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Breguet watches

The brand Breguet is characterized by an innovative spirit. Already the founder A.-L. Breguet invented groundbreaking functions within the watch industry, today the company picks up on inventiveness and brings top-class timepieces to the market.

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Tradition with many ancestors

When Abraham-Louis Breguet (born 10.01.1747) left his hometown, the city of Neuchâtel, in the eponymous, predominantly French-speaking canton of Switzerland, he had a dream - he wanted to learn the art of watchmaking and make a living out of it. Abraham-Louis acted purposefully, in Versailles and Paris he completed his watchmaker apprenticeship. At the age of 28, with the support of Abbot Joseph-François Marie, he masters the big step: In 1755 he opens his own workshop on the Ile de la Cité in Paris. Thanks to the support of Abbot and its connections, Breguet is also was introduced to the French royal court. Due to his talent, the aspiring watchmaker quickly wins an imposing clientele of French nobility. But after the outbreak of the French Revolution, Abraham-Louis Breguet had to leave France and didn’t returned until 1795 to rebuild his business. What he then found, however, was a completely changed France. Without further ado, he shifted his business abroad.

Especially in Russia Breguet's trade fell on fertile ground, in 1808 he founded a branch in St. Petersburg. However, force majeure interfered again, and three years after the opening of the Russian branch, Czar Alexander I banned imports of French products to Russia in response to Napoleon's policy. One of Breguet's best and most famous clients at the time is the young sister of Napoleon and Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat. A.-L. Breguet designed the first watch intended to be worn on the wrist: An ultra-flat repeater watch with a bracelet made of with hair twisted gold. In the summer of 1813, when the crisis in Europe reached its climax and Breguet has already lost most of its customers, the queen buys twelve watches from her favorite watchmaker. So she gives Breguet urgently needed money. Breguet does everything to fulfill all wishes of Caroline Murat. In the course of his career, Abraham-Louis Breguet shone with some groundbreaking inventions such as the "Parachute" shock absorber, the famous Breguet hands and numerals, the keyless winding mechanism or the tourbillon. Even today, Breguet is the world's largest manufacturer of tourbillons.

In 1824 the management of the company changed. Antoine-Louis Breguet, the founder's only son, takes over and continues to run his father's business. Antoine-Louis had been familiar with watchmaking since its childhood. Likewise his son Louis-Clément, who took the heritage of the family into a new direction: He understood that watches not only exerts a fascination from the upper class. Only the wealthy could afford timepieces at this time, which immensely reduced the potential customer base. So he decides to expand the business field: From then on, he counts more and more on physical equipment. Watchmaking was neglected among Breguet's grandchildren, after all Louis-Clément sold in 1870 the watch division to the current workshop manager Edward Brown. Brown was a heart and soul watchmaker, he knew about the importance of the Breguet legacy and brought the brand to the forefront of the watch industry for the next 100 years. In 1970, the company changed hands again. The watchmaker's descendants sold it to the Chaumet brothers, the heirs of a well-known Parisian jeweler. After 17 more years, the company was taken over by the bank Investcorp. A time of upheaval for the established brand began. The production was immediately relocated to Switzerland. Specifically in the Vallée de Joux, the valley is now considered the birthplace of some well-known luxury watch brands. With the development of markets in the US and Asia, Breguet has been in constant flux. The company was developing very well and adapted quickly.

Shortly before the turn of the millennium, in 1999, Breguet experienced a rebirth. The manufacturer now belonged to the Swiss Swatch Group. Thanks to the competent leadership of CEO Nicolas G. Hayek, the excellence of watchmakers and financial support, Breguet is now doing as well as it did in the early years of the company's history. Thanks to the restless innovations, over the next ten years more than 900 patents were granted to the company. After the CEO died, his grandson Marc A. Hayek took over the management of Swatch Group's most famous manufacturer and continues to run the company today. The spirit of innovation of the founder lives on, the classic watches from Breguet offer again plenty of space for new technologies. Breguet was the first to use escape wheel like anchor made of silicon; Another milestone was the inhibition of ten Hertz or the non-contact bearing of the balance between two magnets. One thing we can say with certainty: that's not over, the future will be exciting!

