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Breitling Avenger Blackbird

No matter what challenge you face, you’ll be sure to have a trusty companion with a Breitling Avenger Blackbird by your side.  More

Breitling Avenger Blackbird
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Buy and finance Breitling Avenger Blackbird

Avenger Blackbird: Featherweight titanium

Military inspired timepieces have always been well received within the fan community of watch enthusiasts. Even though collectors tend to prefer rare vintage military models, it is worth looking into the current offering and the future of these types of models. For it is within this exact area that Breitling is starting a new chapter in its long and successful history of pilot's watches. The Breitling Avenger Blackbird, the stealth bomber of pilot's watches as it were, does not make the decision which watch to buy any easier for Breitling chronograph fans.

However, if you have decided to buy a pre-owned Breitling Avenger Blackbird model, your only choice might be which of the many payment options to choose. For example, you can pay conveniently by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. If you prefer to pay in smaller instalments, financing the Avenger Blackbird through one of our partner banks might be the right option for you. The Watchmaster customer service team is at your disposal to advise you on all your options.

Features of the Avenger Blackbird

Staying true to the motto of the Avenger series “It's ready when you are!”, the focus of the Avenger Blackbird models is on robustness and functionality. The watch is far more than an accessory, it is also a reliable partner for every day-to-day situation. This concept is also reflected in the materials used, which are extremely durable according to long-term testing. The case is made of carbon-coated titanium and is characterised by an extremely light weight of less than 100 grams. The bracelet high-tech fabric bracelet and its rubber inner surface ensure that the watch is highly comfortable to wear. The 48 mm case diameter is in keeping with the unmistakable Breitling DNA that makes the brand so popular. Alternatively, the Blackbird watches are also available as a 44 mm version.

A further pleasing feature of the Breitling Avenger Blackbird is the easily readable face and uncluttered dial design. The hour and minute hands as well as the bar indices and the bezel tab at 12 o'clock are finished with a luminescent coat. The date display at 3 o'clock and the red second hand contrast nicely with the matte design of the rest of the watch, offering excellent readability. The bezel can only be rotated in one direction and its four tabs enable the exact measurement of time periods, such as those required for flying or diving.

With the Avenger Blackbird, Breitling has succeeded in creating a product that will convince customers who associated the Breitling brand image with mighty chronographs to perhaps think differently. With this Breitling, dare to be distinctive with this bold yet unflashy style. The Avenger Blackbird is equipped with automatic winding and has a power reserve of 38 hours. The watch is powered by a 28,800-half-vibration automatic high-frequency movement, the Breitling 17 Calibre, which is certified as an official COSC chronometer. With two seals fitted, the watch is water-resistant up to 300 metres. The crown is screwed in and has two additional seals.

Breitling Avenger Blackbird models and prices

  • The Avenger Blackbird (Ref. V1731010.BD12.100W.M20BASA.1): With an impressive 48 mm case and a robust fabric strap, this timepiece is the ideal companion for outdoor activities when the going gets tough. For a price of €3,530, this durable watch could be on your wrist in no time.

  • Those interested in underwater adventures, may find the perfect all-rounder in the Avenger Blackbird (Ref. V1731010.BD12.201S). With a water resistance of up to 300 metres, this Breitling can easily compete with the most popular diving watches, but also comes into its own on land. The rubber strap also ensures a perfect fit on the wrist. You will need a budget approximately €2,800 for this watch.

  • If the 48 mm seems too big on the wrist for you, then you should try your luck with the 44 mm version. The Breitling Avenger Blackbird 44 (Ref. V17311AU.I526.272S) offers the same features as its bigger brother, but without the prominent, powerful appearance. You can buy a pre-owned Avenger Blackbird 44 for approximately €2,000 depending on the version.

  • With a very visible case size of 48 mm yet still a sporty appearance, the Avenger Blackbird V17311010.BD12.136S is an eye catching style. The titanium case houses a solid automatic calibre and is fastened to your wrist by a robust rubber strap.

  • The Avenger Blackbird V1731010.BD12.105W.M20BASA.1 has a 48 mm titanium case, is water-resistant up to 300 metres, a dark green fabric strap and is fitted with precise Calibre 17. With its unmistakably military appearance, this watch is definitely equal to any challenge you throw at it.

Breitling's nod to the military

Naturally, any military affinity instantly divides opinions, but nonetheless Breitling should be applauded for the fact that this focus is the result of their long collaboration with the British Royal Air Force and the American US Air Force.

Anyone who is interested in Breitling watches, or who wears a Breitling watch, will be familiar with this perception. With the Avenger Blackbird, Breitling advances further into the field of modern military affairs. Precision alone is no longer enough. Becoming invisible through camouflage has become more and more important. The matte design of the watch and the use of high-tech materials certainly satisfy this requirement. While the watchmaker never advocates military action, anyone who wears a Breitling can be sure that they are in possession of a watch that meets the most stringent requirements in one of the most technological sectors.

Other interesting series

  • The Breitling Navitimer 01: With this favourite of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, you are guaranteed to get technical reliability, top performance and exceptional design. The iconic slide rule is a real visual highlight and adds to the charm of the dial.

  • To make an elegant statement in day-to-day life, the Transocean Day-Date features two windows for displaying the day and date at 12 and 3 o'clock. On the unobtrusive dial, the simple hours, minutes and second hands set the pace.

  • An ideal introduction to the world of Breitling is on offer in the Chronomat 44. The models in this collection embody both the young and invigorating direction of the brand and Breitling's military heritage. On the robust steel or precious metal case there is a unidirectional rotating bezel characteristic of the chronomat.

  • The Breitling Super Avenger II impresses with a highly aesthetic stainless steel case. While not as flashy as the black Avenger Blackbird, it is by no means less robust. The large case makes for an impressive, prominent look and is guaranteed to attract many looks of admiration.

  • The Breitling Avenger Seawolf is water-resistant up to 3000 metres and has a screw-in crown. The uncluttered dial and the robust rubber strap make the Seawolf the ideal companion for nautical adventures.

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