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World-famous, highly sought-after and extremely exclusive - Cartier's jewellry has been a symbol for splendid luxury for over 100 years. As a preferred supplier of not less than 15 royal dynasties, they have supplied more great personalities with jewels than anyone else.

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The History of Cartier - “King of the Jewelers"

The Paris-based luxury jewelery brand is considered as the purveyor of kings, above all because of its exquisite diadems. Founded in 1847 by Louis-Francoise Cartier, the then small jewelry manufacturer specialized in handcrafted gems modeled the idea of the Italian Renaissance. The unique and elaborate jewelry quickly became popular among affluent Parisians and gave Louis-Francoise the opportunity to serve the then Empress of France, Eugenie, with his world-class creations.

Other royal houses - including the British - thrilled for Cartier's unparalleled jewelry. An important step for Cartier, the brand grew faster than expected and moved in 1895 to the Boulevard de Italia. This year also marked the beginning of its breakthrough in the world of luxury watches: as a newcomer to the horology industry, the company initially produced custom-made pocket watches because wristwatches were still rare and not very popular. In 1874 Cartier's son Louis-Francoise-Alfred entered the business. With him the foundation of a separate watch division began. Already in 1888 he launched the first wristwatches of the brand on the market - a change that enormously increased range and prestige.

When Cartier launched the Tank Series in the early 1900s, it set new standards not only in terms of shape. The case is rectangular and based on the contour of the tanks used for the first time during the First World War. At the same time, the tank is also the first unisex watch that has become very popular with men and women alike. Andy Warhol and Princess Diana were both avowed fans of the clock. When Jackie Kennedy's model was auctioned in 2017, Kim Kardashian-West bought it for $ 379,500.

Cartier Watch in closeup

What is the price of a Cartier watch?

Ballon Bleu/ W6920002

Material: Stainless Steel
Key Features: Silver dial & bezel, crown spherically integrated in the bezel

3.400 €
Material: Stainless Steel, yellow gold
Key Features: Square shaped golden bezel, white dial

Tank Française/W51008Q3
3.100 €
Material: Stainless Steel
Key Features: Square bezel in silver, white dial

Pasha/ 1035
4.580 €
Material: Yellow gold
Key Features: Gold bezel, ivory colored dial

Ronde Solo/ W6700455
3.400 €
Material: Yellow gold
Key Features: Bezel in gold, white dial, leather strap

Santos Galbee/ 1567
2.350 €
Material: Yellow gold, Stainless Steel
Key Features: Square, yellow golden bezel, stainless steel bracelet, white dial

How Cartier made a name for himself

Cartier's success story is closely linked to his connection to the nobility. Their gentry flair and exclusive prices make Cartier watches extremely popular in first-class circles. The company owes its fame above all to its tailor-made pieces of jewelery (Haute Jewelery) made of exclusive materials. Later, it also made itself as a watch manufacturer a name. At the beginning of the 20th century, Cartier initially produced pocket watches. At the beginning of the 20th century, models such as the "Santos" 1906, the "Tank" 1917 and the "Pasha" 1932 were launched on the market.
The ones who wear Cartier range from actors to politicians and even real princesses. Well-known Cartier wearers include the Princess of Wales Lady Di, Angelina Jolie, former First Lady Michelle Obama, former US President Bill Clinton and football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cartier Watch in closeup

Pre-owned and vintage Cartier watches are a good investment

Cartier watches radiate a luxurious aura and are more than just an eye-catcher thanks to their exclusive materials. Investing in used Cartier watches is also worthwhile in view of the future: Luxury Watches of well-known brands such as Cartier experience a constant increase in value over the years. Especially special models and limited editions are considered a good investment. But classic models such as the "Tank" or the "Santos" are also very popular, which is reflected in their resale value. Stay on the safe side: with the purchase of a Cartier on watchmaster.com you will surely receive an authenticated timepiece, which has been certified by our certified watchmakers.

Top reasons to buy a Cartier Watch

  • Elegant, timeless design
  • Thanks to a constant increase in value a good investment
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Great recognition value thanks to the well-known Cartier design

The philosophy of the most elegant jewelry and watch house

With its combination of courage and passion, Cartier is still one of the leading watchmaking brands and continues to impress with modern concepts without losing its sense for tradition. Inspired by historical designs, Cartier manages to surprise with modern twists. Then as now, Cartier creates its own fashion trends, based on subtle yet pure luxury. Meanwhile, the company's jewelry and watch models are practical and modern, yet still full of elegance. Cartier watches still stands for exclusivity today. They combine old luxury with modern practical designs - an innovation that unites generations. Cartier watches are characterized by a variety of styles and shapes. The typical Cartier watch is restrained and suitable for every occasion. It is ideal as dress watch and is neither too luxurious nor too casual. Of course, Cartier also offers numerous watches, which are set with briliants and diamonds. However, the one of the most popular features of a Cartier watch are: Roman numerals.

Close-up of a Cartier Watch

The 5 most popular Cartier watches

  • The Cartier Santos is considered the first aviator watch in the world and at the same time the first watch with a leather strap. It was developed in 1904 for Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was a motor flight pioneer and a good friend of Louis Cartier. Even outside of aviation circles, it quickly gained in Europe and North America in popularity. Both men's and women's models were equally popular and quickly helped gain her reputation as one of the most popular watch models ever. Their timeless design still makes them a classic among the Cartier models.
  • Louis Cartier created the Cartier Tank the first rectangular wristwatch, an unusual design. The model has a historic past: as a tribute to British and American support for the French during the First World War, Cartier donated the 1918 model to American General John Joseph Pershing and several of his key officers. The model is inspired by its namesake, the tank (English = tank), then also flat and trapezoidal.
  • In 2007, Cartier provided with the Ballon Bleu proof that even today style icons with a huge impact can be created. Cartier's latest creation comes in unmistakable balloon form. Both women's and men's model quickly became extremely popular.
  • The Cartier Pasha is another iconic model: in 1932 it was designed especially for the Sultan of Marrakech, hence the name. He wanted a model that he could wear while bathing. The watertightness was ensured by a screw-on crown closure, a detail that has been preserved even in most current models of this series.
  • The Cartier Tonneau, launched in 1906, is an avant-garde eye-catcher thanks to its design: barrel-shaped, it hit the nerve of the time and quickly became a classic.

Close-up on a cartier watch dial

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