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Baume & Mercier has a long history with many exceptional but always highly innovative watches. As different as the models are, the timeless craftsmanship and excellent functionality of the watches and chronographs are convincing on all levels.  More

Baume et Mercier
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Current collection

  • The classic Clifton Baumatic collection is getting new models equipped with a Baumatic caliber BM13 and an additional case variant in pink gold. The timeless design and the innovative performance make the watches of this series a simple but emphatic statement of the company.
  • Classima Lady: In 2019, Baume & Mercier will present eight new models in the Classima family. Thanks to their different sizes and the choice between a quartz or automatic movement, every customer will find the right companion.
  • For almost seventy years now, the sporty line of the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club has embodied Baume & Mercier's expertise in perfecting its models down to the smallest detail. Now it has been extended with classically elegant sports models that accompany their wearers on every adventure.

The best reasons for buying a Baume & Mercier watch

  • Extraordinary design and fancy watches
  • Finest craftsmanship
  • Excellent accuracy and precision
  • High-quality luxury watches in the lower price segment

Baume Mercier Classima 8868 watch automatic

What is the price of a Baume & Mercier watch?

  • The Baume & Mercier Classima M0A10226 has a blue leather strap with a crocodile look. The women's watch with 36.5 mm large steel case comes with an elegant mother-of-pearl dial and diamond indices. The price is around 950 € and is therefore perfect for beginners.

  • The Baume & Mercier Classima Executives 8868 is a true classic. With the black leather strap and silver-white dial, the watch could hardly be simpler. The Roman numerals at three, six, nine and twelve o'clock give the watch extra accents. With 1390 € you get a high-precision luxury watch for an affordable price.

  • The Baume & Mercier Riviera is a fine yellow gold and steel watch with a black twelve-cornered bezel. It has a white dial with a date display at six o'clock. For this particular piece you have to expect a price of about 1950 €.

  • A particularly elegant watch is the Baume & Mercier Malibu MOA06251. The bracelet as well as the bezel are held in bright yellow gold. The dial, however, is simply white and provided with Roman indices. The watch is with its 28mm very small therefore very popular as a ladies watch. If you want to know the watch on your wrist, you have to expect about 2280 €.

  • For any gentleman who likes it classic but still eye-catching, the rectangular Baume & Mercier Hampton M0A10030 could be just the right model. For 2250 € you get a high quality chronograph with black leather strap and steel case. The dial is dark grey and thus provides an outstanding contrast to the deep black bracelet. In addition, the chronograph is equipped with two additional totalizers on three and nine o'clock. At six o'clock there is an additional date display.

Baume & Mercier watches as an investment

The collections of this brand are as unusual and different as you can hardly find in another. Classics such as the Marquise, Classima or Hampton still enjoy great popularity and demand for both ladies and gentlemen. More specialized models such as the Stardust or Galaxy are rarer and therefore harder to get, which could be an interesting investment for collectors.

The top series of Baume & Mercier

  • The Baume & Mercier Clifton was originally a pure men's series, it impressed with class and straightforwardness. Highly functional it was intended for the businessmen of the metropolises. Baume & Mercier, however, is known to go with the changing times. Today, where women are as independent and successful as men, the series has been expanded to include women's models.

  • The Classima is also a model that is equally popular with both men and women. The ultra-thin watch is equally elegant and highly precise, making it the perfect companion, whether in the office or for evening events.

  • The rectangular Hampton is a true classic despite its exceptional design. It is simple and elegant, but still a real eye-catcher. It is available in various materials such as stainless steel or leather, depending on individual preferences there is the watch with up to two additional totalizers or quite simply with only a date display at six o'clock.

  • The Baume & Mercier Capeland collection is a high performance chronograph for men. In the current collection is the Capeland 10067, which is equipped with an automatic movement. In addition, a tachymeter display, a telemeter display and a date function are installed on the dial.

  • The Baume & Mercier Promesse is a ladies watch, which is available in many variations. The latest collection is a watch with a colorful bracelet. Who does not like it so colorful, but still exclusive, for the diamond-studded models could be the right one. The delicate dial, which usually comes in mother of pearl, gives the watch the finishing touch and refines the femininity of each lady.

