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The trademark of Meistersinger is the single hand. It shows the time to 5 minutes exactly and thus contributes to the deceleration of everyday life. Inspired by earlier tower clocks, the young brand consciously builds factual and elegant timepieces for people who determine their own time.  More

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We offer you an exciting selection of Meistersinger watches at comparably low prices. You will find new models as well as pre-owned watches in the best condition. All watches are checked for authenticity, refurbished if necessary and then certified. If you have already decided on a watch from Meistersinger, you can either pay it quick and easily by credit card or finance it in small instalments. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our competent customer service.

Current collections at a glance

  • Meistersinger Circularis: The first generation of the new generation includes a powerful movement with up to 120 hours of power reserve. The pure and clean design suggests German development. The collection includes three models, in addition to puristic, there are the Circularis also with date or power reserve and date display.

  • Meistersinger Klassik: In this collection, you will find all the classics again. Starting with the legendary No.01 over No.02 and No.03 up to the Pangea, this collection also presents itself with tidy and neat dials.

  • Meistersinger Klassik Plus: A total of nine models assemble the Klassik Plus collection. The watches are combined with a high level of complications. The Lunascope contains, for example, moon phase and date display, the Pangea Day Date has in addition to the date also and a weekday display. Particularly interesting is the Adhaesio, which displays the date and second time zone with only one hand, or the models of the Salthora line: its dial contains only a minute scale. What looks like a date window at first glance is actually the jumping hour.

  • Meistersinger Form und Stil: This collection of five models is all about perfect design. But that does not stop with the dial and case, the bracelet is also essential. This is visually perfectly matched to the actual watch and forms a harmonious overall impression. Pure understatement!

Why should you choose to buy a Meistersinger watch?

  • Market leader in the field of one-hand watches
  • Retardation of everyday life
  • Developed in Germany
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Fair price: used Meistersinger you can already buy cheap for under €1,000

Meistersinger prices at a glance

Meistersinger No.02 (Ref. AM604)
Price: Pre-owned from €930 / Year of construction: 2010 / Condition: As new
Movement: Manual
Optical features: 42.5 mm steel case, salmon-coloured dial, silver Arabic numerals, 5-minute scale, brown crocodile leather strap

Meistersinger Pangaea (Ref. PDD907)
Price: Pre-owned from €1,150 / Year of construction: 2013 / Condition: As new
Movement: Automatic
Optical features: 39 mm steel case, matte black dial, silver Arabic numerals, day and date display with an open date dial, brown crocodile strap

Meistersinger Salthora (Ref. ED-SH902T)
Price: Pre-owned from €1,810 / year: 2015 / Condition: Very good
Movement: automatic
Optical features: 39mm steel case, black and gold dial, white minute hand, 5-minute silver bar indexes, open turning disk of the jumping hour, black crocodile leather strap

Meistersinger 750 Jaar Ouderwater (Ref. AUC750)
Price: Pre-owned from €980 / Year of construction: 2015 / Condition: As new
Movement: manual wind
Optical features: 42 mm steel case, blue dial with sunburst, Arabic numerals offset by one point clockwise, blue crocodile leather strap

A Meistersinger watch as an investment?

Whether a Meistersinger watch pays off for investment reasons is a difficult question to assess. The company has German roots, but can be produced in Switzerland. This fact is often an indication of value-stable watches, because Switzerland symbolically stands for the highest quality in luxury watches. But the brand can not look back on a long-standing tradition, which can make a decisive difference in the industry. Perhaps it is the Meistersinger's advantage, who knows how the company will evolve in the future? However, before you buy a watch just for investment reasons, you should have done a thorough search. Nobody can guarantee an increase in value.

From newcomer to the market leader – within a market niche

In the year 2001 the entrepreneur and clock lover Manfred Brassler decided to do something against the everyday hectic prevailing in the society. He founded the company Meistersinger GmbH & Co. KG with the goal to build wristwatches that slow down time. Brassler had a problem with watches on which time was racing. With modern times it became necessary to think in ever shorter periods of time. Watches were equipped with minute and second hands, but at the same time their fast running permanently reminded of the passage of the precious time. Manfred Brassler was inspired by medieval tower clocks: these often had only one pointer. But that was enough, the tower clocks showed how the day progressed, when it was time for lunch or after work. The concept of a one-hand watch had almost been forgotten and replaced the hustle and bustle that surrounds us every day. Thus, the production of wristwatches began to reflect on what was really important – instead of annoying the wearer with restless seconds, the Meistersinger models convey a quick overview thanks to their objective, clear appearance. Brassler discovered with his one-hand watches an unoccupied market niche and could develop here almost undisturbed.

Since 2006, the company has been based in Münster, Westphalia, from where sales are controlled within Germany as well as the countries Meistersinger is getting exported to, such as France and the Netherlands. However, the watches are made in Switzerland, to be exact in Biel. The small town in the canton of Bern is known as the city of watchmaking giants, in which not only large watch brands such as Rolex and Omega are based, but also where watchmaking has been deeply rooted since the 18th century – fertile grounds for an emerging business. The installed movements of the models were also developed in Switzerland, the technical requirements merged with the aesthetic ideals of Meistersinger. In 2007, the company surprised the watchmaking world with an innovation: the monograph. The novelty was a one-hand watch with stop function, it revolutionized the burgeoning market for single-hand watches.

Typical for Meistersinger watches are the one-hand time display, the leading zero of the hour indices, and the curved glass. Meistersinger watches are sold with hand-winding and automatic movements. Meanwhile, the product range has grown around complicated models. For example, for weekday and date displays or an additional time zone, Brassler has created a characteristic design language with the principle of the exposed number dials. All in all, a one-hand watch is incredibly practical – and easy to read after a short period of getting used to it. The twelve-hour circle of the dial is divided by 144 dashes, one of which stands for five minutes each. The quarter, half and hour lines are drawn stronger and thus offer an easy orientation at first glance. Over the years, Meistersinger has also developed a few models that have more than one pointer. However, they did not ignore the classically objective design style.

The ulterior motive of the one-hand philosophy

Less is more – the brand is committed to this principle. With the power of simplicity, the company thrills fans and gains new followers every day. But not only mechanical enthusiasts or design lovers are convinced about Meistersinger. Some of the largest and most important design committees appreciate the models with the unusual look of Meistersinger watches. The Meistersinger Adhaesio, Singulator and No. 01 were already awarded the "iF Design Award", the "red dot Design Award" and also the "WatchPro: Watch of the Year". In addition, the popular Meistersinger No. 01 has already claimed the "golden balance" award several times. Meistersinger is also creative when it comes to decelerating: since 2011, the famous star chef Eckart Witzigmann was hired as a brand ambassador out of the reason that indulgence and deceleration are going hand in hand.

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