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Hublot MDM Geneve

Immerse yourself in Hublot's past with the MDM Geneve series. These models carry the heritage of the luxury watch brand in their name, but also represent the DNA of the company.  More

Hublot MDM Geneve
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Today, Hublot is mainly associated with the work of Jean-Claude Biver. However, even before the Luxembourger took the wheel, the brand stood out for its classy and innovative designs, as demonstrated by the watches from the Hublot MDM Geneve series, for example.

Hublot MDM Geneve: Hublot before the Big Bang

When you look at the MDM Geneve models, you immediately notice their subtle design, which already included a number of characteristic elements with huge potential that Biver would go on to make outstanding use of. Rubber bracelets offer a comfortable fit on the wrist and were a revolutionary approach when they were first introduced. Before Carlo Crocco, the founding father of Hublot, nobody had dared to combine luxury watches with a rubber strap. However, the success of this new style proved that he was right, perhaps partly because Hublot rubber watch bands are still unsurpassed in quality today. Buyers of a pre-owned Hublot MDM Geneve watch in particular would benefit from a rubber strap as it is less susceptible to wear and tear than a conventional leather strap. The diameters of the cases range from 28 to 40 mm, offering unobtrusive size options for both men and women. In addition, the MDM Geneve models are available with either a quartz or automatic movement.

Price overview of Hublot MDM Geneve models

Although Hublot is a comparatively young company in the world of luxury watches, it already has an exciting behind it. Through innovative designs and bold management decisions, it has worked its way into the upper echelons of the watch industry within just a few decades. Become a part of the Hublot story by buying a pre-owned MDM Geneve.

  • The Hublot MDM Geneve (Ref. 1390) is a timepiece that dates back to the early days of Hublot. The three-hand model has a black dial, a date display at 3 o'clock and a quartz movement. In particular, this MDM Geneve is an appealing investment for collectors interested in recent watch history. This vintage piece is available for €1,010.

  • In 2007, Jean-Claude Biver was already at the helm as CEO of Hublot to oversee the release of the Ref. 1810.3. This Hublot MDM Geneve model already combines the influences of its two spiritual fathers, Biver and Crocco. The chronograph has a matte black dial with tachymeter scale and luminescent hands and Arabic numerals. Three totalisers at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock complete the look of this compact timepiece. The watch is water-resistant to an ample 10 ATM and the case is made of yellow gold. In a very good used condition, this model is currently available for €5,800.

  • Although the MDM has been dropped from its name, the Hublot Geneve (Ref. 1395.NE10.2) is still worth a look. The steel case contrasts nicely with the crown, bezel and strap lugs in yellow gold, while the gold bar indices tie in with them nicely. At an affordable price of €2,450, you can buy this model with its papers and original box.

The history of the Hublot MDM Genève

A changeable name, but an unshakable company history

Today, Hublot is a well-established name in the world of luxury watches. However, the company was originally founded as MDM Genève in 1980. Carlo Crocco, the founder, designed watches with cases fixed in place by twelve titanium screws. His design was inspired by the portholes (or “Hublot” in French) of ships. MDM originally stood for the initials of Crocco's wife, Marie-Danielle with the addition of the French word “montres” meaning watches. Over time though, Hublot became the name of the company. With Crocco and Hublot feeling the pressure from competition and the company on the brink, Jean-Claude Biver came along and recognised the potential of the brand. He went on to develop the Hublot Big Bang, and from that point onwards, everything changed.

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  • In the beginning there was a bang. With the Big Bang series Jean-Claude Biver started a new chapter at Hublot. Since then, the brand has created a diverse product range with iconic combinations of innovative materials. There’s even a model with a digital movement in the Big Bang series now.

  • What came after the big bang? Evolution, right? The Hublot Big Bang Evolution is the evolved version of the Big Bang series. It includes compact chronograph models with more detailed dial designs than the classic Big Bang.

  • Hublot offers its interpretation of maritime style with the Hublot King Power Oceanographic 1000. With an extremely robust construction and with great readability, you are always well equipped with a model from this series.

  • The Classic Fusion series reinforces Hublot's experimental character. It is part of the company's philosophy to create convincing timepieces through the combination of unusual materials and the Classic Fusion does indeed live up to this.

  • Even among the already bold selection of watches, the models in the Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang Chronograph series make a real statement. The case is made of ceramic and shelters a skeletonised dial. The intricacy with which the many individual parts join together makes the watch appear delicate and playful despite its large size.

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