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Cartier Tank Americaine

If one hears that a watch was inspired by massive war tanks, one would expect an equally massive and chunky timepiece. But not so with the Cartier Tank Américaine. It convinces with a straightforward, clean design – and it is already around for over 100 years.  More

Cartier Tank Americaine
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In addition to comparatively inexpensive Cartier Tank Américaine models starting at €2,000, there are also watches in the Tank Américaine collection that can cost ten times as much in white gold and with diamonds. Feel free to take an extensive look around the Watchmaster online shop, because our selection of Cartier luxury watches is large – whether new, worn or vintage.

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Learn more about the collection

Although it is hard to imagine for a filigree watch from Cartier, the design of the Cartier Tank was inspired by former armoured track vehicles – and in fact, you can find some visual similarities. Just like the Mark IV tank, the watch is rectangular and flat. Moreover, both models were absolute novelties in their respective fields. Wristwatches were anything but common at the time, as most watches were still produced as pocket watches.

A particularly elegant model is the Cartier Tank Américaine. It was introduced in 1989, when the world's focus was shifting towards America. The trends of the time led to large, extravagant jewellery. Cartier adapted this development without compromising on class and exclusivity. The classic Cartier Tank became slightly more elongated and larger, making the watch more striking. Immediately, the collection was celebrated by watch lovers all over the world and the demand would not stop. Even today, Cartier is constantly releasing new Tank Américaine models that are appreciated by men and women alike.

How much does a Tank Américaine cost?

  • The Tank Américaine W2603356 is a simple men's watch with a white gold case and an elegant crocodile leather strap. Inside, a quartz movement is doing its work. The white dial is adorned by large Roman indices. There are also three totalizers at 4, 7 and 12 o'clock. The two main hands and the small hands of the sub-dials are decorated in a simple blue tone and complete the design of the watch perfectly. The price of a second hand Cartier W2603356 is about €4,500.

  • The W26015K2 2482 is an eye-catching model. With its yellow gold case and bezel, this Tank Américaine ladies' watch looks truly stunning. Also equipped with large Roman indices, it is easy to read at any time. A particularly beautiful contrast is provided by the radiant blue hands, which clearly stand out against the white dial and the yellow gold case. The bracelet is available either as a yellow gold version or in classic brown crocodile leather. For around €5,100, you can buy a used Cartier Américaine W26015K2.

  • Another very elegant ladies watch is the Tank Américaine W2620032. The feminine rose gold, from which both case and bracelet are made, makes it a real eye-catcher. Especially the uniquely designed bracelet immediately catches the eye, it resembles filigree fish scales and fits perfectly to the wrist. This exclusive design and the extremely high-quality workmanship justify the price of €20,500 for a used, but very well-preserved model.

  • The Tank Américaine 1726 is especially popular with ladies who like to exude cool elegance. The watch is made of stylish white gold, the case is additionally set with diamonds. So it became a real gem not only a timepiece. At 6 o'clock it has a date window and the large Roman numbers give the watch the unique recognition value of Cartier. Used but in very good condition you can buy the watch for about €12,000.

  • A very classic model is the Tank Américaine 811905. With the leather strap and yellow-gold case, the watch can be combined both in everyday life as well as for evening wear. Used models are already available for €2,700. This makes it a rather cheap Cartier watch and therefore well suited for beginners.

More series made by Cartier

  • The Ballon Bleu is a round watch with a domed sapphire crystal and a blue cabochon crown. A real eye-catcher that is also popular as an elegant piece of jewellery.

  • The Pasha was dedicated to the Sultan of Marrakech in 1932, which is why it is no wonder that it is considered an absolute luxury watch. It was one of the first waterproof wristwatches on the market and even then ahead of its time.

  • The Tank Solo is also from the Tank series – a straightforward, simple watch. It is very popular with both men and women and particularly suitable for beginners due to its comparatively low price.

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