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Chopard Happy Sport

Free-swinging diamonds between dial and sapphire crystal – this is what the Chopard Happy Sport offers. The ever-moving diamonds give the watch its very own dynamic and become an eye-catcher everywhere.  More

Chopard Happy Sport
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Chopard Happy Sport watches – new, vintage & pre-owned with certificate

Buy and finance the Chopard Happy Sport at a reasonable price

Have you already fallen in love with a specific watch and would like to wear it on your arm as soon as possible? The prices of pre-owned Chopard Happy Sport watches are significantly cheaper than buying new ones. Buy your certified Chopard watch easily with your credit card or Paypal, if you prefer to plan long ahead, you can also finance it on individual instalments. Just call our customer service and let us find the best deal for you.

Visual and technical features of the watches

Chopard's Happy Sport collection subliminally, but with full awareness, takes on a certain pioneering role within the watch industry. In 1993, the Happy Sport was the first watch to combine diamonds with a stainless steel case, making it one of the most popular models in the entire industry. Precise quartz or automatic movements are ticking inside round, oval or square cases, which are not at all reluctant to add complications such as date windows or even chronographs. Even diving watches or tourbillons can be found in the wide range of the Happy Sport collection. But this is by no means the unique selling point of the collection.

Similar to the Happy Diamonds, the Happy Sport also features single, free-moving diamonds on the dial of the respective wristwatch. Five or seven diamonds shine on the dials of the various Happy Sport models and glide gracefully back and forth beneath the hands. Depending on the model, they can also be rubies or other precious stones. Diamonds on the case or bracelet are also very welcome, which makes the Happy Sport the ideal evening companion for a lady. Whether on a leather or metal bracelet, with or without gemstones, the Happy Sports models from Chopard are not only comfortable enough for everyday wear, but are also wide enough to offer the perfect model for every taste.

Popular models from the Chopard Happy Sport collection

  • The Happy Sport 27/6150-23 comes in radiant yellow gold, making it a highly exclusive model. The price of this second-hand Happy Sport watch is around €5,000. In addition to the free-swinging diamonds, the watch also has diamonds firmly integrated into the case around the dial.

  • The Happy Sport 278496-3001 is very eye-catching with its square dial and costs approximately €4,000 second-hand. The case and bracelet are polished smooth and the three hands and Roman indices shine silver. The cool appearance of the watch makes the free-floating diamonds look almost like little snowflakes inside the watch.

  • Those who like to have more functions, such as a chronograph, on their wrist might like the Happy Sport 283583-5005 for €13,000. It comes with an elegant chocolate brown dial with three totalisers and a rose gold case, which is also set with diamonds.

  • Another very special model is the Happy Sport 27/7012-23, which is available second-hand for €7,500. Unlike its siblings, this Happy Sport model is oval-shaped. The golden case is additionally set with diamonds and harmonises perfectly with the brown leather strap. The free-floating diamonds inside the watch are set in the same shade of gold and complete the design of the watch.

  • Sporty, elegant and almost masculine, the Happy Sport with the reference number 8475 has a case diameter of 36 mm, a stainless steel case with a black bezel, a black leather strap and a black dial that shows the observer a date window between 4 and 5 o'clock and shines with 5 diamonds. For about €2,000, pre-owned models of this Happy Sport reference are already available.

  • The Happy Sport (ref. 27/8291-23) is slightly more elegant and clearly more pompous. A double-row bezel set with diamonds and a silver dial with blue hands, Roman indices in the same colour and a railway minute dial in the same colour give this Happy Sport its typical face and round it off with seven brilliant-cut diamonds. This 32 mm quartz model costs around €6,500 in pre-owned condition.

  • At 26 mm, the Happy Sport (ref. 27/8250-23) is a full 6 mm smaller than the previous model and also dispenses with the diamond-set bezel. In addition, there are only five free-moving diamonds on the dial. On the other hand, this model also offers a stainless steel bracelet and, with a price of €3,390 for a pre-owned model from 2009, is only half as expensive as the ref. 27/8291-23.

  • With an automatic movement inside and a sporty appearance, the Happy Sport (ref. 278559-3002) showcases itself. A 36 mm stainless steel case is attached to a stainless steel bracelet on the wrist and displays Roman indices, a date window and a total of seven diamonds on a silver dial. When second-hand, the model calls for a price of around €5,400.

  • Add a touch of glamour and go for a model of the Happy Sport (ref. 277481-5002) in rose gold. With a 36 mm case and matching bracelet in solid 18-karat rose gold, this model takes it up a notch with a diamond-set bezel. With automatic self-winding, a date window between 4 and 5 o'clock and also seven free-swinging diamonds, a 2015 model costs around €24,500.

  • The Happy Sport (ref. 27/8238-23) comes with a smaller 32 mm stainless steel case, stainless steel bracelet and mother-of-pearl dial. Powered by a quartz movement, metallic blue hands move over Roman indices and the typical railway minute markers. Seven diamonds are also found on the dial here, rounding off the look of the Ref. 27/8238-23. The second-hand price of such a watch is just under €2,500.

The history of Chopard and the Happy Sport

Since 1974, Chopard has been developing high-quality women's watches. Launched two years later, the Happy Diamonds featured free-swinging diamonds, making it an innovation among diamond-set watches. It quickly became one of the most popular collections of the brand. In 1980, Chopard published a stainless steel sports watch – the St. Moritz convinced by robustness coupled with timeless elegance. These two watches were the pioneers of the unique Chopard Happy Sport collection.

The Happy Sport was introduced in 1993 and united the two main attributes of the two previous models. The extraordinary design of the free-floating diamonds and the sporty robustness. Nevertheless, the watch differs visually from its predecessors. The diamonds no longer move around the dial but are integrated into the dial itself, giving it a very unique dynamic. The solid stainless steel is integrated into round, feminine elements and makes the watch robust and shockproof, while at the same time it looks filigree and modern. The first models ticked with a quartz movement. In 2013, to celebrate the 20th anniversary, the collection got equipped with an automatic movement.

Other popular series by Chopard

  • The Mille Miglia was once dedicated to the eponymous car race in Italy. This astonishing men's watch has a sporty design and many models of the collection come with a bracelet that is reminiscent of the pattern of car tires. A real eye-catcher for all lovers of racing. In addition, most models have a high-precision chronograph function.

  • The Chopard Happy Diamonds is one of Chopard's flagships. The eye-catching watch has a small round dial, which is surrounded by a frame made of sapphire crystal. The main feature of the collection are small, free-swinging diamonds that orbit the watch dial in that frame. Over the years, many different models of the collection have been presented, with both round and square frames.

  • If you like it more traditional, Chopard's Classic is the perfect fit for you. The collection is designed for both women and men. Due to its simple design, it skilfully stays in the background to reliably support you in every day or business situation. The simple three-hand watch is equipped with Roman numerals and looks even more prestigious.

  • The Chopard H Series is a very fancy series of the brand, the striking rectangular design makes the watch a real eye-catcher. Perfect for any woman looking for a classic but unique companion. Most of the models in the series are studded with precious diamonds, making them an exceptional piece of jewellery in addition to a practical timepiece.

  • The Chopard Imperiale is an elegant ladies watch, available in various sizes from 28mm to 40 mm. The collection offers many variations in material and colour choices, but the basic design remains consistent on every model, giving it a high recognition value. The dial is adorned by Roman indices at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock. Some models have a date display at 3 o'clock or are additionally adorned with diamonds.

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