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Luxurious and eye-catching - so are the models of Meyers. Elegant materials, stylish designs and filigree polished diamonds, make the brand's watches shine. Find your new favorite piece now.  More

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Would you like to be included as soon as possible into the exclusive circle of Meyers watch owners and know exactly which luxurious timepiece should decorate your wrist? At Watchmaster, you can be 100% about the originality of these high quality timepieces. Before the watch is shipped to you, each piece is checked, reworked and then the watch as a whole is provided with a certificate of authenticity. So you get exclusively certified used Meyers watches. For the payment you have several options. Easily pay by credit card or PayPal. Longer-term planning is also possible with the help of monthly installments. Feel free to call our customer service for personal advice if you would like to finance your Meyers.

The best reasons for buying a Meyers watch

  • High-quality workmanship with eye-catching ornaments such as diamonds

  • Only exclusive materials are used for the production of these instruments of time measuring

  • Used Meyers watches can be a cheap investment compared to the original retail prices

  • Despite its eye-catching appearance, the brand's priority is precision and reliability

  • High recognition value of the collections

The collections of Meyers

  • The men's models of Meyers run collectively under the sporty name Fly Racer. In fact, the dynamic industrial design is a commonly found on all the models. The bezel of the watches is fixed with 8 screws and decorated at the same time. The massive stainless steel from which the watches are made, is making the models extremely robust and sturdy, but at the same time also noble. The recurrent basic design gives the watches an unmistakable recognition value. Nevertheless, there are some striking differences that make each watch unique. The size of the case varies from 36 mm to 47 mm. In addition, the dials differ due to extra features and sub-dials. For example, the Fly Racer Automatic and Fly Racer Chronograph models each have three totalizers. Simpler models like the Fly Racer Galaxy or Fly Racer One, on the other hand, have only an inconspicuous date display at three o'clock. Technically, the models differ from each other. In many models a reliable ETA quartz movement is ticking, but in the Fly Racer Automatic and Fly Racer Galaxy you will find an automatic movement. The extensive range of different colors also gives the customer enough choice to find the right watch for themselves.

  • The feminine counterpart to this is the Lady Beach collection. The watches are daintier than the men's watches, but just as high-quality and robust built. The designs vary from simple and reserved to glamorous and radiant. Depending on your preference, you can choose a model in which the bezel and dial are completely set with diamonds or a three-hand watch without additional ornamentation such as the Lady Beach Automatic. Also you can find both the well-known ETA quartz movements as well as occasional automatic movements.

  • Even more filigree is the collection of Lady Diamond. This model dispenses with the eye-catching screws on the steel bezel. Instead, one finds sparkling diamonds in star shape or polished, Arabic numerals. Inside the watches is a PowerDrive quartz movement. The cases are a real eye-catcher, with 41 mm they make sure to catch everyone's eye!

  • More jewel than watch is the Milady. The bracelet is made of filigree gemstone elements and does not have much in common with an ordinary steel or leather bracelet. The case is just dainty 30 mm in size and decorated with sparkling diamonds on the bezel. The dial is kept simple, only the small indices of diamonds adorn the white dial.

Interesting models made by Meyers and their prices

Meyers Lady Diamont Quartzz
Watch for Ladies
Used from: 1,100 €
Material: Diamonds, stainless steel
Features: Precious gemstone bezel, quartz movement, blue mother of pearl dial

Meyers Lady Beach Chronograph LBX-A-SI-CN
Womens watch
Used from: 1,700 €
Material: Steel
Features: Steel bezel with recessed screws, quartz movement, small second

Meyers Precidrive Fly Racer FR44-A-BL-AC
Men's Watch
Used from: 3,100 €
Material: Steel
Features: Quartz movement, Arabic and line indices, white dial

Meyers Fly Racer 47 403S00
Men's Watch
Used from: 2,800 €
Material: Steel, rubber
Features: Quartz movement, chronograph function, luminous hands

Meyers Fly Racer FRX-0-NB-AL
Men's Watch
Used from: 2,100 €
Material: Gold plated, steel
Features: Quartz movement, date display, small second, tachymeter display

How the Meyers brand defines itself

Always striving for innovation and excellence, Meyers knows how to satisfy its demanding clientele. The watches seduce their wearers with unique designs and the coveted Swiss accuracy. The collections combine bold, eye-catching appearance with high technical innovation, making them perfect for any fashion-conscious watch enthusiast with a sophisticated taste.

Innovative Watchmaking - The History of Meyers

Meyers was founded in 2001 to make timepieces as elegant as jewelry. The brand's debut, the Lady Diamond, had the unique feature of a replaceable bezel, making it more versatile than any other timepiece. The international breakthrough Meyers achieved with the Samba collection, which was draped with the finest diamonds, sapphires and rubies.
Equally dazzling is the Milady's range which launched in 2006, the bracelet is also adorned with the precious gemstones.
The fact that Meyer watches are always produced in a limited editions made them particularly popular with collectors and connoisseurs. The unusual designs ensure a strong recognition value.

Meyer's business philosophy

The philosophy of the company is to design classic and elegant timepieces that can easily be modified by the customer through various attributes. For example, it is possible to change the bezel of some models with different colored items.
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