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TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer owns its extreme popularity to two reasons: their stylish racing watches and their claim to supply high-end luxury for affordable prices. A perfect brand for people who love motor sports, value avantgardistic style or want to find great entry-level models.

TAG Heuer
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TAG Heuer's story: avantgardism and innovation

TAG Heuer is a name that is associated with avantgardism in watchmaking like no other. The company strives to be a rebel in the Swiss watchmaking industry, breaking with traditional watchmaking conventions.

The company is looking back on a success story that is in no way inferior to other major Swiss watch manufacturers. After Edouard Heuer opened his first watchmaking workshop in the small Saint-Imier in the Swiss canton of Basel, the brand, which at that time still ran under the name "Heuer", was soon appreciated for its solid craftsmanship and innovative design.
An important milestone in 1916 was the development of the micrograph. It was the first stopwatch that could stop exactly one hundredth of a second. Only 3 months later, the company even surpassed this record and announced the microtimer Flying 1000, which worked precisely to within one thousandth of a second. The first quartz chronograph with analog display was also introduced almost 70 years later by TAG Heuer.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the company pushed the development of high-precision chronographs forward. This resulted in connections to various sports, which still characterizes the company today. Heuer watches were used as timepieces of various sporting events, including in the emerging motorsport. From 1920 Heuer was three times in a row official timekeeper at the Olympics until they were replaced in 1932 by Omega.
After Heuer was acquired by Techniques d'Avant Garde (TAG) in the 1980s, the company finally received its current name "TAG Heuer".

Even today TAG Heuer surprises again and again with new innovative concepts. In 2004, for example, the Monaco V4 was introduced, which astonished the entire world of watchmaking. It contained the first movement that drives the hands not over cogs, but belts - an innovation that has long been considered not practical.

In 2015, TAG Heuer proved with Connected that traditional watchmaking and smart technology need not be fundamentally sperated, with the company partnering with Intel and Google to launch a smartwatch that combines technology with the charm of a classic luxury watch.

TAG Heuer Formula 1

"Never Crack under Pressure" - a brand for strong personalities

TAG Heuer's watches are considered a tribute to non-conformism and to extraordinary personalities who follow their own path. In the meantime, TAG Heuer has also immortalized this attitude in the guideline "Never crack under pressure", which symbolizes the quality demands of watches and emphasizes the character strength of those for whom they are created.
This is one of the reasons why TAG Heuer works in partnership with prominent athletes and artists - people who give their all on a daily basis and who deliver top performance even under pressure.
The claim to provide high quality luxury at reasonable prices is another guarantee of the company's popularity. Series like the Aquaracer and the Formula 1 offer a range of great entry-level models that are both stylish and affordable. In 2015, TAG Heuer became known for having the cheapest tourbillon chronograph in Switzerland, which was much cheaper than most comparable models from other brands.

TAG Heuer Monaco

TAG Heuer's way to success

TAG Heuer is known for its racing-inspired style, whos designs play with the futuristic aesthetics of dashboard displays. Most models are masculine, distinctive and modern.
After Heuer's watches became very popular with racers in the 1970s, the company was increasingly taking root in motorsport. Many of TAG Heuer's best-known models have been tributes to the world of motor racing and have made their fans' hearts beat faster with names like Carrera, Monaco and Daytona. The bigest waves struck the racing-affine Hollywood star Steve McQueen, who wore a blue-and-white Monaco in his most famous movie "Le Mans" in 1970. In addition, partnerships with Ferrari and McLaren helped the model gain icon status among fans of various disciplines.
But the notoriety TAG Heuer is not limited to the world of motorsport. Today TAG Heuer is popular with countless world stars from Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt to Christiano Ronaldo and is often seen on their wrists. Together with Tiger Woods, the Swiss manufacturer even developed a "Golf Watch" made of titanium, which has coped with the strong arm movements in golf. The face of the TAG´s current campaign "Do not crack under pressure" is Cara Delevigne.
Anyone who dresses casually in style will find with watches like the TAG Heuer Monaco the perfect complement to his outfits. At the same time, TAG Heuer also has a range of elegant women's watches, such as the TAG Heuer Carrera Lady, in which the brand's sporting heritage only sounds discreet.

