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Rolex Explorer II
A closer inspection: The Rolex Explorer II 16570
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Rolex Explorer II 16570
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14 Days Easy Returns
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Rolex Explorer II
A closer inspection: The Rolex Explorer II 16570

A closer inspection: The Rolex Explorer II 16570

You don't have to plan to conquer the Seven Summits in order to justify buying a Rolex Explorer II 16570. Simply pursue each goal you set yourself, purposefully and unconditionally – just like this watch will on your wrist.

To the top: Rolex Explorer II 16570

The development of the Explorer series by Rolex has always been driven by the condition of being able to withstand extreme situations without restriction. The first Explorer model appeared in 1953. At that time, it carried the name Oyster Perpetual Explorer in order to pay tribute to the achievements of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on the first ascent of Mount Everest. Rolex had supported the mission to test the durability of its watches under real conditions. The Rolex Explorer II, introduced in 1971, was a further development of this mission. It was originally designed to meet the needs of cave and polar explorers, who often work in absolute darkness and cannot orient themselves by the sun. Rolex solved the problem by adding an orange 24-hour indicator to the Explorer II. Despite its comparatively young history, the watch has become a reference among collectors.

The Rolex Explorer II is often referred to as the "most non-Rolex watch" of the Swiss Manufacturer. But precisely because it combines understatement and the high reliability of Rolex watches, it is very popular among those who like to wander on the edges of the well-known world. The Ref. 16570, sold since 1988, is no exception.

Best reasons to buy an Explorer II 16570

If you've been struggling with the question of – finally – buying a Rolex for some time, but have been stopped by the price and prejudiced image, the Explorer II 16570 with black dial could be the ice breaker for you:

  • Performance: The 16570 scores with its unpretentious appearance. For example, the case is smaller in comparison to the Explorer II successor 216750 and, in contrast to the GMT Master II, has an unsanitised bracelet. This makes the Rolex Explorer II 16570 an affordable "Sportie" for almost any occasion.

  • Quality: Rolex watches are not without reason the ones with the highest recognition level. First-class workmanship, precision and iconic designs support this reputation. The Explorer II 16570 is in no way inferior. Especially as a tough daily rocker, it has built up a loyal fan base.

  • Price: A new Explorer II 216570 costs €7,350, whereas a pre-owned Rolex Explorer II 216570 only costs about €5,000. This investment is quite moderate by Rolex standards and is therefore an ideal entry-level model to make a direct (under)statement.

  • Statement: Because if you consider buying an Explorer II, you still have to explain, despite the undeniable advantages of this model, why it won't be a Datejust or GMT Master II. Exactly because the decision for a 16570 goes hand in hand with a long pro and con list, a purchase of the 16570 shows that one has not simply decided in favour of a "safe" purchase, which everyone immediately identifies as such, but that one has really looked into the matter and is able to swim against the current.

  • Future: The Explorer II is still something of an insider's tip (still well-known though), waiting for its breakthrough. It is very likely, however, that this will change soon and older models such as the 16570 will become even more popular collectors' models.

The beauty of simplicity: Optical and technical features

There are certainly more colourful and more valuable Rolex models. On the other hand, the Explorer II 16570 is characterised by its compact, durable workmanship and very good readability. In a straightforward way, it embodies the expectations of Rolex and its worldwide wearers for the functionality and durability of a professional watch. The Oystersteel case and the bracelet are forming the frame for the stability of the watch. The Oysterlock folding clasp ensures that the bracelet does not open by itself and will always stay securely on the wrist. The dial is bold in black or white, from which the luminescent symbols of the hours and line indices of the hands stand out very well. Particularly to emphasise is the exceptional luminosity of the coating.

The watch is powered by a calibre 3185 or 3186, which is also used in the GMT Master II and focuses on shock resistance and durability against temperature fluctuations. The Explorer II is waterproof up to 100 m and has a power reserve of 50 hours.

How much does an Explorer II 16570 cost?

The Rolex Explorer II generations at a glance

Rolex Explorer II 1655 Rolex Explorer II 16570 Rolex Explorer II 216570
Price pre-ownedFrom €19,270 From €4,590 From €6,560
Production period1970 – 1985 1988 – 2005 2014 – today
Case 40 mm, stainless-steel 40 mm, stainless-steel 42 mm, stainless-steel
Calibre Calibre 1575 Calibre 3185 and 3186 Calibre 3187
Bracelet Oyster with Easy Link Oyster with Easy Link Oyster with Easy Link
Bezel steel, fixed steel, fixed steel, fixed

Investing in a Rolex Explorer II 16570?

As much as opinions differ in question about the Explorer, it is also on its way to becoming a classic. Especially models not being produced anymore in particular are being searched for in watch forums and at online retailers.

The increase in value of the Explorer II is more than €5,000 compared to the original price of a model from 1994. The last price increase was in 2014 (at that time 350 euros) and the period without an increase is already so far back that it is possible to speculate on another price increase. A further guarantee for an investment is the general value stability of Rolex.

Competition within the company

The Explorer's status as an underdog among the Rolex models derives not only from the company's "luxury problem" that basically all of its models have become legends in the watchmaking industry. Some of the in-house competitors are, for example, the following models.

  • The Rolex Submariner (Ref. 116610 LV) also known as "Hulk". The Submariner was the first wristwatch with a water resistance of up to 100 meters. Rolex has always continued to develop this story of success and succeeded in expanding the magic limit to 300 m. Making it one of the best-known watches ever. In contrast to the Explorer II, the bezel can be rotated to precisely determine the time period, e.g. when ascending after a dive.

  • The Sea-Dweller (Ref. 16600) originated from the Submariner. It owes its fame to the models supplied for COMEX divers. Due to the thicker glass, which withstands enormous pressure, it is top-heavier than its sisters "Sub" and Explorer II and broke new diving records for watches over and over again.

    From the depth up to the heights that not even the toughest climbers can reach.

  • The Rolex GMT-Master II (Ref. 16710) has the same calibre as the Explorer II, but unlike the Explorer II, you can set a different time zone with the rotating bezel. In the meantime, the two-coloured bezels have gained iconic status.

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