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Watchmaster's Quality and Safety Philosophy

Checked for authenticity

With your watch purchase at Watchmaster, you are always on the safe side. We guarantee that every watch purchased by Watchmaster has been reviewed and verified for authenticy. We only sell watches that are 100% original.

Guarantee Do I have guarantee claims when purchasing a watch from Watchmaster?

Yes, every watch bought from Watchmaster comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Which guarantee services are included?

If any defects occur that are within the guarantee scope, repair and maintenance will be covered.

What do I have to do in case of a guarantee claim?

In the case of a guarantee claim, we are your partner for consultation at all times. Our team will help you with your next steps: please call our customer service on +44 20 3608 9918.

Customer Data

Customer safety is paramount for us. This especially applies to the handling of personal data, including address-, login- and payment information. Your information is transmitted in a fully encrypted way through a Secure Socker Layer (SSL). Thus, it cannot be read by any external parties.

Watch purchase

Questions concerning the product How do I find the perfect watch for me?

  • If you are looking for a specific brand, select BROWSE OUR STOCK on the navigation menu and select your preferred brand in the column on the left by ticking the box next to the brand name.
  • In our catalogue you will find a search filter bar next to the overview of available models that you can use to facilitate your search. You can also apply multiple filters simultaneously to further focus the results.
  • Our team is available via phone, chat and email to assist you if you need professional support or any advice concerning choosing the perfect watch for yourself.

What do I find on the product details webpage?

  • Product images: here you can view the watch from different perspectives
  • Year, condition and accessories of the watch are listed
  • You will also find further details such as diameter (size), drive, material, wristband details and dial types

How do I place an order?

  • As soon as you have chosen a watch, you can put it in the shopping cart by clicking "add to cart".
  • The items in your shopping cart will be put on hold for you after you have completed the order process.
  • Shortly after submitting your purchase order you will receive a confirmation email stating your individual order number and, if applicable, further information regarding the payment details and information about next steps.

Can I also purchase a watch over the phone?

  • Yes, of course you can also order a watch via phone. Please contact our customer service team on +44 20 3608 9918 (available Monday-Friday from 9am - 7pm).

How can I get in touch with Watchmaster?

  • If you have any questions concerning our company, our products, the registration process, delivery policies or any other inquiries, our customer service team will be happy to assist you. Watchmaster Customer Service Phone: +44 20 3608 9918 (9am - 7pm daily). Email:

Payment Prepayment

  • Your order will be processed immediately after we receive the payment. Please be sure to include your order number when making the transaction.
  • Depending on your financial institution, it may take 2 - 4 days for the payment to arrive. Your watch will be reserved for you during this period (up to a maximum of 7 days) and shipped immediately after payment clears.
  • If you decide to return the goods you have purchased, the purchase amount will be refunded to the same bank account you used to make the purchase.

Other payment methods

  • Other payment methods are not available at the moment but will be enabled shortly.

Are there any hidden costs?

  • No, with Watchmaster you have no hidden costs. No contract is concluded when you send in your watch to us for valuation and therefore you do not incur any liability.

International Orders Do you also deliver internationally?

  • Watchmaster also ships internationally. However, we currently only accept bank transfers as payment. If you are a reseller from abroad please contact us on +44 20 3608 9918 or email and we will do our best to help you.

Might there be additional import duties for international deliveries?

  • Watchmaster provides 100% free shipping to all EU countries (and Norway). However, you might face additional import fees for deliveries to non-EU countries. The amount will vary from country to country. Please contact our customer service on +44 20 3608 9918 to find out more.


  • Money-Back-Guarantee: Should you not be satisfied and happy with your purchased watch, you may revoke your purchase within a time period of 14 days and send the watch back to us for free. We'll refund you via your initial method of payment. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your refunded.

Selling your watch

Appraisal How do I find out how much my watch is worth?

  • To receive a free appraisal of your watch, simply fill out the form on our website. There, you only need to provide us with basic information like age, whether or not you have the box and guarantee certificate and so on. After submitting the form, our experts will receive your data and use it to provide you with a first appraisal of your watch's worth.

Why do I have to upload a picture of my watch?

