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Omega Speedmaster Date

Speedmaster Date watches combine the classic Omega Speedmaster design with a practical date window.  More

Omega Speedmaster Date
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The best deal on an Omega Speedmaster Date

Buy a multi-purpose chronograph with the Speedmaster Date

As the name already implies, Speedmaster Date watches have a Moonwatch eine Datumsanzeige models. The date's position at 3 o'clock meant that the classic three totalizers in the Speedmaster family were moved to 6, 9 and 12 o'clock. The three pushers on the right outside of the case form a nice counterbalance. Speedmaster Date models are characterized by a geometrically balanced design concept. With its scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the Date differs from other Speedmaster models. The reliable ETA 7750 – or the 1164 caliber, as refined by Omega – is the drive of the Speedmaster Date. In addition to the date and the classic three hands for hour, minute and second, there are complications that include a central chronograph hand, a 12-hour recorder, a 30-minute recorder and a small seconds counter. The Speedmaster Date is therefore a classic tool watch. Thanks to their bolted bottom, the models have even been made waterproof for up to 100 meters starting from the 2000's. Speed can also be measured using the tachymeter scale attached to the bezel. Despite these many extras, the watch is by no means overloaded. Many watch fans tend to purchase a leather strap in addition to the watch bracelet made of steel, which transforms the Speedmaster Date into a very elegant dress watch.

Pre-owned Speedmaster Date models and prices

Several variations of the Speedmaster Date. have been created throughout the nearly forty years of production. There is a large selection of used Omega Speedmaster Date models in our online shop. Once you have selected a model, we can offer you various ways to finance your Speedmaster Date watch. You can decide for a one-time bank transfer or plan to pay for your investment over a longer period by choosing to finance with flexible rates. Choose your favorite Speedmaster Date watches from our online shop:

  • The Omega Speedmaster Date (Ref.3513.50.00) features a beautiful combination of a deep black dial and a silver steel case with a 39 mm diameter. A price of only € 1,950 makes this timepiece the perfect model for entering the world of luxury watches. Another model of the same reference number comes with a black leather strap and echoes the black dial with elegance. The case has a pleasantly modest diameter of 38 mm. This model can be purchased for only € 2,170.

  • The Omega Speedmaster Date (Ref. 3211.31.00) stands out with its sporty tri-tone dial. The panda-like design is heightened to a new level through the bold use of red accents. This 2007 model is priced at only € 2,630. Ref. 3210.50.00 indicates a younger Speedmaster Date model. The logo stands on a ribbed background from which the rest of the dial stands out elegantly. This timepiece is slightly larger than the older models with its diameter of 40 mm, which has been very well received by many watch enthusiasts. This used Speedmaster Date is available for € 2,900.

  • If you would like to invest in a vintage watch, you should have a look at the Speedmaster Date (Ref. ST 176.0016) The watch dates from 1975 and distinguishes itself through its extraordinary design. The date display is at 3 o'clock and is complemented by a weekday display. Special attention is also paid to the second hand, which stands out from the black and white design of the dial due to its orange color. You can buy this Speedmaster Date for just € 2,850.

The origin of the Speedmaster Date

The Speedmaster family is one of Omega's flagship products. Anyone considering investing in a watch by this brand faces the decision of whether or not to invest in a Speedmaster model. Of course, the successors of the watch that was on the moon are also very popular with potential buyers. It is worth taking a look at other Speedmaster series as well. The Speedmaster Date impresses with its low price point and timeless, functional design. Over the years, Omega has worked hard to further develop its watch models. The company has always placed great emphasis on maintaining its unmistakable identity and improving its timepieces through detail.

Other interesting series by Omega

  • The Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M is one of Omega's most popular series and since it became the official watch of James Bond, interest has increased even more. The Diver 300M is a sturdy, reliable diver's watch with an iconic design.

  • The Omega Railmaster rounds out the three series with which Omega gained attention in the 50s. The series made a comeback in 2019. Originally, the watch models were designed for railway employees who needed a watch that could withstand strong magnetic fields. The chronometers can now withstand magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss.

  • Alongside space travel, Omega also has an interest in the world of motor sports. The company tested the durability of its watches in high-performance races before conquering space. The dials of the Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph emphasize this connection.
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