The Story of Baume & Mercier

In 1830, the brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume opened the watch store "Frères Baume" in Les Bois, a small village in the Swiss Jura. The brothers strived from the beginning to perfection and the highest accuracy of their watches. With these attributes, the small business soon enjoyed great popularity. The Swiss watches were remarkably innovative and always one step ahead of their time. The company's motto "Satisfied only with perfection. Only making watches of the highest quality "was seen in the company as a guideline and has always been a guarantee for watches of maximum exclusivity. When Louis-Victor gave his daughter a golden pocket watch from his own production in 1869, this was the precursor to the exclusive ladies' watches, which played an important role throughout the history of Baume & Mercier. Based on their first store "Frères Baume", the brothers soon opened another store in London called "Baume Brothers". The operation went so well that they were soon able to open more stores in the United Kingdom, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Burma, all of which were immediately successful.

Baume Mercier Capeland M0A10083 watch

The brothers' watches stood for wealth as well as for innovation and genius. So it is not surprising that the chronographs won the Grand Prix and 7 gold medals 10 times over time. Apart from these legendary awards, the watches regularly set precision records and won numerous timekeeping competitions. In 1892, the Baume brothers then won a test with the pocket watch "Tourbillon", which was carried out by the Kew Observatory, whose accuracy was unchallenged for 10 years.
In 1918, the two brothers joined with Paul Mercier and founded the now well-known luxury watch company Baume & Mercier. Continuing to focus on driving exclusivity and brilliance, the brand soon became one of the most sought after wristwatch company in the world. The models convince with unusual shapes such as asymmetry or edges, which nevertheless reflected balance and perfect form.
Just one year later, in 1919, the company was awarded the Poinçon de Geneve (or Geneve Seal of Approval) for its particularly sophisticated craftsmanship and high quality. This seal guarantees the exceptional craftsmanship, high quality and longevity of the excellent watches. Always being oriented towards the current time, the brand focused especially on the ladies during the Golden 20s. Inspired by the ever-increasing emancipation of women, Baume & Mercier published wristwatches that expressed both femininity and strength and innovation.

In 1940, the Marquise introduced one of the brand's most successful series. With the solid bangle and the dial integrated into it, the watch is more of a jewel and thus breaks all the norms one is used to in the wristwatch world. It was both practical and aesthetic at the same time. The success the company achieved with the Marquise proved that women of this time have been waiting only for such individual watches. In fact, then followed by other ”form watches” which became more extraordinary and did not bring the typical round dial with it. Another successful series, which is still present in the assortment, is the rectangular Hampton collection. Between the 50s and 60s, the brand was back to a more classic design and called the series accordingly "Classima". Wristwatches with round dials were again increasingly produced which count today, fittingly to the name, as a classic.

In the spirit of the wild 70s Baume & Mercier surprised with a number of unusual models. These include, for example, the asymmetric Galaxy or Stardust. However, the company was not only able to impress with uniqueness visually. In 1973, Baume & Mercier recognized social change very early and released the legendary Rivera, which was one of the first stainless steel sports watches at that time. As you can see, the history of this extraordinary brand is just as varied as its watch collections.

The Philosophy of Baume & Mercier

The present make many new demands for the manufacturers of luxury watches and their products. For example, the many magnetic fields that result from technological progress today influence the sensitive individual parts of watches. For the younger clientele, it is not so much a romantic bond as practical use, robustness and the sustainability of a company that decides whether or not to buy. Baume & Mercier is aware of these challenges and meets them with a serious appearance - Baume & Mercier is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and is involved in the NGO 1001 Fountains, which is dedicated to providing the rural population in Cambodia with access to clean drinking water - and to researching new materials that the new environmental conditions cannot harm. Baume & Mercier does not lose its vanity in concealing its affiliation to the Richemont Group and its own status as an Établisseur. Rather, the knowledge of the many watch brands and specialist companies that belong to the Group is used to guarantee the further development of products of the highest quality.
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