  • We need a picture of your watch to give an appraisal that is as precise as possible. The reference number alone doesn't contain all details (for example dial color), and thus we need a picture of the watch face to give you an estimate that is as precise as possible

Selling process How do I sell my watch?

  • To sell a watch, please fill out the appraisal form completely. Once you submit it, it will be reviewed by our team of experts. Based on the information you submitted, they will tell you whether we would like to purchase it and at what price (subject to inspection). To move on with the sale, you will then be asked to send us the watch for inspection. After receiving it, our team of expert watchmakers will inspect it thoroughly. Following this standardised process, we will make you an offer with our final price. To complete the sale, you just have to accept our bid. At that moment, we will transfer you the money, thus closing the deal.

What can I sell to Watchmaster?

  • We buy luxury watches of all kinds. We are proud to offer a wide variety of different models and brands. Just ask for an appraisal and we will let you know if a sale is possible and at what price.

The Buying Process: step by step What happens after I fill out my watch details and submit the form?

  • As soon as you submit the form, your details will be sent to our team of experts. They will look into the information you provided as well as the current market situation to provide you with an initial offer for your watch.

When will I get an appraisal?

  • If you accept our initial offer and decide to send us your watch, it will be thoroughly checked by our team of expert watchmakers. We will then contact you via phone or email with an offer within the next 24 hours.

What are the next steps if I decide to sell my watch to Watchmaster?

  • If you decide to sell, you only need to confirm our final offer. At this moment we will trigger the payment directly to your bank account.

When do I receive my money?

  • When selling directly to Watchmaster, we will transfer the money to you immediately after you have confirmed our offer. Depending on your bank, the transfer may take up to 5 working days (usually 1-2).

What are the benefits of selling to Watchmaster?

  • At Watchmaster you benefit from numerous advantages thanks to our full-service approach. You receive an estimation of the value immediately, and we establish the final price of your watch, all free of charge. We calculate the prices of watches at a fair market value by accessing a wide range of comparable offers, and standardise the entire evaluation process to ensure the best possible pricing - a service you will not find anywhere else. You only have to provide us with the watch - we'll do the rest!

How long does it take to process a sale request using the form?

  • You will receive an answer from us within 24 hours of making an enquiry - either by email or phone. If further information is required, we will let you know. If you then decide to ship your watch to us, we will respond to you within 24 hours after having received your watch to tell you the final price.

Who processes my enquiry?

  • Your enquiries will be assessed exclusively by our experts. These are qualified watchmakers, goldsmiths and our trained service team. Every member of the team is well versed in watches and works according to standardised processes to handle your request properly and to always provide you with a fair market value for your watch.

Purchase procedure Who determines the final selling price of my watch?

  • To receive the final price, you only have to send us your watch. The price is then determined by our expert watchmakers on the basis of quality, the condition of your watch, the presence of the box and papers and on the current market situation. We use a standardised process to ensure that all watches are evaluated using the same criteria and to recognise fake watches directly. We ensure that our prices are not estimates, but a fair market value.

Which documents are required when I send in my watch?

  • No specific documents are required, however, all documents can add value to your watch! Therefore, please add all documents you can provide (purchase contract, warranty card, invoices for inspections or repairs) in order to increase the value to its maximum. The submission of the original box helps to increase the value of your watch as well.

What happens to my watch after, it has been submitted?

  • Once your watch is shipped to us, we will inform you about the arrival and the data will be registered in our system. First, the watch will be externally assessed, and then it will be examined in depth by certified watchmakers only. These watchmakers are authorised by manufacturers to analyse watches of any type. This ensures that no damage to the product can take place. After this has been completed, we will inform you of our offer by email or by phone. Then you can decide whether you want to accept this offer or if you wish for the watch to be returned to you.

Who checks the watch? Who are the watchmakers?

  • All watches are checked by certified watchmakers only. These watchmakers are authorised by manufacturers to analyse watches of any type.

How does Watchmaster ensure that the watch is not damaged during the checking process and that no documents are lost?

  • Once your watch is shipped to us, the receipt is registered in our system and you are informed about this. The opening of the package is monitored, so that the contents of the package can be documented. In addition, all components of the package are recorded in our system. Thanks to this initial record, we guarantee that there will be no loss of any item in the package. Subsequently, the watch will be at first externally assessed, then it will be examined in depth by certified watchmakers only. These watchmakers are authorised by manufacturers to analyse watches of any type. This ensures that no damage to the product can take place.

