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Virtually indestructible and extremely accurate - that’s a Damasko watch. Thanks to our innovative materials, the watches are up to four times harder than similar models.  More

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Damasko watches are remarkably scratch and shock resistant, which often makes even pre-owned models look brand new. At Watchmaster, our watches are also checked and certified before we sell them. This means you can buy Damasko watches for genuinely affordable prices and with total peace of mind. Once you have found the right pre-owned Damasko watch for you, you can simply pay by credit card or via PayPal. In addition, you can also pay for your Damasko watch on finance with instalments. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service so we can provide personalised advice.

Overview of the current Damasko collections

Unlike many watch manufacturers, Damasko does not categorise its range of products into different collections, but rather according to their features.

  • The brand's three-hand models are Damasko's simplest and most understated watches. There are either minimalist black and white versions or pieces with colour detailing, such as a light green or blue second hands. But what really makes the watches different are the movements. Damasko does not use one movement for all models, but instead uses different automatic movements depending on the size and extra functions.

  • The chronographs by Damasko are even flashier, but not over the top. They all boast date and day displays as well as sub-dials at 6, 9 and 12 o'clock to check the time accurately. The only chronograph models that differ from this classic design are the models that feature their stop-minute display in the centre. These chronographs have a fourth pointer in the shape of a small airplane, often with coloured detail. This new design is patented by Damasko and is sure to be an eye-catcher when worn.

  • Although Damasko is best known for its pilot's watches, the brand hasn’t forgotten about divers. The diver's watches are aptly adorned with a deep blue dial and bold orange hour hands and detailing on the bezel. This high-contrast design allows the wearer to read the time perfectly in any situation. Naturally, the models also feature the unidirectional rotating bezel that is characteristic of diving watches. These models can handle up to 30 ATM of water pressure, making them robust companions for every diving adventure.

Reasons to buy a pre-owned Damasko watch

  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Extremely robust and scratch-resistant thanks to the ice-hardened stainless steel
  • Minimalist designs create a sporty and elegant look
  • Long lifespan due to the intricate craftsmanship

Overview of Damasko models and prices

Damasko DC67.0141
Condition: Very good - with original papers and box (2012)
Used from: approx. €1,800
Material: Stainless steel
Features: Automatic movement, GMT function, chronograph function, day-date display

Damasko DC66.0286
Condition: Very good - with original box (2012)
Pre-owned from: approx. €1,800
Material: Steel, PVD
Features: Automatic movement, GMT function, chronograph function, day-date display

Damasko DK11
Condition: Very good - with original papers and box (2014)
Pre-owned from: approx. €2,800
Material: Stainless steel
Features: Automatic movement, day-date display

Damasko DS30
Condition: Very good - with original papers and box
Used from: approx. €1,000
Material: Stainless steel
Features: Automatic movement, minimalist dial, light green second hand, date display

Damasko DA38
Used from: approx. €1,300
Material: Stainless steel / PVC
Features: Automatic movement, light blue second hand, day-date display, Arabic numerals

Fulfilling a lifelong dream – Damasko’s story

The company was founded in 1994 by husband and wife Konrad and Petra Damasko who made their dream become reality in doing so. During the initial years, the pair mainly focused on the innovation of new materials for extra robust timepieces. It wasn’t until 2010 that a proper Damasko manufactory was also opened. The first watches of the new brand already used the in-house patented caliber A 35, made from ice-hardened stainless steel. This is a type of steel exclusively made by Damasko and is about four times harder than normal stainless steel. Scratching or breaking the watches is therefore virtually impossible. Just two years later the new and improved H 35 was launched.

During this time, the company registered over 100 patents for its innovations and always put accuracy, durability and resistance at the heart of their research. Damasko is especially well known for the integration of new and unusual materials in the crafting of its watches. Whether it be nanotechnological coatings for lubrication-free escapements or spirals made of polycrystalline silicon, the brand's watches are capable of withstanding extreme conditions. The particular choice of material makes them very insensitive to magnetic fields, strong temperature fluctuations or pressure changes. Thus, it’s not without good reason that the test pilots of Airbus Defence & Space also rely on Damasko timepieces.

Thanks to the extraordinary price-performance ratio, the watches are not just popular with pilots. The designs can be easily incorporated into everyday styles and worn for sports as well as evening events. Today, the manufacturer offers many different variations, from simple three-hand watches to elaborate pilot's watches.

Absolute quality - Damasko's company philosophy

"Time was relative for Albert Einstein. The quality of time is absolute for Damasko." This is how the company defines itself. This statement makes it clear that Damasko focuses on accuracy and precision. Pre-owned Damasko watches are equally convincing thanks to the high quality processing and choice of materials. The philosophy of the company is characterised by their constant desire to develop and the invention of techniques that have never been seen before. The fact that Damasko has already registered more than 100 patents over the past 15 years shows that they know exactly what they are doing. Standstill is simply not an option for this brand.

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