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Rolex GMT-Master II
Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116719BLRO: The Pepsi in white gold with blue dial
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Rolex GMT-Master II
Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116719BLRO: The Pepsi in white gold with blue dial

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Features of the Pepsi in white gold with blue dial

If it says Rolex, it's a Rolex. The Pepsi in white gold (Reference 116719BLRO) is no exception. By employing white gold for the case and bracelet, the 116719BLRO has been enriched with an exclusive and attractive innovation. In contrast to stainless steel, white gold gives the watch a subtle matte luster that makes it shine in the silver to gold color spectrum depending on the incoming light. Since Rolex produces its precious metal alloys in its in-house foundry, the appearance of the GMT-Master II 116719BLRO is absolutely unique and synonymous to this reference.

Another eye-catching feature is the front side of the case. Rolex managed one of the earliest technical achievements by creating two-tone cerachrome bezels. This made it possible to return to the roots of the series and showcase a bezel that is colored half red and half blue. The blue dial of the 116719BLRO was also new. It perfectly rounds off the color scheme by adding an additional color beyond the black dials and echoing the blue, nocturnal side of the bezel.

The Rolex 116719BLRO comes equipped with the Rolex caliber 3186 to ensure that the watch is not only beautiful to look at, but also provides the wearer with the functions they expect from a 116719BLRO. The movement can be wound in both directions and delivers power reserve of approximately 48 hours when fully wound with an accuracy of ±2 seconds per day. The GMT function of the 116719BLRO is activated via the Triplock crown by pulling it out to the second position and setting the red arrow hand as a reference for home or local time. The triple-secured crown also ensures that the GMT-Master II reference is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

5 reasons to buy a Rolex 116719BLRO

  • The unique design with ceramic bezel and blue dial make the white gold 116719BLRO an impressive accessory.

  • Despite its luxurious appearance, the 116719BLRO is an extremely functional and practical tool watch. .

  • The 116719BLRO marks a technical high point in Rolex' production history.

  • Rolex watches promise above-average durability and longevity due to their workmanship.

  • The 116719BLRO is rare due to its short production period, which makes this reference particularly interesting as a long-term investment.

A comparison of the 116719BLRO and 126710BLRO

Reference 116719BLRO 126710BLRO
Price 38,970 € 17,500 €
Case 40 mm, white gold 40 mm, stainless steel
Caliber 3186 3285
Bracelet Oyster Jubilee
Bezel Blue and red Blue and red
Dial Blue Black
Production period 2018 Since 2018

What are the similarities and differences between the 116719BLRO and 126710BLRO?

Let's start with the similarities between the models. Both references have the same inlays. The blue of the bezel has a slight violet coloration depending on whether natural or artificial light hits it. The production of the one-piece bezel and its two-tone division is the result of a long and complex process in which one half of the ceramic bezel is given a special coating that turns blue during sintering. Both "Pepsi" models have a water resistance of up to 100 m and a case diameter of 40 mm.

Of course, both variants of the "Pepsi" have the classic Rolex DNA and are also directly recognizable as models from the famous watch manufacturer, but when comparing the two models, the differences are quite striking. The successor of the 116719BLRO, for example, is made of stainless steel and comes with a Jubilee bracelet. This follows the original design of their pilot watches. Naturally, the different materials also have an effect on the weight of the watches. The 116719BLRO weighs almost 220 grams, while the 126710BLRO's stainless steel version weighs only about 150 grams. Whoever intends to buy a 116719BLRO will of course first check the price for a pre-owned model. Of course here, the 116719BLRO belongs to one of the comparatively expensive luxury watches, but has more stable in its value retention Because Rolex' stainless steel versions are currently experiencing a strong price trend, used prices are now almost double the list price. This can be explained by the high demand for stainless steel watches. As with all trends, it can also change direction at any time. With an investment in the extremely rare GMT-Master II 116719BLRO with a blue dial, however, you are making a purchase for a model that will not fall below a certain value, partly because of the valuable raw material.

The history behind the Rolex with the shortest production period

The excitement was huge when Rolex unveiled a new edition of its original GMT model with red-blue bezel at Baselworld 2014. The white gold finish underscored the royal appeal of this legendary timepiece from the brand with the crown. It seemed Rolex had found a worthy successor to the 116710BLNR and those considering buying an extraordinary GMT-Master II began saving or trading in their own watches.

It all could have been so beautiful. But shortly after the celebration, the hangover began. In September 2018, Rolex announced the discontinuation of the Pepsi 116719BLRO. If you look for that special Pepsi with a blue dial today, you have to look for a suitable model among the used 116719BLRO watches available. For those who already own a 116719BLRO, however, the GMT watch turned out to be a solid investment, since the list price from that time is almost identical to the pre-owned price for this reference in online shops today.

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