Is a contract created when I fill out the selling form or submit the watch?

  • No! In both cases, no contract is created. Only if you accept our final offer, are you obliged to sell the watch.

What happens if I decide not to accept Watchmaster's offer?

  • If you decide not to accept the offer, just let us know and your watch will be sent back to your address immediately.

What do I do if I decide not to sell my watch after all?

  • If you have only completed the selling form and received an initial estimate, you don't have to take care of anything! If you have already sent your watch but you decide not to sell it, just let us know before confirming our offer. You will then be able to retrieve your goods without penalties, since no binding contract is concluded.

After I agree to sell my watch – can I withdraw from the decision?

  • If you choose to sell your watch by accepting our final offer, you are bound to that decision. Watchmaster cannot cancel selling agreements.

Our Partner for German and Austrian Customers: fine trade GmbH
  • fine trade is located in Götzis, Austria and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NTT DOCOMO Group, which is active on a global scale. As a vertically integrated company, it offers payment, financing, transaction and marketing solutions für both online and offline companies.

The Process Which requirements do I have to meet in order to apply for financing?

The following requirements have to be met:

  • Be of age
  • German or Austrian residency
  • German bank account
  • Steady income (Pensions count as a steady income, too). Freelancers can also apply for an instalment purchase when their solvency is high enough.
  • German ID card or passport with “Meldebescheinigung” (registration)
  • For non-EU citizen, other documents are needed, such as a residency and a work permit as well as a current registration proof

How does an instalment purchase work?

  • Please put the watch you want in your shopping cart and choose “financing” as a payment method.
  • Please choose the desired runtime of the instalment purchase contract. Please note: The longer the runtime, the lower your monthly rate will be.
  • After you have chosen the runtime and the corresponding rate, please fill in your bank data at the designated fields and click on "next".
  • Your data will instantly be reviewed and then sent to our partner, fine trade.
  • Please make sure that the shipping address corresponds to your registered address.
  • You will receive an approval or refusal of your application in a few seconds.
  • If your application has been refused, you can still purchase the watch with other payment options. Our qualified customer service representatives will gladly consult you.
  • If your application has been accepted, we congratulate you on the purchase of your new watch! We will initiate the transport of your watch immediately.
  • You will receive separate mail by fine trade, which will contain a rate plan.

Questions around your instalment purchase with fine trade Can I finance more than one item with an instalment purchase?

  • No, please make sure that there is only one item in your cart.

Is there a minimum value that my cart should have?

  • No, there is no minimum value for an instalment purchase.

Is there a maximum value for instalment purchases?

  • Yes. At this point, you can only acquire items with a maximum value of 10.000,- EUR with an instalment purchase.

Which runtimes are possible?

  • At this point, you can choose an instalment purchase over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.

Are there any additional costs?

  • fine trade imposes an extra charge of 9,00 % for 12 months. Additionally, there is a non-recurring service fee of 2,49 EUR.

Which requirements do I have to meet in order to apply for an instalment purchase?

  • Generally, all persons of age with a registered address in Germany or Austria can apply for an instalment purchase. Furthermore, you need a valid identification card or passport (with registration card) and a German or Austrian bank account.

Do the buyer and the contract partner of the instalment purchase have to be the same person?

  • Yes, the contract partner and the buyer have to be identical. The goods will only be delivered to your registered address.

When will I receive the ordered goods?

  • As soon has your instalment purchase has been approved (please see "How does an instalment purchase work?"), the shipment process will be initiated. Your order will be sent to you within the specified delivery time.

Can I cancel the instalment purchase contract?

  • In regards to the purchase contract, your legal right of withdrawal that begins with reception of the goods remains untouched.
  • At this time, there is no possibility to keep the purchase contract but withdraw from the instalment purchase contract. If you withdraw from the instalment purchase contract, you must withdraw from your purchase contract, too. In this case, we will gladly help you to find a solution that is as comfortable as possible. Please contact
  • If you withdraw from the purchase contract, the financing contract will automatically be rendered void too.
  • For further information regarding the right of withdrawal, please see the instructions of cancellation in the relevant terms.

