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Chanel has become associated with opulent luxury and exciting designs for a good reason. Coco Chanel's influence on fashion has been so big that many fans still travel to her flat in Paris! And it lives on: The wristwatches of the brand embody her delicate style perfectly.  More

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If you want to buy a new or strong>second hand Chanel watch online, a look at the Watchmaster online shop will sometimes pay off. Find certified pre-owned Chanel watches and vintage models in the best condition for women and men in our assortment. All watches are checked and certified by our inhouse watchmakers. When you buy a watch we guarantee authenticity and the best quality standards. Once you have chosen your favorite, you can either simply pay by credit card or finance your Chanel watch for a long period of time in small installments. Check out our website for possible payment options and buy your dream Chanel watch today.

The Chanel style: How the French fashion house conquered the world of luxury watches

Every single creation of the brand has a lot of attention to detail. The Chanel style is chic, at the same time traditional and timeless. Unlike the original Swiss watch brands, the design of the Chanel watches is rather youthful and modern.
Stylistically, the watches of the most successful luxury fashion house is therefore very different from it´s clothes: With their timepieces Chanel often dares innovations and style breaks that are rarely allowed in his conservative clothing collection. For example, the brand often used white cases and bracelets at the beginning, a color that was rarely used by other watch manufacturers at the time. The idea quickly prevailed and was the beginning of a new trend among luxury watch manufacturers. Numerous stylistic variations such as gemstone trim and the open tourbillon show Chanel's creativity as a fashion brand and watch manufacturer.

Chanel - J12 H0940

The most popular Chanel watches

  • The Chanel Première is the oldest model among the Chanel wristwatches. It is characterized by its minimalist design: the dial is only equipped with minute and hour hands. The case is octagonal, inspired by the Place Vendôme, which unites them in a special way with French culture.
  • The Chanel J12 launched in 2000 and is still quite young. It comes in black, white and chromatic optics and is stylistically different from other, more conservative models in the industry. As a ceramic sports watch, it combines mechanical beauty with exclusive style elements.
  • The Chanel Boy-Friend watches are characterized by their rectangular bezel and use of precious materials. Its clear lines make it simple yet elegant on the wrist.
  • The name of the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé was a sign hanging on the door of Coco Chanel's former studio. It inspired the timeless collection of watches, which combines the finest characteristics of the sought-after Chanel jewelry: a combination of mother of pearl, jewelry embroidery and Grand Feu enamel.

Best reasons to buy a pre-owned Chanel watch

  • Classic, elegant look
  • Noble materials and high quality appearance
  • Great recognition thanks to Chanel Design

What is the price of a Chanel watch?

  • The bezel of the Chanel Premiere Chaine H3254 is completely set with diamonds. It is made of steel and is equipped with a link bracelet. The suggested retail price is € 3,780.
  • The rectangular steel case gives the Chanel Premiere H0451 its characteristic appearance. The black dial contains very minimalistic hour and minute hands. Priced at 4.100 € (RRP).
  • The Chanel J12 H2423 comes completely in white. Its dial is set with diamonds, bezel, bracelet and case are made of ceramic. The MSRP is € 4,150.
  • The Chanel J12 H1625 is all in elegant black. Case, bezel and bracelet are made of ceramic, the dial is set with diamonds as indexes. The recommended retail price is € 5,250.
  • The Chanel J12 H0940 is a slightly more distinctive model with chronograph function and three sub-dials. The case is made of steel and ceramic, the dial is elegantly black. This watch is priced at 5,750 € (RRP).

Pre-owned and vintage Chanel watches as an investment

The luxury watches from Chanel are the epitome of luxury and, thanks to their high-quality materials, a constant companion on the wrist. Luxury watches from well-known brands can be a worthwhile investment. Especially special editions and rare models often experience a constant increase in value, which also shows in the resale value. Even production models can experience good price development under the right conditions. Buy your Chanel timepiece without risk at; All our Chanel watches are certified and authenticated.

How the house of haute couture came to make watches

The historic fashion company Chanel was founded in 1913 by none other than Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in Deauville. Created from a small studio for hats, the fashion empire is today one of the world's leading companies in the clothing and cosmetics industry. In addition to cosmetics, jewelry, haute couture and women's ready-to-wear fashion, Chanel also produces eyewear and watches for men and women in the luxury goods segment. Chanel entered the watchmaking industry 30 years ago, but as a watch brand, they have long been one of the big names in the watch industry.

In 1987, Chanel presented her first wristwatch, the women's model "Première". The collection was inspired by Coco Chanel's love of men's watches. She wanted to blur the line between female and masculine fashion - the watch was the perfect accessory for that. At the same time, it was Chanel's first real jewelry collections in 1932 that became the example model for the design of the watches. A few weeks after the presentation, the wristwatch was offered for sale in its own boutique on the Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Thirteen years after its debut, the popular fashion house launched the second watch collection in the year 2000 and presented a sports watch with the "J12". Despite its French origin, Chanel's watch factory is located in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds and is therefore one of the official Swiss watch brands. In 1993, G & F Châtelain, a Habillage manufacturer from La Chaux-de-Fonds, took over the watch production of the fashion company and continues to manufacture it today.

The watchmaking of Chanel

The Chanel watches combine traditional know-how, state-of-the-art equipment and a willingness to take risks, which has quickly turned their watch models into classics and their luxury goods into bestsellers. The production of Chanel ceramic watches is more complex than one would expect: Chanel produces the valuable material especially for their own watches. It is heated up in the oven to 1000° Celsius, modeled and shaped. Then it is provided with holes and completed by polishing. The lonesome process guarantees the luxurious look that Chanel is known for.
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