A vintage Breguet watch as considerable investment

Usually you buy a watch because you like it. However, in times of low interest rates, luxury watches become more and more interesting as an investment. But which watches, which brands, promise an increase in value? First of all, no one can guarantee you a positive price trend. Nevertheless, there are features that make it more likely to attract a return. On one hand, the reputation of the manufacturer is crucial, a brand like Breguet with reputation and a long tradition brings great potential. First and foremost, one can see an increase in value among Swiss manufacturers. In addition, the condition of the model is crucial as well, especially vintage watches can be good investments - if they are well preserved.

On the other hand, the number of produced series. The fewer models in circulation, the higher prices can be. Finally, the watch should be different from others. Special functions and totalisers are complications which are a tremendous opportunity for a watch gaining value. Vintage Breguet watches meet these criteria. Certainly Breguet is not cheap, but in the future, the popular timepieces could turn out much higher priced. Whatever one ultimately decides, a thorough research should be a prerequisite for the decision of a purchase.

5 best reasons why you should buy a Breguet watch

  • History - the fact Breguet has an incredible history is undisputed. You can identify with it and find the ambition to uphold the founder's visions convincing? Welcome in the family!
  • Status - A wristwatch tells the world outside a great deal about the character of the person who wears it. Especially nowadays, when nobody really needs a watch anymore, many of them wear it because of pure hobby. You can be particularly proud of a Breguet.
  • Design - The watches from Breguet have one thing above all, a high recognition value. Older models shine through clarity, others through incredible complications and insight into the inners of the timepiece.
  • Increase in value - Swiss watches, in particular, show a consistent increase in value. The most popular brands in terms of investment are Patek Philippe, Breguet, Rolex and Vacheron Constantin. An almost a safe bank!
  • Breguet Inventions - The number of inventions published by Breguet in the history of the company is huge. Most of them are patented. So you will never find many special features on watches of other manufacturers.

The most popular and well-known Breguet collections

  • The most classic collection, the Breguet Classique, is characterized by a timeless appearance. The models are based on the creations of the founder Abraham-Louis Breguet. The model Breguet Classique (Ref. 5140BB/12/9W6) contains the blued Breguet hands and the guilloche dial. It is to have used from 9.070 €.
  • The model line of the Breguet Tradition not only takes into account the talent, but also the pioneering spirit of the founder. Both sophisticated complications and modern innovations complement each other perfectly and form a respectable link between tradition and the future.
  • With its tonneau shape and roman numerals, the Breguet Héritage series brings a touch of nostalgia to the modern wardrobe. The Breguet Héritage (Ref. 8670BB/12/964) has a white gold case as well as blued Breguet hands and a guilloche dial. It is currently for sale for a price of 7.350 € in very good condition, including original box and papers.
  • The Breguet Marine collection differentiates a little. It is based on the seafaring and includes sportier leisure watches. As a tribute to A.-L. Breguet, then master watchmaker of the Royal Navy. This series offers the buyer the highest quality and comfort, refinement and appearance. The Breguet Marine (Ref. 5817ST/92/5V8) is a 36mm men's model with rubber strap, waterproof up to 10 bar. You can buy the model from 8.700 €.
  • The Breguet Reine de Naples series is based on the very first wristwatch the founder of the company created for Caroline Murat, Napoleon's sister. A striking feature is the oval dial with elongated roman numerals, as well as the diamond-studded case. The model Breguet Reine de Naples (Ref. 8928BA/51/J20 DD00) is available as a full set in very good condition from 36.000€. What is the company about?
From the beginning, the Breguet brand has been all about innovation. With numerous inventions that shaped the world of watchmaking, the company has a veritable fascination. According to Marc A. Hayek, currently president of the Montres Breguet SA, the company's credo is to create technology that serves the art of creating masterpieces of technical complexity. And it is precisely this unique combination of craftsmanship and undisputed cutting-edge technology that brings us closer to the brand and its collections.

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