Who is my point of contact for questions regarding my instalment purchase request?

  • The fine trade Team will be your point of contact regarding all questions concerning the instalment purchase request:
  • By phone: 0800 0988349
  • By fax: +43 5523 209024
  • By email:
  • Of course, our team will also gladly assist you with any questions. Please contact them via email:

What should I do if an error message occurs?

  • The fine trade application is compatible with the browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. Please make sure that you use one of these browsers. If you still get an error message, please contact fine trade's customer support.

Online financing with the TARGOBANK

Our partner for German customers: TARGOBANK

TARGOBANK AG & Co. KGaA, Kasernenstraße 10, 40213 Düsseldorf (short "TARGOBANK"). Since 2008 the TARGOBANK is part of the french Crédit-Mutuel group. Together with our partner we offer affordable financing options as well as a great and uncomplicated service. The TARGOBANK is a private customer bank with many years of experience in the finance sector.

Make a dream come true with affordable financing

Some wishes just cannot wait. Because of that we offer with our financing partner the TARGOBANK a financing solution starting from € 99 at an affordable interest rate without having to make an initial deposit.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Easy and convenient monthly installments
  • Starting at € 10,00 per month
  • Flexible runtime between 6 und 60 months

Requirements for financing

The base requirements for the approval of an online financing is a positive test of creditworthiness by the TARGOBANK. Additionally following requirements have to be met:

  • Legal age.
  • Employment is not terminated.
  • Main residency within Germany.
  • Delivery only within Germany.
  • Customer and financing applicant have to be identical. Shipping and billing address can be different.
  • Starting at € 3.000 financing value you have to provide a copy of your current income statement and a copy of your state issued ID as well as the credit contract.
  • Starting at € 5.000 financing value you have to also provide a copy of the last 3 income statements next to the copy of your state issued ID.
  • In order for TARGOBANK to book the monthly installments you need to have an account with a bank which is based in Germany.
  • Customers who are not EU residents have to provide always a copy of their residence and work permit as well as a "Meldebescheinigung".

How an order with financing works

When you have to choose the payment method during the checkout process, please choose "TARGOBANK Online Financing" and finish the order. Once the order has been submitted you receive additional details how to successful complete your order:

  • Print out the whole contract.
  • On the first page of the contract you'll find a check list of all necessary steps.
  • Please sign the contract at the positions which are marked red.
  • A so called Postident-Coupon will be printed with the contract.
  • You need to legitimize yourself at a German Post service station.
  • In order to do that you need to bring the signed contract with all mentioned copies and an envelope. Together with the envelope also bring the Postident-Coupon and a valid ID or passport to the German Post service station.
  • The German Post will confirm your identity and will send all documents for a final check to our partner the TARGOBANK.
  • After a successful check and the confirmation of your financing request the TARGOBANK will pay the full invoice amount to us.
  • When the payment reaches Watchmaster ICP GmbH the ordered products will be shipped as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding your financing, you can call TARGOBANK any time. You can reach the TARGOBANK team under this number: 0 180 3 / 99 44 009 (0,09 EUR/min by land line of the DTAG, max. 0,42 EUR/min from within German cell phone network). Next to financing the TARGOBANK also offers an extensive product and service portfolio. Your can find more information on

Terms of cancelation

Details about the terms of your right to cancel within 14 days you can find in your financing contract.

Our Financing Partner for UK Customers: V12 Retail Finance

Finance up to £15000 for up to 48 months at 9.9% APR Representative. A minimum of 10% downpayment is required. Based in Cardiff, V12 Retail Finance has been specializing in online finance for the past 10 years, through their long-term dedicated funding lines.

Am I eligible for financing?

  • Any United Kingdom resident 18 years or older is eligible to apply for V12 Financing.

What’s the required information?

  • Your UK bank account details.
  • EU or UK passport/ID card. NON-EU citizens need a work permit and registration documents too.
  • Proof of a steady income or pension. High solvency freelancers are generally accepted as well.
  • Your Credit/Debit Card details for the downpayment.

How do I apply for financing?

