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Rolex Submariner
Don't be scared by the Rolex "Hulk"! This gentle and green giant also has its soft side.
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Rolex Submariner
Don't be scared by the Rolex "Hulk"! This gentle and green giant also has its soft side.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV "Hulk" watches for sale

The green Submariner Rolex "Hulk" - how Rolex found its way into the future

Even if you think naming such a high-tech luxury watch after one of the most brutal superheroes is not the best idea, the green Submariner watch also known as Rolex "Hulk" has established itself and gained a solid fan base. Righly if you read the specifications below.
The predecessor of the Rolex Hulk was launched in 2003 for the 50th anniversary of the Submariner as a model with a green bezel and black dial, which soon became known as Rolex "Kermit". The model lasted for seven years, before it was replaced in 2010 by the Submariner Hulk. Where the black dial was replaced by a green dial. Green always played an important role at Rolex, but was until then mainly used in merchandise and box design.

As it is so often in response to Rolex's radical break with tradition, it was a mixture of curiosity and accusation before the situation calmed down and the Submariner with the reference 116610LV slowly but steadily built up a fanbase. In retrospect, however, the direction that Rolex has taken in recent years can already be guessed at. Where competitors stagnated, Rolex challenged to play with their own traditions and open up to new stylistic ideas. Design is always subjective, but you do not have to find those choices attractive to pay tribute to their consistent implementation.

New Look, New Strengths: These updates were given to the Rolex Submariner "Hulk" ref. 116610LV

  • Maxi case and dial

    Each watch is always a document of its time. It carries in itself all the trends and philosophies that were popular in the market at that time. For the Hulk, that means adapting to maximization and even wider enclosures where a movement throughout the new lineup of all major brands at the beginning of this decade. Unlike the Explorer II, Rolex decided not to maximize the 40mm case of the Submariner and instead threw its own maxi-dial, which comes with larger and softer numbers, into the ring. These are represented as abstracted circles, triangles and rectangles. Gold dust, which has been blended into the color of the dial, guarantees that the green of the dial adapts to the light conditions and smoothly changes from a rich neon to a dull olive green. In the dark, the numbers glow in a soft blue.

  • Bezel and water resistance

    The green-colored ceramic Cerachrom bezel and platinum numerals promise long durability and replace the aluminum bezel, which was still used in the previous models. The unidirectional rotating bezel allows you to precisely measure the remaining oxygen and accurately record dives as well as decompression time. Like most watches of the series, the Rolex Submariner Hulk is now waterproof up to 30 bar or 300 meters. Of course, the crown is screwed in as well.

  • The Calibre

    The heart of the Hulk is the automatic movement with a caliber of 3135. Manufactured by Rolex since 1988, it stands out with high precision and long maintenance intervals. The power reserve of 48h is rather average, but the Parachrom spiral developed by Rolex ensures the impact resistance of the movement and also the protection against temperature fluctuations.

  • Wearability

    Despite all the technical specifications and styling attributes, at the end most of the time the wearability of a watch decides about its purchase. The Hulk therefore comes with the by Rolex invented "Glidelock" system, which allows the wearer to adjust the bracelet in a few steps by up to 20 mm. (Older models used a rather cumbersome extension). This is especially handy if you actually use your Submariner "Hulk" for diving and can extend the bracelet so the watch also fits over the diving suit.

Internal Fights: The Rolex Hulk ref. Submariner 116610LV in price comparison with other models

  • Hulk vs. Kermit

    The closest comparison for the Submariner 116610LV "Hulk" is of course its predecessor, the 16610LV "Kermit". As mentioned above, the Hulk is the much better crafted and higher quality watch of the two. The Cerachrom bezel is more durable than the Kermit’s aluminum bezel. The Hulk’s Glidelock system offers a more flexible and secure closure than the classic Kermit clam clasp. If you are still into the black and green design of Kermit, you should search for it quickly. The model has been discontinued since 2010 and has quickly risen in price thanks to its collector’s value. It also makes up great as an investment. You can find it in used condition now for around 12,000 €.

  • Hulk vs. Batman

    The discussion of Marvel vs. DC transfers in watch world to Submariner vs. GMT-Master II with the "Batman" baptized model (reference number 116710BLNR). 2013 Rolex presents a two-tone, black / blue bezel (the former colors of the Batman character) against the green giant. The models are similar in case diameter and have both a Maxi Dial, a ceramic bezel and an automatic movement. The Batman being driven by the 3186 caliber. The function of the GMT to be able to show two time zones at once is probably more suitable for everyday use than the Submariner, which is designed for divers. The Batman already runs out of pressure resistance at 100 m depth. The price of the Batman is around 8,000 € and has increased steadily since its launch. Rumors say that Rolex will announce at the Baselworld 2019 that the Batman will be discontinued, which will increase it´s collector's value even more.

  • Hulk vs. Submariner Date

    Finally, the classic version of the Submariner Date with the reference number 116610LN. Completely and classically held in black. It shares all other characteristics with the Hulk and satisfies purists who feel deterred by the green giant. This model is priced around € 7,500. For a new or pre-owned Hulk you will have to invest just shy under € 12,000.

Pre-owned or new: These are timepieces the Hulk is in competition with

Watches with green bezels and / or dials, are now available in almost all price ranges and versions, but only a few can compete with the Hulk. Panerai has an exclusive series called the "Green Dial", which uses deep, matte dark green dials and its own hand-wound calibres. If you can decide on a higher budget and are looking for a diver's watch with a similar design, you will find it with the Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite, which is made with a dark green gemstone. The 41 mm wide case is held either in yellow gold or platinum. Audemars Piguet also offers the Royal Oak Offshore Diver, a diver's watch, in both bright green and subdued khaki tones.

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