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TAG Heuer Grand Carrera

Luxurious and comfortable while always focused on sports, the Grand Carrera offers an update for the beloved TAG Heuer classic.  More

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera
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Buy pre-owned TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watches online

Rounding off the Carrera line-up, the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera is the luxurious and prestigious sibling of the iconic Carrera series. With impressive complications and high-quality materials, Grand Carrera watches are a very stylish alternative to the brand's sporty appearance without losing sight of it.

If you feel drawn to this style and would like to own one of these timepieces soon, then take a look at our range and fulfil your dream of having your own luxury watch today. Whether you pay by instant bank transfer, PayPal, Visa or convenient financing is entirely up to you. Once we have received your order and the payment process has been completed, your certified, pre-owned TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watch will be on its way to you via insured shipping. If you have any questions, our customer service is always happy to help.

Give your Carrera the update it deserves

The idea behind Grand Carrera watches was to give the Carrera a luxurious update. It has been modified in several tiny details including the handcrafted watch lines, the sapphire crystal back, a double crown and the detailed Côtes de Genève decoration. The signature touch is the rotating disc system that replaces the lower dial. It provides better readability, as the eye no longer has to concentrate on the entire dial but only on a clearly marked part, and gives more freedom in terms of design.

The movement itself is also subject to this pursuit of quality. All models have an automatic movement and are COSC certified chronometers. Therefore, the Grand Carrera is the only TAG Heuer series that is not available as a quartz version. The bracelet is available in stainless steel and leather, while the chronographs are also available with sporty rubber straps. 

Price overview of current TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watches

The Grand Carrera starts at a pre-owned price of around 2,500 € and is available in the range of 3,000 € to 4,400 €. If you want a new Grand Carrera watch, you'll have to face prices of up to 8,000 €.

  • Everything started for the Grand Carrera with the reference WAV511E.BA0900. The design was as simple as innovative. Two hands – minute and hour – while the seconds were displayed on the rotating dial at the 06:00 position. A thin inner bezel gives the watch sufficient depth. The view back made of sapphire crystal allows a good look at the COSC certified ETA 2895/2 movement. Designed as a watch for the premium segment, the 6RS is the first model and has therefore a very good stability of value which is why you should still expect to pay about 5,400 € for a pre-owned watch.

  • The Grand Carrera Calibre 8 RS Grand Date GMT (Ref. WAV5112.FC6225) takes the revolutionary design from the early start of the series and expands it with a Grand Date and GMT as well as a wider case. The rotating dial at the 06:00 position indicates the second time zone. The watch is powered by a Calibre 8 GMT movement, which is the COSC version of ETA 2892-A2, but is enhanced with complications from Soprod, whose TT651 module provides the Grand Date and GMT functions. Pre-owned, the watch is already available from 2,200 €.

  • The chronograph function only became an integral part of the series with the Grand Carrera (Ref. CAV511B.FC6225). The two rotating dials also establish themselves on the now common positions 03:00 and 09:00 o'clock. The fixed tachymeter bezel is slightly thinner than in the predecessor models and has a more accurate second indication. The movement is the ETA 2894-2 which is the modified chronograph version of the ETA 2892 movement. The price starts at 3,000 € pre-owned.

  • Who wants a sportier watch should look for the Grand Carrera Calibre 36 RS2 Caliper Chronograph (Ref. CAV5185.FC6237). The main difference to the other models in the series is the Caliper system which allows the chronograph to show the precise time to one-tenth of a second. Although the chronograph in the earlier models was always technically capable of this accuracy, it could only be shown through this new innovation. Additionally, it comes in a light 43 mm wide titanium case and with a leather strap. You have to expect up to 10,000 € for a new watch, pre-owned it can already be purchased from 4,300 €.

The history of the collection

From the course to a prestige object

Every brand for luxury watches has a watch which is building its prestige. For TAG Heuer, one of those is the Carrera. The watch is unmistakably associated with the young entrepreneur Jack Heuer who already managed the Heuer family business at the time. As an enthusiastic fan of motorsports, he established Heuer as the official timekeeper for races and was often to be seen next to the tracks. This was also the case in 1962 at the 12-hour race in Sebring, FL. There, Ricardo Rodriguez, driver for Ferrari, told Jack Heuer for the first time about the Carrera Panamericana – the legendary and feared race in the streets of Mexico. Inspired, he applied for a patent on the name and soon began to design the watch that would change motor racing forever. Simple yet avant-garde in design with a fixed bezel, it was perfect for the cockpit. The rest of the story is like a montage of the most famous faces in the race and show circus: Nicki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Steve McQueen and many others were soon all to be seen with a Carrera on their arms.

When TAG Heuer decided to relaunch the Carrera the road was anything but easy. Launched in July 2007, the Grand Carrera was TAG Heuer's first new series after the SEL in 1987 and was therefore subject to special observation. First, it was to be marketed under the name "Vanquish" before Jack Heuer gave his veto. "I usually stay out of business, but I was involved in the Grand Carrera. She had a different name at first, Vanquish, but I didn't like it. They said there was an Aston Martin with the same name, but I just thought it wasn't a perfect match for a watch. This was one of the few times I gave resistance. In the end, they didn't ask me what I thought of Grand Carrera, but I was delighted, of course", Heuer remembers in an interview.

The Grand Carrera was in development for four years. According to Christoph Behling, Chief Designer of TAG Heuer, they spent a good year designing the case and bracelet to ensure optimum comfort. Jack Heuer remembers the watch going through three design processes before the bezel was moved inwards as in the Carrera, giving the watch the necessary depth. This drive for innovation has always been important for Behling. With the Calibre 36, TAG Heuer was the first company to visualize the breath-taking precision of Zenith's El Primero movement.

TAG Heuer's heart beats for sports – and increasingly for lifestyle

TAG Heuer has become famous for its sponsorship of motor sports and, although the brand has always remained true to its history and most recently supported Red Bull Racing, it has also made a name for itself off the track in recent years. Whether in football as a sponsor of the major European leagues and in an exclusive deal with Manchester United, or in rugby, tennis and ice hockey, TAG Heuer stays closely connected to sports. Within the last years, TAG Heuer has increasingly established itself in the lifestyle market thanks to the initiative of its former CEO Jean-Claude Biver who can count on fashion models such as Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne as well as actors and artists such as Chris Hemsworth, J Balvin and Li Yifeng as his brand ambassadors.

Other TAG Heuer collections

  • The Monaco has become famous thanks to Steve McQueen, the "King of Cool", and its distinctive case shape. As an absolute icon in the world of luxury watches, it helped shape the image of the TAG Heuer brand and, as a sporty chronograph, should be part of every well-assorted watch collection.

  • The Autavia is considered the adventurer's watch of the TAG Heuer brand. As the first chronograph model with an automatic movement, this watch has been on the wrists of pilots, racing drivers and other adrenaline junkies since the 1960s. With its characteristic look and robust construction, the Autavia wins you over all along the line.

  • The name says it all: The Formula 1 honours the supreme discipline of motorsport and accordingly presents itself in a sporty and elegant manner, rounded off with a fair amount of prestige. As a wristwatch for racing drivers and friends of motorsports, it is the perfect accessory for all those who love fast cars and racing.

  • The Aquaracer steps away from the world of motorsports and takes the fans of the TAG Heuer brand to the depths of the sea. Designed as a robust diver's watch, it is water-resistant up to 300 metres and also features complications such as a date window and second time zone.

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