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The pioneering Sintra series was an instant success and Rado once again lived up to their reputation as an innovative watch brand.  More

Rado Sintra
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Buy new, pre-owned and vintage Rado Sintra watches

The innovative nature of Rado watch materials always makes it feel as if you are in chemistry class. But the thing is, it’s probably exactly what makes the brand so charming. If you buy a Rado Sintra, you don’t just get a watch, you also get a special part of the brand’s watchmaking history.

Visual and technical characteristics of the Sintra

As hard as a bullet, as elegant as a tailored suit

In 1993, Rado introduced the new Sintra series, representing a real enrichment to the Rado catalogue thanks to the new combination of different materials on both a technical and visual level. The new material used in the Rado Sintra is known as cermet. Cermet is a portmanteau from the English words “ceramic” and “metal”. As such cermet consists of ceramic materials such as aluminium oxide and zirconium dioxide as well as metallic components such as titanium and chrome. During the sintering process, materials are heated until they bond without melting them to the point of liquefaction. The metal becomes denser than the ceramic and a bond is formed which is characterized by its hardness and durability. It becomes clear just how hard this material actually is when you consider it is used in armour piercing ammunition. With the purchase of a Rado Sintra, you are acquiring an extremely robust watch that hardly shows any signs of wear when used regularly.

In addition to their robustness, Rado Sintra watches also stand out due to their angular appearance. The rectangular case is given an ergonomic feel thanks to the tapering of the bracelet, which provides excellent wearing comfort. The diameter of the Rado Sintra men's watches range from 30 and 40 mm, while the women's models start at a diameter of 22 mm. Whether you choose to purchase a Sintra with the automatic or quartz movement depends entirely on your taste and your personal wearing habits. Rado sources its automatic calibres from ETA so there are no concerns with regards to quality there. The advantage of the quartz versions is their unbeatable precision and the very flat design of these Sintra models. This design means that the quartz models are comfortable to wear to virtually every occasion.

How much does a second hand Rado Sintra cost?

  • The limited edition Sintra (Ref. R13600159) convinces with its classic colour combination of silver and black. The rubber bracelet delivers a high level of wearing comfort regardless of the season. With the original box and papers this Sintra model costs €1,300.

  • The white case of the Ref. R13633709 is only outshone by the diamonds that adorn parts of its case. With the Jubilée Edition of the Rado Sintra you can turn every day into a mini celebration. Complete with papers and box, this model is in very good condition and is available for €3,000.

  • The Sintra (Ref. R13724182) is also a real eye-catcher: all in black with a dial featuring a subtle dotted mosaic. The pre-owned price of this shining beauty is €1,250.

  • With enchanting diamonds indices, the Sintra Jubilée (Ref. 01.152.0725.3.071) certainly knows how to impress. The quartz model also has a date display at 6 o'clock and is a real bargain with a pre-owned price of less than €1,000.

Where flying aces meet tennis stars

The connection between Rado and professional tennis has been established for more than 20 years. The Lengnau-based brand is the official timekeeper at an impressive twelve international tournaments. This partnership has already resulted in several special edition timepieces. Among them is the Rado Sintra Chronograph “Roland Garros” Limited Edition. Roland Garros was a French aviation pioneer and one of the first flying aces of the First World War. The tennis stadium in Paris, which was newly built in 1928, was named Roland Garros in his honour. The French Open, one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, is held there every year.

Other interesting series from Rado

  • The Integral was the first watch series to be made of high-tech ceramic and has continued to convince watch enthusiasts of its unrivalled robustness since its creation.

  • So dynamic that you won’t want to take it off: the Hyperchrome is the perfect partner for more casual attire like an evening suit. The bi-colour models are a particular highlight of the series.

  • The DiaStar is an ideal introduction to the world of Rado. It combines a classic look with innovative technology and is also very reasonably priced.

  • Strap a real powerhouse to your wrist with the D-Star 200 Chronograph. Never before have start and stop times been measured so brilliantly.

  • Although the Coupole models are in the upper price category, the extravagant form and the classy finishing touches make this a stunning watch for the special moments in life. In short, the Coupole is haute couture and watchmaking art combined.

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