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Elegant, unusual designs - Boucheron radiates luxury through out. Like the jewels, the watches are made of the finest materials and are reminiscent of flowing fabrics. The reliable timepieces are the perfect companion to any evening wear.  More

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Have you already found a nice timepiece and would like to finance your Boucheron now? Thanks to our financing partner V12, you can choose how much your monthly installments should be so that you can plan for a longer term. Alternatively, you can buy your Boucheron watch and use the most common kinds of payment - whether the classic bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.'' In our online shop we offer not only new and vintage models but also certified used watches from Boucheron at reasonable prices.
If you have further questions, our customer service is at your disposal. Each watch is cleaned, refurbished and tested by our master watchmakers prior to the sale. It will then be given a certificate of authenticity, so you can always be sure to hold an original in your hands. Take a look on our website.

Popular collections of Boucheron

  • The Boucheron Reflet is an elegant watch with a mostly eye-catching rectangular design. A special aspect of this collection is that the bracelet can be easily replaced by an invisible mount on the case. This allows you to change the design of your watch over and over again.
  • The Boucheron Serpent Bohème is more reminiscent of a luxurious piece of jewelry than a simple watch. The watch appears small and dainty, but the case is set with glittering diamonds that make every woman shine.
  • With the Épure collection Boucheron focuses on the simplicity. The dial could hardly be more classic, with a blend of Arabic and breguette indices, the watch focuses on the essentials to support its wearer in beautiful moments of life.
  • An extended collection of these is the Épure D'Art. Talented watchmakers craft each dial filigree by hand to create unique pieces of art. The models in this collection are eye-catching, unique watches that immediately catch your eye.

The best reasons to buy a used Boucheron watch for a cheap price

  • Unique, filigree designs of cases and bracelets
  • Movements from renowned Swiss watch manufacturers
  • Used models are available at much cheaper prices
  • Prestigious brand with a long history
  • Highest quality material such as gold and silver

Interesting models of Boucheron watches and their prices

Boucheron Reflet A241
Women's Watch
Used from: About 1.700 €
Material: Yellow gold
Features: Grooved case and bracelet, minimalist design without indexes, quartz movement

Boucheron Reflet A78460
Women's Watch
Used from: About 1.700 €
Material: Steel and yellow gold case and bracelet
Features: Grooved, rectangular case and bracelet, stick indices, quartz movement

Boucheron Reflet XL AUTOMATIC
Men's Watch
Used from: 3.100 €
Material: Steel case and bracelet
Features: Automatic movement, stick indices, rectangular and serrated housing

Boucheron Classique AUTOMATIC
Women's Watch
Used from: About 5,000 €
Material: Yellow gold case, leather strap
Features: Automatic movement, Arabic and breguette indices, square case

Boucheron Paname WA010207
Men's Watch
Used from: About 2.300 €
Material: Steel housing
Features: Automatic movement, chrystal on the back, Date display

The story of Boucheron

In 1858 Frédéric Boucheron founded a small jewelry boutique in Paris - back then the center of the luxury world. He originally came from a family of drapers and broke with the tradition of his family by entering the jewelry business. Nevertheless, he was inspired by the flowing fabrics of his youth in his creations. He worked this with hard materials such as gold and stainless steel, but crafted them in such unusual and filigree ways that they were supple as silk and laces. The extraordinary and bold designs of the brand were created from the very beginning of the finest raw materials, whereby the jewelry quickly became very popular. In 1866 the doors of a workshop opened, which, two years later, produced the Serpent Bohème collection. Inspired by light, playful designs, it is still a true classic, which is invented again and again by different colored gems.

Boucheron received numerous awards in the next years, for example, at the 1878 World's Fair he won the first prize for a sapphire-studded necklace.
In 1887, the company buys the diamonds of the French crown and uses them to create other collections inspired by the original crown jewels.
The designs of Boucheron are closely related to the forms of nature. The jewels of the brand should sprout life and not symbolize not only cold gems. So you will find many forms such as animals and flowers in their offer.
In 1893, the company moved to the Place Vendôme which is known for its luxury stores. Five years later, it also opened its first branch abroad. Moscow, like Boucheron, was known for its splendor and glamour, and was therefore the perfect location.

Boucheron's portfolio includes jewelry, watches and perfume. The timepieces are closely linked to the unique design of the brand and exude with special high quality. Such an exclusive company not only sets its priorities on exceptional quality of workmanship and choice of materials, but also the technical equipment and functionality must be at the highest level to meet the brand name.
The movements of the models have therefore always come from well-known Swiss watch brands such as Vacheron Constantin. Girard-Perregaux has been the exclusive supplier since 2007. With Girard-Perregaux, Boucheron has found a partner that distinguishes an equally glorious and prestigious history.
The founder's vision for his timepieces was that the watch should accompany and point away every beautiful moment of a life. So he called his first collection "Joyful Hours".

These personalities wear Boucheron watches

Boucheron has always been popular with prestigious personalities. The jewels and gems were worn by the high society of the world. Among them are Czar Alexander III and Queen Elizabeth. Also, the famous French singer Édith Piaf gave her great love, Marcel Cerdan, a special selected watch. Today customers include actors and stars such as Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman or Penelope Cruz.
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