  • Add a single watch of up to £15000 (or £30000 if you’re ready to make a down payment) to your cart and register or login.
  • Set shipping and billing to the United Kingdom address where you’re registered.
  • Select V12 Financing as your payment method.
  • Confirm order. Fill in the V12 Financing application form.
  • Get an approval or refusal of your online financing application.

When do I receive my order?

  • We’ll process your order, as soon has your instalment is approved. Your watch will arrive within the delivery timeframe shown on the detail page at the time of your order.

What are the available runtimes?

  • 12, 24, 36, 48 months.

Why am I asked for a down payment?

  • A minimum deposit of 10% is required by out finance partner.

What happens if I’ve been refused and still want to buy the watch?

  • If you’d still like to get financing, try making a higher downpayment and/or selecting a smaller financing timeframe and resubmit your application. When the borrowing amount and timeframe are lower, the acceptance threshold tends to get less stringent. You can also purchase the watch and pay with PayPal, Credit Card or bank transfer. Or trade in a watch you already own. Give us a call and our concierge service will gladly help out.

What if someone else wants to finance my watch?

  • The person applying for V12 financing should also order the watch from Watchmaster.

How do I cancel my financing?

  • In regards to the purchase contract, your legal right of withdrawal that begins with reception of the goods remains untouched. When you withdraw from the purchase contract, the financing contract will automatically be rendered void too. For further information, please see the cancellation terms.

How can I get in touch about my installments?

  • Reach us via phone 0800 0988349 or email at .

What should I do if an error message occurs?

  • The V12 application is compatible with the browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. Please make sure that you use one of these browsers. If you still get an error message, please contact V12's customer support.


How to get a Voucher:
Enter your voucher code during the checkout on the confirmation page.

Voucher “WMService”

Scope of Service
Voucher can be used to buy one of the Watchmaster Service packages “Basic, Premium or Executive”.

- The voucher is valid for 24 months
- Can only be redeemed for a watch bought at Watchmaster
- Not redeemable for cash
- Appointment must be booked in advance
- The voucher can only be used in combination with one of our Service packages “Basic, Premium or Executive”
- Only 1 “WMService” Voucher is allowed to be used for buying a Service package
- Redeemable only at Watchmaster ICP GmbH.

Voucher "Winter2016", "LoveIsAGift" and "FreePolishing"

Scope of services:
- All the works are executed by Watchmaster´s watchmakers
- Gauge accuracy & waterproof test
- Optical polishing of metal bracelet as well as cleaning the case
- Removal of superficial scratches

Conditions: :
- The voucher is valid for 24 months :
- Can only be redeemed for a watch bought at Watchmaster :
- Not redeemable for cash :
- All Shipping costs must be covered by the customer. :
- A binding appointment must be booked in advance. :
- The quality of the result and the elimination of possible scratches depends on the original condition of the watch. Watchmaster seeks to bring it into the best possible condition. Additional works can be done on a fee base after consulting - the customer. No guarantee for water resistance. :
- Redeemable only at Watchmaster ICP GmbH. :

Price verification:
The value of the voucher is based on the price of the named services when the offer was published (01.11.2016).

Tax Free Germany

    What is Tax Free Germany and how does it work?
    • We offer customers who travelled from foreign countries to Germany the Tax Free Service. If you collect your watch in person, you will get your sales tax refunded.

      As a customer, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

      1. Your residence is in a NON-EU member state and you can prove it to the customs officers with personal documents. Your citizenship does not matter.
      2. You do NOT hold an EU residence permit that allows you to stay for more than 3 months.
      3. You need to take the product out of the EU in your personal luggage within 3 months of your purchase.
      4. You collect the product in person at one of our offices.

      When you collect the product in person, you will receive a Tax Free Germany form together with your receipt in an envelope.

      Please fill out this form with your address and sign it!

      When you exit the EU, you need to get a confirmation of the export by the customs officers. You can only get it at the point when you exit the EU - usually the airport or the border to a non-Eu country. You need to show the purchased product, the Tax Free Germany voucher with the appropriate receipt and your passport to the responsible customs office. The customs stamp will serve as a confirmation of export.

      For more information, please see informieren.

    You were not able to find the answer to your question here?

    • Contact us directly by sending an email to Your enquiry will be answered as soon as possible.

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