,000.

  • The Mini Baignoire Panther Spots (Ref. HPI00961) impresses with its luxurious extravagance. The case and bracelet are made of yellow gold and is studded with a total of 758 diamonds and decorated with enamel flecks so that the design of the watch looks like the fur of a panther. The opulent timepiece is driven by a quartz movement. For this new yellow gold model, Cartier has set the price at €76,000.

The exciting history of the Baignoire

When people talk about the design of timepieces, they usually describe the colour combinations of the dial or explain the inspiration behind parts and particular styles. Rarely, however, do we hear about the design of the case itself. Cartier has proven time and time again that the shape of a watch should be anything but round in their eyes. Even when Louis Cartier designed the Cartier Santos for his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont in 1904, thereby establishing the brand as a watch manufacturer, it was clear that shape would always take priority over function. Flat with a square bezel, it still stands out from the crowd in all of its extravagance today. The Cartier Baignoire also shows how Cartier continued to work on the design of a watch over the decades until it has finally been perfected.

In order to understand the history of the Baignoire, you need to first go right back to the beginning: encouraged by his success with the Santos, Louis Cartier continued to push the boundaries of design at the time. While the Tortue and the Tank took the square design of the Santos further, the Cartier Tonneau saw the use of a vertically elongated dial for the first time. Although these watches were initially launched as men's watches, Cartier was also one of the first brands to produce watches specifically for women and actively sought to develop this market.

In 1917, Louis Cartier was commissioned to design a watch for the Grand Duchess of Russia, Marija Pawlowna. Embellished with diamonds and onyxes and inspired by the oval shape of the Tonneau, this special edition piece is how the original inspiration for the Baignoire came about. From 1957 the model was then known as Baignoire Allongée, before it was simply sold as the Baignoire from 1973. Features that remain today include the bulky, bath-shaped bezel and the Roman numerals on the dial with the blue steel sword-shaped hands.

The long journey of the Baignoire: from the Russian Royal Court to Hollywood

Cartier has always been a brand for nobility and rich aristocrats. While the history of the Cartier Baignoire started on the wrist of the Grand Duchess of Russia, Marija Pawlowna Romanowa, it wasn’t long before it established itself in Hollywood. For example, silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin gave his wife Oona a Baignoire Allongée and Jerry Lewis also had a Cartier Baignoire in his extensive Cartier collection. Over the decades, the watch has kept up with the trends and also convinced fashion icons such as Donatella Versace or Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. Today the series is also worn by actresses like Amy Adams, Keira Knightley and Dakota Fanning as well as models like Lara Stone and Dewi Driegen.

Other exciting series from Cartier

  • As mentioned previously, everything for Cartier began with the Santos, a design that still demonstrates the brand's desire to combine luxury with innovative design. At one time it was the world's most famous men's watch, but it is now available in narrower sizes for women's wrists.

  • Louis Cartier wanted to counteract the cruelty of the First World War and thus created the design for the famous Tank model, which captivates with its modest beauty. This series was last reissued as the Tank Solo. What these two series have in common is the rectangular design and the vertically thickened edges on the sides, which are reminiscent of tank tracks. With their Art Deco design, this series can easily be worn as unisex styles.

  • In 1932, the Sultan of Marrakech asked Louis Cartier for a watch that he could also wear when swimming, following which the famous watchmaker crafted the Pasha for the Sultan. Once a classic men's watch, the series has now been expanded to include women's models, which are also worn by Hollywood stars such as Ashley Olsen.

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