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Longines Evidenza

Think time travel is impossible? With the watches in the Evidenza series, you will embark on a journey back in time, delving into the history of Longines, which has always been marked by elegance and tradition.  More

Longines Evidenza
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Buy and finance your Longines Evidenza

With a pre-owned Longines Evidenza, you get a classically elegant watch for special occasions. Watchmaster has multiple payment methods for you to choose from when you buy a luxury watch. If you decide to buy directly, you can pay by credit card, instant bank transfer or via PayPal. Additionally, you also have the option of financing your watch. With this method you can pay in manageable instalments for your Longines Evidenza and plan your investment in the long term.

Features of the Longines Evidenza

The Evidenza models are designed as dress watches. In particular, the versions with a brown crocodile leather strap have a real classic charm. The version with a stainless-steel bracelet may seem rather unusual at first glance, but this version is equally convincing. A big advantage of the series is its versatility. Longines offers its Evidenza watches in a wide range of sizes. The Evidenza (Ref. L2. is the slimmest version with dimensions of 19.6 by 23.3 mm, while the 34.9 by 40 mm reference L2.643.4.73.4 is a sizable alternative. However, there’s no need to be put off by the dimensions, as the watches usually look smaller and are comfortable when worn thanks to the elegant tonneau shape.

Time and time again the question of the movement used leads to big discussions. As Longines is part of the Swatch Group, the brand uses ETA movements. For many watch connoisseurs, this is a flaw, but it is unjustly considered as such. The high demand for ETA movements ensures continuous development and ensures that spare parts and maintenance are available for many years, regardless of the history of a watch model or its manufacturer. Investing in a Longines watch is therefore also worthwhile from a durability point of view. The movements used in the Evidenza models operate at 28,800 vibrations per minute and, depending on the model, have a chronograph complication and a power reserve of up to 42 hours. The water resistance is 30 metres, which is more than enough for a dress watch. The scratch-resistant dial is made of sapphire crystal and has several anti-reflective layers.

Longines Evidenza models and prices

  • Since the 2000s, Longines has been committed to adapting its watch models to the needs of its female customers. A pre-owned Longines Evidenza (ref. L2. can be purchased at Watchmaster currently for €1,050. For this price, you get an elegant three-hand model with fine blue Arabic numerals and a date display at 6 o'clock. Due to its subtle size, this model is a suitable choice for everyday wear.

  • With a gold case, a brown leather strap and a silver dial, the Evidenza (ref. L2.643.8.73.4) has an inviting, warm aura. The timeless, elegant design of this model goes well with a suit as well as casual leisure looks and only costs €3,550 second-hand.

  • Men don’t have to forgo elegance thanks to the Evidenza (ref. L2.643.4.73.6). This Longines watch has three totalisers and a chronograph complication. For a second hand Evidenza like this, you should budget €1,500.

  • The Evidenza (ref. L2.688.4) is a stunning model complete with silver dial, moon phase complication, day-date-month indicators, small seconds, 24-hour indicator and chronograph complication. Thanks to its intricate complications and elegant appearance, this Longines model has absolutely nothing and nobody to hide from. This classy second-hand model is priced at €2,000.

  • The diamonds, black dial and bracelet of the reference L2. shine harmoniously with one another. Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock and three delicate hands made of highly polished stainless-steel form a well-organised dial layout. The wearing comfort is complemented by crocodile effect leather strap. The price of this pre-owned Evidenza is €1,740.

Longines history and the Evidenza

Longines recognised early in their history how important it is to build a company on several fundamental but unchangeable principles. Applying these principles to the art of watchmaking, the company devotes itself elegance, tradition and performance. The name Longines refers to the place in Saint-Imier where Ernest Francillon built the company's first factory building. In 1889, Longines trademarked its brand and winged hourglass logo. This landmark event represents the oldest trademark applied for at the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property. Having stood the test of time, the logo has remained unchanged today.

A brilliant past with aspirations for the future

However, the appearance of the watches has changed somewhat over the years. In 1913, the company presented its first wristwatch with a calibre developed in-house. However, this particular release was not particularly well received. Only three years later though, the watch manufacturer introduced the new oval and rectangular shapes for its movements. The Evidenza series pays homage to this innovative spirit. The tonneau-shaped cases combined Longines' desire to produce distinctive luxury watches with timeless elegance. Whether you choose to wear a new or pre-owned Evidenza, you have a piece of history on your wrist – from the past or in the future.

The Evidenza on the silver screen

Who do you pay most attention to in Bond movies? James Bond, the Bond girl or the bad guy? Undoubtedly you’ll focus on one of these people, but it is also looking at the finer details. Because despite Bond being more associated with Omega watches, the Evidenza from Longines has also made it to the big screen too. It wasn’t the watch of choice for the royal spy, but it was on the wrist of the villain in “Casino Royale”. In the movie Mads Mikkelsen, Bond’s adversary, wears a Longines Longines Evidenza (ref. L2.656.4.53.6). In “Skyfall”, Bond is also interviewed by a psychologist who is wearing the Evidenza (ref. L2.643.4.73.4). Bond's fierce MI6 boss Similarly, “M” opts for Longines timepieces. However, Judi Dench wears a model from the Conquest Heritage collection.

Other series from Longines

  • Italian elegance and Swiss precision join forces in the Longines Dolce Vita series. The collection takes the form of the Evidenza and elevates it with its diverse and delicate design to a declaration of love for life.

  • The Presence Collection is a bold statement of classic, timeless elegance. With its understated design, this model is aimed at both men and women.

  • Always eager to demonstrate the company's long-standing expertise in the art of watchmaking, watches in the Master Collection exclusively use mechanical movements. From complicated models to subtle sports watches, there is something for everyone looking for an extraordinary watch.

  • Longines offers retro chic and consistently outstanding quality with its Heritage Collection. Experience the charm of the past on your wrist without worrying about problems associated with older watches. See for yourself!

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