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Cartier Tank Vermeil

The tank Vermeil is characterized by the enormous recognition value of the Tank series, but appears in gold-plated silver models, which additionally support the elegance and make the series a real classic.  More

Cartier Tank Vermeil
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History of the Cartier Tank Vermeil

The Cartier Tank collection is one of the brand's most famous series. In 1917, when World War I came to an end, another story began. This year, the supportive American tanks rolled in France. The tanks were a novelty at this time and immediately inspired the watchmaker Louis Cartier. So robust, massive guns, which were mobilized by vehicles moving on chains - he had never seen something like this before. Out of this enthusiasm, he designed the Cartier Tank collection. The watches were as flat as rectangular and should remember with these features to the Mark IV tanks. In gratitude and tribute, Louis Cartier presented the first models of the series to highly regarded officers of the American Army. From 1919 the series was then released for official sale and was immediately sold in large quantities. Not only because of the history behind the design, but also because wristwatches seemed as innovative as the tanks themselves. The most popular timepiece was a pocket watch model. Only in professions where both hands were needed and therefore could not hold a pocket watch, wristwatches were originally used. However, the Cartier Tank convinced not only because it was a practical model, it was also a recognized piece of jewelry that symbolized quality and prosperity.

Over the years Cartier developed various tank collections. The Tank Américaine, for example, is characterized by extra large, extravagant designs. In contrast, the Tank Française looks filigree and lighter. The case merges almost seamlessly with the steel strap and ensures a balanced appearance.

The Tank Vermeil collection has elegant, classic models. Vermeil stands for the process of gold plating silver. The watches of the series are made of silver and are plated with bright, shiny gold. They have the classic rectangular design and the minute display reminiscent of railroad tracks. The collections also bring the unmistakable recognition value for which Cartier's tank is known. The elegant gold ensures a high-quality appearance of this perfect companion in everyday life and as well evening wear.

Cartier Tank Vermeil Collections at a glance including prices

Cartier Tank Vermeil used - Cartier Tank Vermeil cheap

Cartier Tank Vermeil 590005
Men ́s Watch
Used from: 1.200 €
Material: gold plated case, leather strap
Features: quartz movement, 30mm, beige dial

Cartier Tank Vermeil 590003
Men ́s Watch
Used from: 1.300 €
Material: Silver / gold plated case, leather strap
Features: quartz movement, 30mm, round dial

Cartier Tank Vermeil 878087 Ladies
Men ́s watch
Used from: 2.700 €
Material: yellow gold case, leather strap
Features: manual wind movement, 27mm

Cartier Tank Vermeil
Ladies watch
used from: 1.400 €
Material: gold-plated case, leather strap
Features: quartz movement, striped dial, 22mm

Cartier Tank Vermeil 590004
Ladies watch
Used from: 1.000 €
Material: Gilded silver case, leather strap
Features: quartz movement, 24mm, precious stones

Further interesting Cartier series

  • The Santos de Cartier is a sturdy men's series that is very similar to the design of the dial of the Tank collection. With it ́s square case it is different and thus looks even more geometric. The models are assembled with visible screws, which makes the design masculine and industrial.

  • At the Panthère de Cartier, it's hard to decide if it's more of a watch or more of a luxury piece of jewelry. The timeless design makes every woman shine. The bracelet consists of fine links that provide optimal comfort. To soften the watch's hardness, the edges are rounded so that the square looks feminine rather than massive/masculine.

  • The Cartier Ballon Bleu is an extravagant watch series for men and women. The blue sapphire crown is enclosed by the case, creating the balloon-like design. The enclosed crown makes the watch a real eye-catcher and is perfect to shine at the next evening event. The high-quality materials such as white, rose or yellow gold give the timepiece a certain trace of extravagance.

  • Cartier designed a collection especially for the Sultan of Marrakech, who would not give up his watch while bathing. That's how the Cartier Pasha was born. Thanks to the screw-down crown, the watch is water-resistant. It is only made from the finest materials. Like all Cartier watches, the Pasha series has the precious blue sapphire, which is protected by a crown protector on some models.

  • Inspired by a sleek two-seater car, the case of the Cartier Roadster is as sporty as it is elegant. The rectangular watch is slightly raised on both sides, as is the case with the four-wheeled model. The different models leave a lot of wiggle room. Whether with practical chronograph function or fancy materials, the series is as versatile as the streets of this world itself.

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