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Breitling SuperOcean

Breitling is known for its close connection to aviation. However, with the Breitling SuperOcean, the brand has proven that it can dive just as deep as it can fly high. Whether for professional divers or those who dive for leisure, there is something for everyone in this collection.  More

Breitling SuperOcean
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Buy and finance Breitling SuperOcean

Breitling has been present in the world of luxury watches for over 150 years. After the company released a wristwatch with a stopwatch function in 1915, the timepieces were highly appreciated, especially by pilots. With the Breitling SuperOcean, the brand finally turned its attention to a new area and took the underwater world by storm, winning the hearts of many diving watch fans.

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Visual and technical features of the SuperOcean

Over time, the Breitling SuperOcean has been revised from generation to generation. Today's models are water-resistant up to 2000 metres and have pressure balance valves to prevent the glass from breaking when the pressure is too high. The series has also undergone some visual changes. There are numerous colour and material variations available nowadays as well as different case sizes and dial designs. The dials vary greatly depending on the model. There are different coloured backgrounds, numbers as bar or dot indices and also Arabic numerals. On most models, the markings and hands are self-illuminating to provide good readability in the dark depths of the oceans. All models are also equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel that allows divers to calculate their remaining time underwater.

Current SuperOcean models are fitted with the famous Breitling 17 calibre, which is COSC-certified and may proudly label itself as a chronometer. This guarantees absolute precision and accuracy.

Breitling SuperOcean models and prices

  • The Breitling SuperOcean 44 (ref. A17391) is a robust men's watch with water resistance of up to 200 ATM, date display and a diver's bezel. The steel case houses a chronometer-certified automatic movement and is 44 mm in size. You can get this watch for a pre-owned price of approximately €2,700.

  • The Breitling SuperOcean (ref. A3238011) is water resistant up to 50 ATM and offers a transparent back cover through which you can admire the automatic movement at work. It also comes with a date window and second time zone option. Pre-owned, this costs at least €3,200.

  • The Breitling SuperOcean (ref. A17360) adds a bit of colour to the collection. This men's watch comes with a sporty blue dial, automatic movement and a steel case that is water-resistant up to 1,500 metres. You can find a pre-owned SuperOcean like this one for a price of €2,000 on the secondhand market.

  • For fans of precious metals, Breitling offers the SuperOcean (ref. C17391). Made of gold and stainless steel, this watch holds its own among its siblings and offers an impressive water resistance of 200 ATM for just under €3,300.

  • For a truly classic look, the Breitling SuperOcean (ref. A17345) combines a black dial, 42 mm steel case and steel bracelet. In addition, a water resistance of 5,000 ft or 1,524 metres provides the automatic movement with optimum protection in even the most difficult conditions.

  • For less than €2,000, you can currently buy certain SuperOcean reference A17340 models. Whether on the elegant black leather strap or the sporty steel bracelet, the SuperOcean A17340 model is a perfect starting point in the world of luxury watches. This model is also water-resistant up to 1,000 metres.

  • The SuperOcean (ref. A17040) is undoubtedly a much sportier model. With its steel case and bracelet and an orange dial, this model will be sure to get plenty of attention. For approximately €2,700 you will get a solid watch with a water-resistant case up to 1,000 metres.

The history of the Breitling SuperOcean

Until the 1950s, Breitling was mainly known for its aviation-focused watches. But then Breitling made it clear that they weren’t afraid of the challenges of developing an equally intimate relationship with nautical science and launched the first Breitling SuperOcean in the mid-1950s.

Breitling's standards for diving watches were just as high as those for pilot watches. In addition to a high water resistance, the watches needed to have optimal readability at all times, even in dark areas, and should also constitute an elegant timepiece on land. Design and functionality belong hand in hand and support the exclusive reputation of the company. Competitors were already successfully selling their diving models. While Omega's Seamaster was able to dive to a depth of 62 metres in 1955, the Rolex Submariner was already able to be taken to depths of up to 100 metres below sea level in 1953. So for Breitling the mission was clear: If they were to launch a diving watch, at the very least it had to be as robust as its competitors.

From the skies to the depths of the seas

In 1957, the time had come: The first Breitling SuperOcean was presented. The watch was even water-resistant to a spectacular 200 metres, overshadowing the competition. A clear design with oversized Arabic numerals and luminous hands gave the watch a high-quality appearance on the one hand, while also guaranteeing perfect readability in any environment on the other.

In 2007, Breitling celebrated the 50th anniversary of the model with the Superocean Heritage Collection. The Superocean Heritage is a tribute to the first of its kind and has been fitted with a steel mesh bracelet and the original Breitling logo from the 1950s, especially for this limited edition.

The Breitling SuperOcean in the spotlight

Naturally, a watch as prestigious as the SuperOcean is also popular with celebrities. Professional diver and pilot Herbert Nitsch enjoys wearing his Breitling SuperOcean to provide support on his deep-sea adventures. Professional poker player Joe Hachem likes to take risks in the game, but not in the choice of the timepiece he wears, which is why he also trusts the reliability of a Breitling SuperOcean. Swedish musician Henrik Nordvargr Björkk also regularly appears at his shows with a watch from the SuperOcean series on his wrist.

Breitling series you may also be interested in

  • Initially, the Breitling Colt Quartz was designed for military use. Thus, the watch had to be exceptionally robust and durable. A particularly noticeable feature are the four tabs on the bezel, which are frequently found on Breitling watches and therefore ensure a certain recognition value.

  • The Navitimer is probably the most famous pilot's watch of the Breitling brand. It was developed for pilots so they could use the timer to calculate the speed and fuel consumption of their aircraft. Today the watch is not just popular among pilots and their colleagues. The timeless and world-famous design also makes it a perfect accessory for a suit.

  • Combining one luxury brand with another is a surefire way to create a product that reaches a whole new level of exclusivity. That's exactly what happened with Breitling Bentley Motors watches. The models in the collection are as extravagant as they are high-quality and perfect for anyone who wants to attract attention with their timepiece.

  • The Breitling Super Avenger was designed with true adventurers in mind. For the very people who don't want to choose between two worlds. In this collection, the attributes of the pilot's watches are combined with those of the diver's watches. This watch will always be by your side to help.

  • One of the newer series from Breitling is the Chronoliner. It carries on from the success of the Navitimer and convinces with the latest technology and visual highlights such as the distinctive corrugated bezel. The integrated GMT function makes it a great choice for frequent travellers who like to keep an eye on a second time zone.

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