Invest in pre-owned and vintage TAG Heuer watches

TAG Heuer offers best quality movements, which also is reflected in the performance of their models. For example, between 2004 and 2016, the Caliber 12 Automatic Chronograph increased in value from around € 2,500 to € 4,600. Investing in a TAG Heuer watch is therefore a worthwhile consideration. Special editions are constantly increasing in value.

TAG Heuer Formula 1

Top reasons to buy a TAG Heuer watch

  • Highest precision of TAG Heuer timepieces
  • Absolute classics among chronograph models
  • Sporty design with a high recognition value
  • Continuous increase in value

The 5 most popular models from TAG Heuer

  • The TAG Heuer Formula 1 pays homage to the eponymous motor racing series, which TAG Heuer has long been supplying with measuring devices. Due to its low prices and high quality, the series enjoys great popularity as a beginner model.
  • Named after the world's most dangerous car rally, the Carrera Panamerikana, the TAG Heuer Carrera radiates virility and thirst for adventure with its futuristic chronograph design. And this look is more than a mere facade: The Carrera was created as a robust racing driver's watch, which should withstand the strong vibrations and even hardest rumbles of motor sports. For people who like it more classic, there are also classic versions with leather strap and no stop function.
  • The Monaco of TAG Heuer is named after the famous Grand Prix race in Monaco. It stands for luxury, adventure and retro flair. The series of the same name combines a bit of everything and attracts everyone's attention with its square case. Since the actor Steve McQueen wore it in the movie "Le Mans", it has become the absolute iconic model among motorsport and watch lovers.
  • As one of the leading brands for luxury sports watches, TAG Heuer also offers a range of diver's watches. The stylish Aquaracer has been a bestseller of TAG Heuer for decades and is available in numerous variants for men and women. With its excellent water resistance, the series is ideal for scuba divers or relaxing afternoons by the pool.
  • With the TAG Heuer Connected, the company dares to take a step into the digital future: The Smartwatch can be connected to all Google and Android devices and even Apple iPhones. Equipped with an INTEL Duo Core processor, it displays appointments, messages, and calls in addition to time, while remaining true to the brand's style.

TAG Heuer Carrera

Buy a TAG Heuer online

Our online shop has a large selection of TAG Heuer watches used and vintage to offer. Our certificate of authenticity guarantees that all models have been tested and certified by our watchmakers at our in-house service center. If you've already found your favorite watch, you can conveniently pay for your TAG Heuer by credit card or make your purchase as installment. Choosing finance is especially worthwhile if you plan your investment on a long term and want to see the money in your account for longer. Pay the purchase amount in small installments over a longer period.
We inform you on our website about all financing possibilities offered by us, acquire your TAG Heuer today.

What are the cost of a TAG Heuer? - Models and Prices

Carrera / CAR2A10.BA0799
4.500 €
Material: Stainless Steel
Main Features: Black bezel, Tachymeter, black dial

Formula 1 / CAZ2010.BA0876
2.500 €
Material: Stainless Steel
Main Features: Silver bezel, Tachymeter, black dial

Aquaracer / CAN1010.BA0821
2.100 €
Material: Stainless Steel
Main Features: Black, turnable bezel, black dial, glow in the dark indexes

Monaco / CAW211P.FC6356
5.250 €
Material: Stainless Steel
Main Features: Blue dial, hands & indexes in red/white, leather strap, square shape

Connected / SAR8A80.FT6045
1.400 €
Material: Titan
Main Features: Smartwatch with INTEL Dual Core Processor

Grand Carrera / CAV518B.FC6237
7.650 €
Material: Titan
Main Features: Black dial, Tachymeter, leather strap
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