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Perrelet watches

Perrelet is a centuries-old traditional manufactory that made a name for itself in the watch world with the invention of the first automatic movement in 1777. Perrelet stands for innovative spirit and the technical sophistication of its watches.

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Perrelet certified used means Perrelet for cheap

Important when buying a used luxury watch are two factors: authenticity and quality. Both are guaranteed by Watchmaster with a certificate. Compared to a new purchase, buying a used Perrelet watch can be worthwhile. In our online shop, you will find numerous certified, used luxury watches from the major brands, but also from smaller watch houses such as Perrelet. If you have decided on your favorite model, just check our website for the right payment option. Payment by credit card or PayPal is possible, but you can also pay in installments over a period of time that has been agreed upon with you. If you would prefer to fund a Perrelet, just contact our customer service or check our website for purchase and payment questions.

The most popular Perrelet series

  • The Perrelet Turbine is one of the most popular series of the company. The oscillating force on the dial side by a rotor is used to drive a propeller, which thus rotates fast.
  • In the case of the Perrelet Peripheral Double Rotor, the rotor can be admired on both sides: In the background of the dial from the front and through a window on the back of the watch.
  • The Perrelet First Class Skeleton is an elegant series characterized by the visible movement on the side of the serrated dial. The watch is equipped with the skeleton caliber P-381.
  • The Perrelet LAB immediately stands out with its three-dimensional dial and cut-out hour markers with SuperLuminova mounted on a sapphire crystal ring.

Best reasons to buy a Perrelet watch

  • Swiss watchmaker quality
  • Independence & in-house development and production
  • Centuries old tradition
  • First class mechanical movements
  • Innovative design and consistent technical innovations

Perrelet prices and models at a glance

Perrelet Turbine Erotic A4020 / 1
Used from: 2.300 € (2013)
Material: Stainless steel / PVD
Main features: 44 mm diameter, black rubber strap, automatic movement, black dial with background graphics, stick indices and Arabic numerals
Perrelet Peripheral Double Rotor A1061
Used from: 1.500 € (2016)
Material: Stainless steel
Main features: 41 mm diameter, automatic movement, stick indexes, blue crocodile leather strap, blue dial
Perrelet Turbine XL A1051
Used from: 2.750 € (2013)
Material: Stainless steel / PVD
Main features: 47mm diameter, automatic movement, black rubber strap, Arabic numerals, anthracite dial, tourbillon at 6 o'clock

Invest in used and vintage Perrelet watches?

Perrelet is a watch house with a rich history, characterized above all by new innovations. Buying used Perrelet watches is worth financially compared to buying new ones. Especially special editions and limited produced series often increase in value over time. An investment can pay off.

Perrelet - The inventor of the automatic movement

Perrelet has always been characterized by its innovative power. So the founder of the brand invented the first self-winding watch about 250 years ago. The avant-garde pioneering spirit has been well preserved and maintained by Perrelet ever since, honoring the watchmaking heritage of Abraham Louis Perrelet and his successor Louis Frédéric Perrelet. Robust technology and extreme precision are among the most important features of Perrelet watches.
Today, all Perrelet watches are equipped with automatic movements: A homage to the founder's invention. Their different calibres, which are completely manufactured, equipped and adjusted in their own workshops, are characterized by their special technical refinement and precision. In addition to the traditional automatic caliber, the brand also offers a patented double lane or tourbillon. Perrelet combines industrial efficiency with craftsmanship expertise under its own roof, guaranteeing in-house originality and quality. The house even produces its own inhibitions - including the balance spring, the result of ten years of intensive research.

The history of Perrelet

The beginning of Perrelet made a great invention in Le Locle, a Swiss village in the mountains of Neuchâtel. Since the 1770s, Abraham-Louis Perrelet has been researching on an winding system that only needs an initial impulse and then continues to run forever. In 1777 he made the big breakthrough: the first self-winding, so automatic movement. In addition, Perrelet developed the first pedometer and was the first to create watches with cylinder, duplex and calendar escapements. He also worked on the refinement of gears and the improvement of pinions, gears and its unique automatic winding mechanism.
The grandson of the watchmaker genius, Louis-Frédéric Perrelet, continued the success story. In the workshops of Breguet in Paris, he learned his craft at a very high level. His interest in astronomy, physics and other sciences led him to invent the so-called "smart watch". An astronomical clock, which he developed in 1815, led him to become a watch mechanic of the three French kings a few years later. At the Exhibition of Products of French Industry, he presents a so-called flyback chronograph. This allows the chronograph to be stopped, set to zero and restarted with just a single press of a button. The model, for which he registers a patent in 1828, earns him an award from the Académie des Sciences two years later.
So much for the first years of the traditional house. But what Perrelet has produced in the modern age of innovation? In 1995, the watch house developed and perfected the so-called "Double Rotor" caliber: a system that combines the power of the self-winding with a rotor on the side of the dial. The model "Dipteros" settles the way for the future of new and exclusive inventions. For example, for the emblematic model "Turbine" from the year 2009 - the oscillating force on the dial side is transformed into a propeller, which thus rotates quickly.
Perrelet continued to emphasize autonomy: In 2012, the watch house developed its first complete movement, which is build in its own workshops: the Caliber P-321. Over the years, this has always been developed and brought to the latest technical standards. Over time, the company autonomized its entire production to ensure quality and independence. Perrelet also proved that it was able to continually reinvent its turbine concept: in 2013, the Turbine Chrono showed that the turbine effect is compatible with the chronograph complication. In the same year, the house presented the Tourbillon, a combination of the turbine model with a tourbillon caliber. The pilot's version of the Turbine came in 2014: The turbine pilot is equipped with a slide rule, as it was common on the first pilot's watches. In the same year, the turbine skeleton model of the brand came on the market. A year later, the brand celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Double Rotor concept with the First Class Double Rotor Skeleton Collection.
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